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5 Popular Treks in Nepal



If you are searching for a trek destination for short treks or long adventurous treks to spend your precious time making precious memories, what better place than Nepal right? With the recent popularity of Nepal for mountain region treks, you must be wanting to know more about these treks. With our 5 popular treks in Nepal article, we will let you in on some secrets of the beautiful trek destinations and their specialties.

Trekking in the mountain regions has a unique touch to it as you get to experience something you don’t see all the time. The glorious mountains in their live habitat are not just captured in frames of a camera. Experiencing the remoteness of the mountains and the lifestyle and culture of the people living there makes it a lot more desirable.

Being the country’s second richest in water resources and home to most of the highest mountains in the world makes Nepal one of the top destinations for mountain region trekking. What is fun in trekking if it isn’t adventurous with unique things to experience, right?

With the mountain region treks in Nepal, you will get to enjoy the adventurous remote trails along with unique experiences that will be stuck to you as precious memories. Let us begin our journey towards checking things off your bucket list with our top 5 popular treks in Nepal. 

5 Popular Treks in Nepal

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trekking is one of the most popular treks in Nepal especially due to the popularity of Everest as the highest mountain in the world. With the Everest Base Camp Trek, you get to enjoy magnificent views of the tallest mountain in the world. You get to check off stepping on the Everest Base Camp at a staggering altitude of 5500 meters.

Apart from the thrill and excitement of stepping your feet on the base camp of the highest mountain in the world, this trek also provides you the opportunity to witness great views. Views of the mountains in the Everest Region, the small villages nearby, the cultural diversity, the lifestyle, all these combine is what attracts the trekkers to this region. 

If you are a beginner trekker, you can try a shorter version of the Everest Base Camp Trek. you can also opt-out for the Helicopter tour of the Everest Region with spectacular views of the region. If you want to trek but do not have sufficient time, you can also try the Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter return. The standard 15 days Everest Base Camp Trek can be modified as per your schedule as the goal is for you to have the best time. 

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2. Manaslu Circuit Trek

If you are a travel enthusiast searching for an outlet to get the most out of your trek in Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Trek is the one for you. An adventurous trek that considers your time but also provides you with the best experience.

You get a wholesome trek with great views of the mountains like Manaslu, Lhotse, and Cho Oyu all the while traveling through the Everest Base Camp as well. This is an all-rounder trek in just 10 days. The 10 days Manaslu Circuit Trek takes you to the off beaten remote trails of the Everest Region.

Apart from the Everest Base Camp, you also get to visit popular destinations like Kala Pathar for the best views of the mountain range including Mount Everest. Other main highlights of this trek include Namche Bazaar, Phakding, Dingboche, and Tengboche along with their unique sherpa cultures. Hence making this one of the popular treks in Nepal. 

3. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

If you are a travel enthusiast, you must have heard about the Annapurna Region and the magnificent views. Anyone who has visited Nepal will have heard or visited Pokhara. If the views of the Annapurna mountain range is that popular just from Pokhara, imagine actually trekking through the Annapurna Region. 

With the 13 days Annapurna Base Camp Trek, you get to experience the greatest view of the mountain range of the Annapurna Region along with the interesting cultural diversity. The famous Gurung Village is known as Ghandruk also lies on the way of this beautiful and adventurous trek

Apart from the cultural diversity and remote lifestyle exploration, you also get to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains like Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, and Annapurna itself. And trust me it is a blissful moment to experience this sight. 

Reaching an altitude of 4130 meters, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is great for beginners as well with great views and new experiences along the way. The unique blend of natural beauty along with the views of the mountains and the ethnic people there makes it one of the most popular treks in Nepal. 

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4. Langtang Valley Trek

Surrounded by mountains and rich in culture and tradition, Langtang Valley takes the spot as one of the most popular destinations in Nepal for trekking. Unlike the other treks in this list, the Langtang Valley Trek does not revolve around the mountains of the region.

Langtang Valley is located in the north-central Himalayas and is famous for the Langtang National Park. Despite being heavily affected by the avalanche resulting from the earthquake earlier in 2015, the valley is now open to trekkers and is recovering. 

Also known as the valley of Glaciers, the Langtang Valley is famous for its views of the mountains along with the village itself with ancient Buddhist culture. Being at the border of the  Tibet nation, the culture is mostly Tibetan influenced. The village and the locals along with the pastureland and the religious importance of the valley have made it recover from the earlier disasters and has now become one of the popular treks in Nepal. 

5. Mardi Himal Trek

The final one of the 5 popular treks in Nepal is the Mardi Himal Trek. walking through the more remote and off beaten trails of the Annapurna Region, the 10 days Mardi Himal Trek is a fun and adventurous trek. 

Walking through the beautiful trails passing through the waterfalls, villages, terraced farms, streams and the mesmerizing changing views of the mountains make this trek a lot more exciting. Reaching an altitude of 4250 meters at the upper viewpoint of Mardi Himal, you can enjoy the best views of the Annapurna Region and Mardi Himal. 

You get to explore the small villages along the way rich in the local culture and tradition along with the lifestyle of the people there will win your heart. Their innate hospitality and friendliness towards you will stay as a precious memory. Mardi Himal Trek is great as a short trek for unforgettable memories for the future. 

Best Time for Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is always a blissful adventure however some days are better than others. Autumn during the months of September to November and Spring during the months of March to May are the most preferred seasons for trekking in Nepal.

Starting with the great weather and favorable temperature and climate to the clearest and awestruck views, Autumn and Spring provides them all to you during your trekking experience. This is why Autumn and spring are considered as the best time for trekking in Nepal. 

We hope the above article on 5 popular treks in Nepal has helped shed some light on the popularity and highlights of the treks mentioned above. Hope this list has allowed you to better understand which trek you would want to venture in the near future. 

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