Do You Have a Corporate Event This Year? Hire An Inspiring Speaker on Change Management


So, you’re planning a big event for your company, and you want to leave employees feeling inspired and energized. Good for you, good for them. Having a speaker for the event can have far-reaching impacts. They’ll deliver stories from their own lives and experiences, giving your team a fresh perspective on what they reckon to be mundane. All information is presented in a professional and detailed manner. If you’ve ever entertained the idea of hiring a motivational speaker, then it should be at the top of your list. From time to time, employees need a little boost. The same goes for company leaders. 

The question now is, what type of speaker should you book for your upcoming event? Well, if you need any suggestions, consider hiring an inspiring speaker on change management. They can share actionable insights for organizational growth. If your team has a hard time accepting change, a change management speaker can help you navigate through these difficult times. Managing change is complicated. Your organization is more likely to succeed if you plan and engage employees before, during, and after the change. Everyone in the organization should be ready, willing, and able to perform their duties in the new environment. 

To Change Your Organization, Look to The Outside for Advice 

Change leads to many positive aspects, including but not limited to encouraging innovation, developing new skills, pursuing better business opportunities, and improving team morale. When implementing change, it’s crucial to progress efficiently to the planned time and target. Change management implementations should center around how team members adapt to change and take advantage of it. More often than not, change initiatives fail. The reason for this is that leaders don’t know what actions to take to be successful. Change management helps the business as a whole and each individual on the team. Staff members are encouraged to take on a larger role in the organization. 

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Getting an outside perspective can provide much-needed clarity to determine what the next move should be. Looking beyond your organization can help you solve issues you’ve come across before. A different perspective can help you identify new opportunities and make sound decisions. When the challenge of change goes beyond your area of strength, you should look to the outside for advice. More specifically, you should seek the help of the most successful people in business. Change management speakers have led organizations big and small through times of transformation. A change process is an ardent journey. It can leave you feeling powerless, exhausted, and confused. 

Design Your Corporate Event to Deliver Maximum ROI

Having a motivational speaker on change management is an investment for your organization. They’ll inspire you and your team by drawing comparisons between the challenges of everyday life and the demands of leadership. It’s just one example. A change management speaker knows how to deal with fear, risk, and effort. Above all, they are capable of overcoming obstacles and negative attitudes, breaking paradigms, and helping visualize success. Attention must be paid to the fact that hiring expertise is only the beginning of the process. Change requires a joint effort, meaning that it’s necessary to bring people together and unite them, all through the power of wisdom. 

To make change bearable and beneficial to your organization, reach out to a change management speaker. They’ll deliver the message in the most positive way. Determine the date, location, and budget for the company event. See which speakers are available and figure out whom you can or can’t afford to hire. Some change management speakers are best at delivering workshops, while others are more effective at keynotes. Therefore, establish what kind of presentation you’d like for the event. Hiring the right speaker will make your life (really) easier. You’ll have peace of mind, so you’ll be able to focus on other areas of event planning.

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You’ll want attendees to have a positive mindset as they leave. Besides delivering knowledge about change management, an inspirational speaker will help you and your team manage stress and avoid burnout, contributing to everyone’s well-being. With a can-do attitude, nothing is impossible. Not only does a spokesperson offer positivity and motivation, but it also teaches essential skills to business. To evaluate a change management speaker’s expertise, do your homework and get recommendations from trusted sources. The moment you have a shortlist, examine it carefully. Most crucially, see how often they work with the type of employees you’re trying to help. 

What To Do After the Corporate Event: Make the Most Out of The Lessons Learned 

So, you’ve had a wonderful time and discovered useful things. If you don’t make the most of the lessons learned, all the time and effort you put in planning and executing the event is going to waste. Indeed, you’re exhausted, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Take some time to refresh your mind from stress. After you’ve recharged your batteries, recall the conversation about change management, grasp its significance, and analyze the implications made by the speaker. Explore how you can use the advice and insights to promote organizational growth and success. 

If it’s not possible to send a “thank you” note to the speaker on change management, at least post something on social media. Acknowledge their hard work and dedication. As a matter of fact, you should express your gratitude towards everyone that helped set up and run the event. Equally important is to ask for feedback so that you can improve your next corporate event. You organized the event for your team and leaders, so it makes perfect sense to give them a voice in the process. Allow them to speak up. Turn insights into action; it’s the very last mile of the process. You’ve learned a great deal from the event speaker and your staff members, but those insights are of very little value if they’re locked away in your mind. 

With a firm strategy in place, your organization will evolve with the times and become stronger. You don’t risk getting shut down or losing your customer base. 

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