Cheap Countries to Visit

Cheap Countries to Visit, Explore, and Have Fun in 2021


Traveling always does not mean lavish hotels, expensive food, and extraordinary services. It can be done at affordable costs by sheer planning and adjusting to average facilities. In that way, you can explore the world and yet not strain your pockets too much. To help you select the cheap countries to visit, we have curated the best list. Below are some beautiful places that will help you explore the world at affordable costs! Keep scrolling down to know everything before you plan your next travel!

10 Cheap countries to visit

Some extraordinary places can be visited at cheap costs. But it would help if you had a clear idea about the location, shoulder seasons, food options, and stay choices to plan your trip.

Here are 10 cheap countries to visit in 2021:


Burma is also another name for Myanmar that is a Southeastern country in Asia. You might not get all the high-end facilities available in Myanmar. So, you can consider Myanmar as one of the cheap countries to visit in Southeast Asia.

On your visit to Myanmar, you can witness monasteries, temples, and pagodas. More so, you will find the people of Burma to be extremely friendly and warm.

You can get facilities like transportation, accommodation and bus tours at quite cheap rates. Even you can get a beer and basic meals within $5.  Consider an approximate budget for each person to be around $45.



Nepal can be one of the cheap places to travel in Asia. For mountain and monastery lovers, Nepal is the perfect choice for you.

You can even go trekking from Nepal and enjoy the beauty and food at affordable rates. Since Nepal is a mountain country, you can choose buses as they are the ideal transportation choice. The street food is delicious and filling and got at low costs. Some of the delicacies you can enjoy in Nepal are dumplings (momos) and noodle soup (thukpa).

But you should keep in mind that if you want to try out guided trekking, it might be expensive. The average expenditure for each person in Nepal can be $25 to $35 a day.


Sri Lanka

You want to try out one of the cheap countries to visit and still want to try out exciting things-to-do, Sri Lanka is a great pick. You will have several activities to do in Sri Lanka at low costs.

Sri Lanka has some stunning waterfalls, exotic beaches, safaris, mountains, and culture you’d love exploring. There will hardly be a time you will feel bored.

You can book your stay in hostels or hotels are reasonable prices. If you use a dorm room, it might cost you a maximum of $10. If you happen to get some to share a room in a hotel, it would be approximately $17 for a night.

For transportation, opt for the local trains and buses for low rates. And the street foods in Sri Lanka are outstanding and whopping cheap. If you wish to visit a European or fancy restaurant, you may only have to spend around $7. For one person in one day, you can take a daily budget of $30 to $40.

Sri Lanka


One of the cheapest countries to fly to can be Thailand as well. It is exotic, gorgeous, and massively cheap.

There is so much you can do and experience in Thailand. From jungles to safaris to monasteries to beaches and so much more. And the best thing about this country is that it is warm all year-round.

Accommodation options are vast. It can vary from high-end services to average stay at affordable rates. So, if you have a constricted budget, then you can try setting an average amount of $4 to $30 depending on the place you want to stay.

The food in Thailand is cheap and delicious. You can even stay in a hotel where you can cook for one meal with the fresh foods from the local market. On average, you will require about $3 for a basic meal without alcohol.

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For transportation, you can take the Tuk Tuk to roam around locally at reasonable rates. And if you wish to travel to other places, then opt for the long-distance buses. There are numerable options if you want to go on boat rides too. Always for the package boat rides where they also offer complimentary meals after visiting the islands.

You can approximately take an average of $50 to $60 for each person for a day in Thailand.

 cheap countries to visit


Malaysia counts among the cheap countries to visit if you want to go with a backpacker. You can spend a couple of weeks and spend only a few dollars. Only by sparing $25 a day will you be able to cover up your food, activities, and accommodation.

Within that same budget, you can stay in air-conditioned rooms and also enjoy tasty food. An approximate budget for a room and food should be ideally $15 a day. More so, if you love Indian food, you are sure to love Malaysian food. If you take the bus, it will cost you around $10 for a few hours.

When in Malaysia, don’t forget to plan a few days in Kuala Lumpur. It might be slightly more expensive than other parts of Malaysia, but it absolutely worth the visit. On average, you will require around $25 to $50 for one person in Malaysia.



Ecuador counts among the cheapest country to visit in the world. When you Ecuador, there is hardly anything you wish to witness and get disappointed. From the Andes to the Amazon rainforests to islands to lively markets and so much more. Even the indigenous culture, exotic wildlife, wild rivers, and hot springs are things to see when in Ecuador.

The capital of Ecuador, Quito, is slightly more expensive than other parts, but it is cheap. At ease, you can set a budget of $7 and eat three filling meals in Ecuador.

You can opt for dorm rooms or choose a hotel within $40 for each night. More so, you can try getting a bike for rental and cycle from Banos to the Andes. The local markets offer a wide variety of handicrafts that are beautiful gifts at low costs to take back for family and friends. Even though they are reasonable, don’t miss out on the opportunity to bargain. On average, you will require around $30 to $50 for each person on your trip to Ecuador.



Are you thinking about how Argentina has made its way to the list of cheap countries to visit? Well, you can travel to any country lavishly and will a constricted budget too. There are some places where you cannot curtail costs, but Argentina isn’t a strict one. You can plan your trip well and easily enjoy your trip to Argentina.

Plan your stay at hostels to save up money on staying at expensive hotels. Some of the sightseeing in Argentina are free, and some have low entrance fees. You can go hiking from El Chalten too to get spectacular views.

The food is amazing in Argentina if you enjoy have steaks. And if you want to try out Tango, book your tickets at low costs. But you aren’t the shy-sort of person, try on the streets of Argentina to get the applause. The people of this country are warm and welcoming. So, you can feel at home to try out some fun activities.

The transportation is also cheap, but try to book your tickets way ahead of time. That is because it might spice up during the peak season. You can hold a daily budget of $45 to $50 for each person a day in Argentina.


El Salvador

El Salvador is indeed the cheapest country in the world. It might be a small country, but you will never get bored. It is filled with activities and has a lot to offer. You can see lakes, volcanos, traditional cities, Mayan ruins, and so much more in the country – El Salvador.

Once you have booked yourself the tickets to El Salvador, you can travel within the country at low costs. You will get several local buses that help you travel from one city to another in El Salvador.

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But it is best to keep in mind that the capital is a busy place. So, always avoid visiting the capital of El Salvador in the rush traffic hours. The cost approximately varies from being $0.25 to about $6. But it also depends on the hours and how far you travel.

When it comes to food, EL Salvador is dirt cheap. The national dish of the country – Pupusas, costs only $1.

Pupusas is a tortilla full of refried beans, cheese, and other combinations that you can choose from. Some of the filling options can be tomato sauce and cabbage coleslaw too. Try having the tortilla with a glass of beer, and be sure to want to go back to this place again for the heavenly feel.

You will get vast option ideas in accommodation when in El Salvador that you can choose from. From boutique hotels to local homestays to more. A high-end hotel may cost around $60 for each night, whereas a local hotel will charge you $10. So, whichever suits your budget, go for that option. But an approximate daily budget in El Salvador can set up to $25 to $35.

El Salvador


When you are looking for cheap countries to visit, don’t miss out on Cuba. The place is full of life with all the cultural and traditional vibes. You can go around the museums and learn about the history of Havana and enjoy the vibes there. To get the complete feel, you can go on a classic car tour and sip on some mojitos too.

Havana in Cuba has a vast range of affordable and expensive hotels to choose from. One night might cost you around $50 on average, but it can go up for as much as you like. You should always keep in mind that hotels in Cuba, termed as 4-star, are considered 3-star in North America. The food in Old Havana is cheap. So, you can have a main course, drink, and dessert only for $6. You can go around the casa paladars or private restaurants for this price range. If you are still want to spend lesser then, you can try waiting in a queue in government-based restaurants to buy food at less than $1.

Most of the tourist places in Havana are free apart from the museums. You can go for a classic car drive for about $20 for 4 to 5 hours. Travelers in Cuba can be of any age. That can range from being young to mid-age to oldies the place has something in store for everyone. It might cost about $40 to $50 for each person for a day in Cuba.

 cheap countries to visit


Spain counts among the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. For staying for one month, you would have to spare only 1,000 euros. Isn’t that super cheap? The groceries and travel in Spain are affordable, and the place indeed has a lot to offer.

You can enjoy the history, languages, and culture of Spain and be in complete amazement. But don’t you think the language is restricted to Spanish, there are many more languages to offer. The cultures of Spain are so diverse that it homes people from all parts of the world. And the natives are welcoming and friendly.

Of course, the food in Spain is scrumptious and cheap. You can also stay in hotels that allow you to cook to save on some money. A daily budget of $50 to $80 for each person in a day for traveling can be ideal. But if you fall in love with the Spanish culture, then your cost of living will be much cheaper.

 cheap countries to visit

Final Thoughts

Now that you know so many cheap countries to visit, book your tickets now. It is best to keep in mind that the approximate budget mentioned above includes food, accommodation, and transport. It does not include shopping, entrance fees, and other activities you might indulge in. However, the places we have specially mentioned above are cheap, and if planned well, you can cover a lot.

So, don’t waste any more time booking your tickets! Do let us know how your visit to these countries was in the comment section below!

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