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Fb Cover Photo Size: How to Design an Attractive Cover Photo

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Social media platforms hold an integral part of our lives. It reflects your personality, the work you do, family life, and much more. You can easily promote your work through social media and gain immense popularity. One such famous social media platform is Facebook. You can do so much on this site, be it the promotion of your business, get freelance work, find a long-lost friend, and more. Since your Facebook profile photo size is small and shows only a part of your face, the cover photo reflects most of you. If you wish to try out social media marketing or reflect on yourself as a person, getting your Fb cover photo size correctly is essential.

To do that, here we have noted possibly everything you will need to know to make your cover photo attractive and impressive. Start scrolling down, and you are sure to be well-informed after reading our blog!

About Facebook Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo depends merely on the sole purpose of your usage. Many people use Facebook as a regular social media platform. But many people also make optimum utilization of Facebook to promote their work through social media marketing.

If you are thinking of regular social utilization, putting up your pictures can be a great idea. But if you are thinking about promoting your business, it is necessary to choose the perfect Fb cover photo size. It will reflect the nature of your business. Plus, it will also show the taste and quality of your work.

The pixels of the cover photo has to be great to give your viewers the optimal display. So, you need to choose and make your Facebook cover photo attractive so that it catches the viewers’ eye.

Here we will highlight on Fb cover photo size for business and much more! So, start scrolling down to know more!

Fb Cover Photo Size

Facebook has specific dimensions that they prefer as a cover photo. The sizes are different in the case of smartphones and computers.

So, it becomes essential to provide your Facebook profile with the correct size. In case you are managing your profile through your smartphone, the size of the pictures needs to 360 pixels in height and 640 pixels in width.

But if you are accessing your profile through the computer, the pictures have to be 312 pixels in height and 820 pixels in width.

You can take this as the first step for choosing the perfect Facebook cover photo. It can be slightly tricky because the dimensions vary in cases of desktops or laptops and mobiles.

It is always best to choose the dimension of your photos, 360 pixels by 820 pixels. More so, try to keep your content like graphics and texts towards the middle to be in a safer position.

Fb Cover Photos on Mobile vs. Computers

When you are designing your Fb profile, it is equally important to choose the right Facebook profile photo size and your cover photo well. Your profile picture on Fb is the same for your desktop and mobile. But the trick lies when it comes to your Facebook cover photo.

It is always best to choose the Facebook cover photo maker when you are designing your profile. If you are planning to design it yourself, keep in mind the safe zones to make your cover photo attractive for anyone who is seeing your profile. Be it laptops or mobile. The design should be done in a way that it fits perfectly for all your viewers.

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The advantage of setting your cover photo is that Facebook does not distort or stretch an image to fit it into their preferred dimension. On the other hand, it can automatically crop the picture.

When you are working from your smartphone, the picture you choose to set as your Fb cover photo fits itself in a way that shows the photo’s height. You will notice it crops the outer edges rather than cutting off the height.

But when you are working on your desktop or laptop, you can crop the photo width from the bottom and top.

But it is always to select the Fb cover photo size in a dimension that fits perfectly and is suitable for any viewer. If you choose a picture with a dimension of 360 pixels by 820 pixels, you can be sure you are in a safe zone. You can be sure that nothing from your cover photo will get chopped off on your desktop or mobile.

Facebook Cover Photo Maker – Snappa

Now that you know what the Fb cover photo size should be and how it is the most vital thing, here is a way to select a Facebook cover photo maker. Snappa is a graphics builder that will give you a detailed guide on making the best Facebook photo. The video is straightforward to use and provides you with a detailed step-by-step guideline.

Also, you can select the Fb cover photo to pre-set to fit in your cover photo perfectly. You can also choose the preferred Facebook cover photo template that will be wholly customizable. But if you wish, you can also make the cover photo from the beginning.

If you like a template, you can also choose your own image. You can add effects, shapes, graphics, and text to your preferred image. All you need to do is drag the preferable shapes, graphics, and texts onto your picture. More so, you can modify the opacity of the preferred things according to the layer you want it to be.

You can use the images so that the texts or objects do not cut off when you are setting your Fb cover photo on desktop or mobile.

What Should Your Facebook Cover Photo Be?

When you select your Facebook cover photo, the most important thing about a profile photo is its size and quality. But another thing most of us miss out on is the content. Your cover photo should have a relevant thing that features your personality or your business. Also, you must start targeting an audience before you are selecting a cover photo.

Here are the following cover photo ideas that you can try choosing from. Check out the following:

Use your cover photo to lead generation or drive sales:

You can utilize the opportunity to promote your business through your Facebook page. For social media marketing, it has a prosperous opportunity to promote your business. You can try designing your cover photo in a way that has the optimum capacity to lead generation or drive sales. More so, the image might have a CTA page button that will gain you the most results with minimum work.

Feature User-Generated Content:

If you are on Facebook to utilize it for your business, you can try using the most effective marketing tools. Wondering what it is? Well, it is the user-generated content. You can gain loyalty and pull up your rapport to create authentic content that your cover photo will consist of. Besides getting your Fb cover photo size correct, you can utilize this tool to attract your viewers.

Advertise all the upcoming events:

If you are thinking about your Facebook business page cover photo size, you can create it in a way that reflects the upcoming events.

When you hold a social contest, conference, or webinar, you should utilize Facebook to promote your business.

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It is a unique way to let your viewers know about the upcoming event and even have a great Fb cover photo.

Exhibit benefits and product features:

Why not utilize the opportunity through your Fb cover photo to let your viewers know the product features. You can let them know about the vast benefits of using your product and many more details. Once you portray this, you will be able to up your game and be ahead of the competition.

Boast about your product or store:

If your business is about a product, you can click pictures of it and display it on your cover photo. But if you own office space, you can get a professional picture and let your customers know how great it is. In this way, you will be able to increase the foot traffic easily.

Display about your employees and team members:

When you are talking about interacting with the virtual world, you must display the team members and other people on the Fb cover photo. In that way, you will feature real people and even humanize the business at ease. Also, you will be able to display the people who are behind the work you do.

Fb Cover Photo Mistakes to Avoid

People tend to make some common mistakes while selecting the photos for your Facebook. So, we can keep away from making these simple mistakes to make your cover photo interesting and attractive. Here are the following Fb cover photo mistakes to shun:

People tend to use the same Fb cover photos:

Fb cover photo size differs from the Facebook groups and Facebook events. So, you need to make the dimensions of the cover photo according to the pages’ size. You must correct the dimensions accordingly.

Do not add lots of text:

Avoid writing too much text. You may find several images online that have a solid background with plenty of texts. It is not the ideal choice if you want to attract your viewers. The Fb cover photo should reflect an image that speaks on its own instead of using an image that contains lots of texts.

Do not over clutter the image:

The cover photo you choose should reflect you and your brand or store. It must not give your viewers a headache. If you clutter your pictures too much, it might lose out on the point you are trying to portray. Some images contain loads of focal points, colors, and objects that confuse someone seeing them. It is indeed eye-catching, but it is confusing and tough to understand the motive of the image. So, it is best always to select the image with minimal objects and have a specific focus.

Always consider the format and update of Facebook:

Facebook is continuously changing. So, it becomes essential for you to design your Fb cover photo accordingly. In the beginning, the profile image used to be at the right-side corner. But then Fb did an update, and it changed. Now, Fb has the profile picture in the form of a circle placed right in the middle. It becomes essential for you to select a cover photo that does not get cut off because of the profile photo. It is also essential to check it once from your phone and then from the desktop to be sure.

Choose generic things:

The cover photo is different from the Twitter cover photo. You put your Fb cover photo to help people know about your business or you in person. When you choose generic things, it tells people about your business and reflects your business. It leaves a huge impact on people.

Do not forget to add a logo:

It is always best to keep a watermark. Placing a watermark on your images help people recognize your brand. Plus, it also gives a professional approach to your pictures. Cover photos are a great place to put your logos. You can always change the opacity of the image according to the background. But do not miss out on this one.

Final Thoughts

As we bring you to the end of our blog today, you surely know how essential it is to have a perfect Facebook cover photo. It leaves the first impression about you and your company. Always keep in mind to see your cover photo on the desktop and mobile. It is bizarre to crop photos as it looks unprofessional and bad. So, avail all the tips we have given above about the Fb cover photo size and more. Keep away from making these minute mistakes when you are designing your profile. After this, you are sure to flourish with the tips we have given you above!

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