How chiropractors treat neck and back pain without the use of drugs or surgery?


There is a drastic change in the medical procedure and the treatments offered nowadays. They are way more advanced than the ones which were available a century before. There is a huge reduction in the use of invasive procedures. This is because there are treatments by chiropractors available in the form of laser surgery which does not involve cutting open the patient’s body and operating it. Also, there have been new categories emerging within the medical field, which are truly a boon for the patients for relieving their pain. One of those subfields in the medical field is chiropractic therapies. 

Who are chiropractors?

Chiropractors are basically medical professionals who provide aid by doing spin adjustments or manipulations. There are a variety of therapies covered under the chiropractic treatments. Each of these is effective for a particular body area. Neck and back problems are most often complained by people, and even after applying ointments or taking medicines, their suffering is not eased. The chiropractic adjustment is found to be useful for treating neck and back pain too.

How chiropractors treat neck and back pain?

Given below is an account of how the Chiropractors treat neck and back pain without using drugs or surgery: –

1. Chiropractic medicine follows two valuable principles. First, the treatment given to the patient should be as less invasive as possible to the patient’s body. And second, to awaken the body’s ability to heal itself. Chiropractic professionals diagnose and recognise the underlying problem of the patient. If they feel it is out of their scope of expertise, they straightaway refer the patient to another medical professional for a consultation. 

2. The Chiropractic Doctor (popularly known as DC) precisely determines the cause of back or neck pain. There are numerous causes of such pain, and it is important for any doctor to know before he or she initiates the treatment. The muscle and ligament or Musculo ligamentous sprain or strain is of many types and could be associated with any part of the body. Nerve irritation, functional or structural short leg, poor posture, disc disorder, etc are covered under the therapies offered by DC. 

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3. DC are effective at treating improper ergonomics which basically describes poor body mechanics while doing activities such as sitting, walking, standing, etc. The treatments given by DCs are also found to cure arthritis to a certain level.

4. There are a wide variety of chiropractic adjustments offered by DCs. Therapeutic stretches, spinal traction, exercises and soft tissue manual therapy are some of the treatments provided by the DCs. The patients who require therapy for relieving neck and back pain can refer to them. However, it is extremely important to know that the chiropractic treatments are not of a kind ‘one fits all’. It is rather; different patients require different treatments. Depending upon the condition of the patient, the DC prescribes suitable exercises or stretches as a treatment. The DC shows the correct way to perform these exercises or stretches to their patients. They supervise till the time they know the patient can do it comfortably and correctly on his or her own.

5. The main motive behind these exercises, stretches, tractions and soft tissue manual therapy is to improve the blood circulation. It also helps to promote the joints health, rejuvenate the flexibility of the tissues and increase the overall strength. Such therapies potentially work to heal faster as well as keeps the body stable to prevent new injuries in the future. 

6. There are also physical therapy modes linked to chiropractic treatments. Muscle stimulation is one of those modes and works well. It makes use of the electric light pulses which are transmitted to the specific area of the body or the area under treatment. This treatment essentially requires placing electrodes on the skin and generating the electrical pulses. There are many different types of stimulations, which are effective in reducing inflammation and muscle atrophy. 

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7. TENS or Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation is another kind of physical mode which is equally effective. The TENS unit is a small device which makes use of a battery to work. This portable device can also be kept at home and used to get control over the pain. TENS is found to be useful in curing the acute pain of the lower back. However, it should be noted that the TENS device does not show much effectiveness while treating chronic low back pain. 

8. The chiropractic treatment which employs sound waves in the form of micro massaging is the therapeutic ultrasound. These sound waves help in relieving the pain, reducing the swelling and increasing the blood circulation. This kind of deep heat therapy is also found to be useful for getting rid of stiffness and muscle spasm. 

9. Ice and heat therapy are another master component of the chiropractic treatment. They can either be employed individually or used as a combination, depending upon the condition of the patient. Each of them has its own benefits in relieving pain. Heat therapy relaxes muscles and increases blood circulation. At the same time, the ice therapy results in the reduction of swelling and controlling the pain. 


Though there are numerous medical problems which can be treated by chiropractors. It is important to know that there are certain diseases which are out of the scope of chiropractic therapies. The low back pain associated with tumours, cancer infections or diseases which have reached to the internal organs. This includes prostate, kidney and genitourinary system cannot be treated by the chiropractors. Hence, it is advisable to see the concerned specialist for these problems. Are there recurring external pain and the spinal tractions or other chiropractic adjustments? Then it would be better if you continue seeing your DC. Are you looking for treating your neck or back pain by chiropractic treatment? Then it would be better if you search for a good professional from this field. Visit to know and avail the best chiropractic treatment for healing yourself. 

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