Discount Codes on Amazon

Discount Codes on Amazon – a Guide for Both Buyers and Sellers


With the festive season in full swing, celebrations are incomplete without shopping for new things. Moreover, exchanging gifts is a tradition that we all want to continue forever! Moreover, with the advancement of technology and digitization, online shopping takes over our hearts like never before. So, what can be better than availing of discount codes on Amazon for a more exciting shopping experience? Starting from daily use items, clothes, gadgets, chocolates, and everything you can think of, Amazon vendors offer coupon codes for everything.

, discount codes on Amazon are like virtual tokens that vendors offer when customers shop on Since it is not always possible for you to keep track of the latest Amazon promo code list, there is a dedicated portal where you will find it. Apart from promo codes, you will find a list of the latest promotions and coupons. So, you can copy a code from here and apply it when checking out from the shopping cart.

When you are shopping on Amazon, it is, of course, the most extensive collection of clothing, books, toys, furniture, computers, movies, games, music, and more. Besides, Amazon vendors are offering all the items at bumper discounts for Black Friday and Christmas. Moreover, as a Prime customer, you are eligible for the fastest deliveries and the best products. Plus, if you have access to Amazon Alexa, you can use your voice to confirm orders. This feature also detects your favorite items and informs you whenever they are back in stock.

Get notifications about discount codes on Amazon.

For both buyers and sellers, it is difficult and yet essential to keep track of the price fluctuation of the best items. However, it is undoubtedly impossible to keep refreshing the page every 10 seconds. Therefore, the best option is to install an Amazon price tracker app, and it will do the work for you. Here we have a list of the best price trackers for Amazon.


This is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular Amazon price trackers that are awesome when it comes to notifying you. It gives you information very promptly regarding best offers, prices, sales, and also when your favorite products are back in stock. Moreover, if you are too lazy to open the app, it is possible to add the tracker as a desktop shortcut. As a result, it will keep showing you updates regarding price drops and more always.

On the other hand, there is an option for comparison to explore Amazon marketplaces worldwide. Moreover, there is no budget restriction on CamelCamelCamel because you can use it free of cost. Plus, you can always register for their emailers if you are too kee

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Keep a for discount codes on Amazon updates

Well, Keepa is quite a big name when it comes to price tracking apps for Amazon. So, if there is no preference regarding the barebones format of CamelCamelCamel, you won’t regret using Keepa. Moreover, the Keepa interface looks attractive with a touch of Google stylings too. Another primary reason that takes Keepa ahead of CamelCamelCamel is that you can use the former in countries where CCC is inaccessible. For example, Brazil, Mexico, and India are some countries where accessing CCC is impossible.

Signing up for Keepa is free, and you can also use the basic features of the app, such as price drop notifications and interactive graphs. However, if you want to access the Keepa API, you must get the premium Keepa version. Otherwise, there is also an option to get monthly Keepa subscriptions. As a result, you can avail all the premium features. Moreover, the cap on the variety of products for which you get notifications goes up. Irrespective of whichever version you opt for, adding it as a desktop shortcut won’t be a problem. Plus, you can also add it as a browser extension if you are using Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Chrome.

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Well, we call this more of a Swiss Army knife in comparison to the previous ones. It means that you get more from this app apart from price drop and price tracking alerts. When you use Earny for notifications regarding discount codes on Amazon, you also get updates for probable price drops. Moreover, this app is capable of scanning through your emails to find out your product search list. As a result, the app algorithms look for those products on other shopping sites too, such as Nike, Walmart, and more. Therefore, if you are waiting on some excellent Amazon promo code for shoes, using Earny is a cool idea.

You may also want to know what sets Earny apart from the rest. So, Earny indeed has a USP, which is fetching you cashbacks. Yes, it happens if you have made an advance payment for a product, and the price of it falls before it reaches you. Therefore, you can leave behind the frustration of purchasing something today and then finding a massive price drop tomorrow.

Now, it is clear that such premium services won’t come for free. However, the subscription rates of Earny are very reasonable. You have to pay only $4.99 to avail Earny services for an entire month. Otherwise, you may also opt for an annual subscription that costs $39.96. Besides, if you buy something, and then there is a price drop, Earny will deduct only 25% of the extra amount and refund you the remaining. Earny is available for download in both Google and Apple play stores. Besides, you can add it as a browser extension for free if you don’t want to access the premium features.

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Watcher for discount codes on Amazon alerts

Do you know that you can fix a cap on the maximum bidding price on eBay? It restricts the auto-bids from exceeding the full amount that you select. Now, Waatcher comes with a similar concept. The only difference here is that you fix a cap on your desired price and not a bidding amount. Therefore, Waatcher allows you to enter a price range beyond which you won’t purchase a product. The app will only alert you in case of price drops and offers regarding products when it satisfies the desired price capping.

Apart from the capping features, you can also go for an auto-order option on Waatcher. So, when there are the best discount codes on Amazon, the app will place an order on your behalf. It ensures that you do not lose out on a favorite product when the prices are lowest. However, there is a significant benefit and a disadvantage when you are using the Waatcher app.

The good part is that your shopping experience is now a lot more hassle-free. However, when you are too busy at work and unable to track the updates, the app may place an order on your behalf. Therefore, you get to know about the order only when it arrives at your house for delivery. Besides, using Waatcher for discount codes on Amazon is also very easy. You have to link it with your Amazon account, and the app will do the rest of the work for you.

The Tracktor

Let’s end the list with the most no-nonsense Amazon price tracking app- Tracktor. The best part of this app is that it comes with only the necessary features required. It does not have any fancy options that you may find in other cases. Why it is good is because we end up never using anything apart from the necessary choices. Now, there are three primary options that you will find while using the Tracktor app. Firstly, there is a search bar, then trending and movers, and finally, the Amazon URL or ASIN.

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Of course, the users’ most favorite is the mover’s tab because you can get ideas regarding gifts for different events. You will also get a long amazon promo code list when you search for something on this tab. As a result, choosing from multiple options becomes so effortless and less time-consuming too. Once you scroll down on the main page, there is an option for countries. Here, you can personalize results by choosing your country. Plus, the best thing is that the Tracktor app comes free of cost.

Let’s deal with Amazon Returns now

The previous section was majorly for the benefits of customers. So, it is time that we help the sellers on Amazon as well. Now, when there are a sale and lots of discount for looting, it is a fact that sellers will have to face order cancellations and returns too. While this is generally very disappointing for the businessmen, sometimes, customers also take advantage of such policies.

Yes, it is shocking that people sometimes purchase products and take advantage of easy return policies to return the items for no reason. Therefore, if you thought that harassment and exploitation are only for buyers, you were wrong. Amazon sellers go through a lot of bad experiences often.

What are the steps to deal with purchase returns?

As an Amazon seller, the first thing when you get an alert regarding a return is to ask a few questions. Here is what you must confirm.

  • Did the customer return the most expensive product that you just sold?
  • What is the reason for the return that the buyer states? Did the customer tick on “damaged item?” (In that case, your seller metrics may face a ding)
  • Is it possible to resell the item, or did the customer damage it in some way?
  • Will the buyer leave negative feedback for you?
  • Is there anything you can do to protect your seller metrics and account goodwill?

When it comes to accepting purchase returns, as an FBA vendor, there are some essential steps that you must take. You must understand that not being active with return formalities may welcome negative consequences. Moreover, your account rating may drop, therefore affecting your future sales. So, what should you do when a customer returns an item that you sold?

Here are the four significant steps that, as an Amazon seller, you must take.

Keeping track of the return alert mail from Amazon

Whenever a Prime customer initiates a return, Amazon does not wait for someone to reach the person to collect the item. The first thing Amazon does is to start a refund and notify you about the deduction from your account. Therefore, you must maintain a separate email folder regarding these return mails. It will help you to assess whether all of the returns were valid and within 45 days.

Requesting refund reimbursement from Amazon

While scrutinizing the return initiation mails, if you find out that there is an invalid return that did not reach you within 45 days, you can revert. The Amazon customer service is bound to reach out to you and approve a refund of whatever amount they deduct from your account for the purchase return.

Contact the buyer personally.

Direct communication is an excellent way if you want to save your seller metrics from negative feedback. It is not sure whether your email will convince the buyer to rate you negatively, but there is always a chance. Besides, it is seller’s ethics to apologize to a customer when the return was due to a valid fault on your end. Moreover, there are times when such gestures increase your goodwill, and the customer may end up removing the negative feedback for you.

You have the right to inspect the return items.

When a customer returns any item that reaches the Amazon warehouse, some people inspect it. So, they will see whether the package is alright or any damage to the customer’s end. In that case, they will not return it to your inventory. However, you will always have a right to inspect such items personally to ensure the return was valid.

Final thoughts

What we derive from the article is that discount codes on Amazon are essential for both buyers and sellers. While buyers are eager to avail of these, it is an opportunity for sellers to make more money through more sales.

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