COVID 19 – Crisis Management at Home During Lockdown

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The increasing number of COVID 19 cases across the globe reflects that the lockdown is not going to be stopped any time soon. It will take a long time for the world to restore back to how it used to function. In such a time, it is best to practice some crisis management skills that will come handy during the direst times.

Crisis management during COVID 19 pandemic

Here, we list a few aspects that you need to consider to prevent situations from getting worse for you:

Sourcing water

The essentiality of water is now more than ever. Stocking up a few gallons even when you don’t have an immediate need will help you. You need to know where to find water, how safe your filter is, and the possibility of shortages.

Note that there might not be enough workers maintaining the water treatment plants. It is better to get drinking water from grocery stores and filling up buckets at home for running water. You can also consider the rain catchment systems. Make sure you use as much you need and not waste especially during a time of crisis.

Finding food

The scarcity of food at the grocery stores has shaken a lot of people in March. The early panic of COVID 19 cases made a lot of people stock up for tougher times. However, the ones who couldn’t catch up had a shortage or had to go extra miles to get their necessities.

At this time, the supplies in most places is probably a little more balanced. People are not rushing as they were a couple of weeks ago, and it is a good time to restock. You can find food in multiple ways, so check out the best ones to try:

  • Foraging: explore the edible plants that you can buy or find around your area.
  • Fishing: if you’re allowed to go into the wilderness or you have access to the nearest fishing spot. Get yourself fresh fishes.
  • Stock up: it is smart to stock at least for the next three weeks until the pandemic seems to subside. Get to the nearest grocery store and buy the things you can need.

It is important to realize that everyone needs to stock food. So, if we all buy only what we need, then others can also have their share.

Grow your food

Nothing is better than homegrown fruits and vegetables. If you have access to grow your own food right now, it is the best time to invest in this. Planting food in your garden and watching them grow will give you a great hobby. It is amazing to see your own plants grow and use them.

People who live in the countryside have more access to building a greenhouse. They can harvest their seeds, grown small plants and herbs. Although these can take time and resources that you might not get right away, preparing for right after the lockdown will cover you for other times. Overall, growing your own food is a great experience.

Knowing how to cook

Cooking is a skill and people need to appreciate the ones who do it well. Following a recipe is not always easy and many of us don’t have the time. Since we’re all in lockdown, we have some more time than usual workdays. It is a good opportunity to explore your culinary skills.

From making homemade pasta to baking bread from scratch. Now is the time when you can invest in mastering your skills. Just make sure you stock all the necessary ingredients you need to make the food and you’ll be all set to become the next Masterchef.

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Learn basic medical skills

The pandemic has shown us how important is it to be in good health and know basic medical skills. At a time, when there are a crisis to avail of health care facilities, we need to have first aid skills.

Accidents can happen at any time and we should be able to give a quick response. You can go on YouTube and learn basic first aid measures. Slowly, move up to the intermediate level to know things like CPR. If you have to improve your skills, you can take training as a nurse and help people during the pandemic. People who have elderly parents and children must have a basic idea of first aid.

Know about natural medicine

You must have at least a month’s medical supply in advance during the lockdown. However, you should also be able to take precautions for times you don’t get medical supplies. For instance, if the lockdown extends and you don’t get a particular medicine. What do you do?

You should know about herbal medicines or about the natural items that work as a pharmaceutical alternative. It will work as an immediate aid and give you enough time to hunt for the exact medicine. In some cases, the natural remedy can be enough for the cure.

Personal hygiene

The COVID 19 pandemic has shown us how important personal hygiene is. Everyone needs to ensure that they’re hands are facing are always clean to not allow the infection to happen. Moreover, during the supply shortage, you might have to create your own soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and laundry detergent. You also need to know how to dispose of waste and maintain better hygiene.

covid-19 disinfect

Making fire

You might need to know how to start a fire irrespective of either having a fireplace or a bonfire pit. A fire might be the only source of heat for cooking or water purification if there are times of distress. You need to know how to cut wood with a chainsaw, chop it with an axe, and season it to get the best use.

Conserving energy

Conserving energy might not a skill, but it is definitely a responsibility. Practicing this can help you at crucial times, especially when there are few people available to maintain power plants. If there is any possibility of a crisis, you should be able to manage it on your own. Moreover, if you know how to do without electricity and test your crisis management skills, it will help you converse even when there’s complete flow.

Basics like switching off lights and fans when not needed can help every household. Taking measures individually can help you ration and reduce. You can also use alternatives like renewable resources of solar, hydro, and wind.

Increase physical strength

COVID 19 makes our lungs extremely weak. It is a respiratory disorder that can be fatal to many. You need to be healthy and in shape during this critical time. Since you’re not being able to go to the gym, you should workout at home.

If you have exercise equipment at home, take around 30 minutes of your day to use them. Lift weights, do cardio, strength training, and abs exercises. You can also try YouTube for yoga exercises, Zumba sessions, and more.

Learn self-defense skills

While trying to improve your physical strength, you will want to learn some self-defense skills as well. We all need to know the basic steps to protect ourselves for uncertain times. You can also resort to YouTube videos for learning such tricks. It is best to practice with another person in order to learn the technique. If you have to practice solo, try karate or kickboxing.

Home repair

When you have a basic idea of electricity, plumbing, and other issues, you can save your money. Moreover, since we’re on lockdown, you might not get services like these. Even if you do, they will charge a bomb. It is best to know or practice home repair skills so that you can resolve minor issues yourself. You can also look out for tutorials in such a case.

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Small engine mechanics

Like you’re learning how to repair things around your home, you might also want to learn how to fix machinery and appliances. You can use these skills in the future and help your near and dear ones.

Basic carpentry

It is good to know carpentry for a few reasons. First of all, it distracts you from the COVID 19 lockdown boredom. Secondly, it can become a hobby that you can later sell as a profession. Woodworking and carpentry are occupations that never go out of demand. If you take an interest in the industry, you can sell your work or make some interesting products for your home.


Everyone should know the basics of sewing because it is an important skill that we all need. For example, fixing a hold in clothes, stitching a button, are simple things we should all know how to do. Learning this skill during the COVID 19 lockdown will help you any time in the future. If you already know the basics, you can try some advanced skills like crocheting.

Improve communication skill

It is important to keep in touch with people during the lockdown situation. For instance, if the power grid or internet connections fail for any reason, you have to stay connected with your loved ones to know the news.

Many of us fail to communicate without using mobile phones. It is important to stay connected with neighbors and the surrounding at this time. Even while maintaining social distancing, you can take measures to keep communication alive.

Be aware

We must have situational awareness to keep an eye on what’s happening. Rather than seeing what happens next, take precautions to keep you and your family safe. For example, if you can analyze a shortage of food any time soon, it is better to keep stock in advance.

Currently, most parts of the world are seeing uncertain circumstances. People do not know what is going to happen in due course it. Thus, we should all be prepared, observant, and be aware. It is better to take precautions and not act when things get worse.

Start a new hobby

The lockdown period is making many people frustrated. They are realizing what it feels like to be caged inside a house and how animals feel at a zoo. In order to make this time bearable, you should try and start a new hobby or pick up an old one. It will not only make you learn something new but also divert your mind from the critical situation the world is in.

Pick up a hobby that you had left long back or see what’s new to look out for. Try makeup tutorials and take selfies to post on Instagram, join an online class and learn a new subject, talk to a business development guide to improve work – there are many ways to utilize this time, you just need to know what to do.

Final thoughts

You might find many of these skills to be irrelevant to you. But all of them can save you during crisis situations. Pick up the ones you want to do and share the load with your partner or any other family member.

Learning the skills will not only help you bond with your family, but you’d know something new and use it later. These skills will not only work through the quarantine time but will also help when lives are better.

In the worst-case scenario, if the government issues a state of emergency after the disaster and causes a lockdown in the city for indefinite periods, you will need these skills. Right now, the world is in a shutdown mode but it can narrow down to state by state for every country.

Since none of us are immune to natural or manmade disasters, it is best to take preventive measures for so. Make this experience an opportunity to learn new things and be creative. Share these will your family members and see what they take interest in. Together, you can manage the crisis conditions as of now and if there is a possibility in the near future.

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