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The current season of the championship of England gave audience a lot of unexpected results. Talking about the main disappointments of the year, the first in the list is definitely Arsenal London. The Gunners, especially in the first half of the championship, looked simply depressing.

The situation changed a bit after Mikel Arteta took charge of the team. The young Spanish specialist managed to establish a good atmosphere in the club. Looking at the team’s today soccer live scores with him, it’s obvious that Arsenal really started to look better.

However, the team still lacks stability, which is why it is not always able to demonstrate its maximum. This was evident even in the match against Olympiacos in the Europa League. In the national championship, the club missed too many opportunities, too, so the maximum that the Gunners can count on is the fight for a place in the Europa League zone. And even that would require winning almost every match, as well as counting on misfires of direct competitors.

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Despite the fact that Arsenal still has pretty good chances of getting into the Europa League zone following the season results, this is not very obvious. Among the reasons that could prevent the Gunners from breaking into the top 7 of the English Premier League are:

  1. Instability of results. Too often the team loses points in confrontations against middling clubs and outsiders, and other competitors will probably want to use this fact.
  2. Not the best mood within the team. It is no secret that many players want to leave the club, so now their thoughts are not occupied by the upcoming games but by the search of a new place of employment.
  3. Lack of desire to play in the Europa League. For the next season, many athletes prefer to focus only on the Premier League.

All of this taken together makes the team’s chances not so great, although everything will be decided on the football field, where the participants of the European competitions will be determined.

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