Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet Benefits, Reviews, and More

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet Benefits, Reviews, and More


The Feng Shui Black obsidian bracelet has been considered a good luck charm for centuries now. People wear it to attract good fortune, wealth, and abundance essentially. Even though this bracelet has been around for years, it has recently started to gain a lot of recognition amongst people.

Indeed, many questions pop up in your mind when you are interested in it. Some of the common questions that are asked are:

  1. Does this bracelet work?
  2. What is the nature of these bracelets?
  3. Who can wear these bracelets?
  4. What are the benefits of wearing a Feng Shui Black obsidian bracelet?

Therefore, this article discusses in detail every vital answer that you must be aware of about a Feng Shui Black obsidian bracelet. Hence, let us read on to know all the essential information.

What is Feng Shui?

Before getting a proper insight into what a  Feng Shui Black obsidian bracelet is, let us first look at what the practice of Feng Shui is all about.

Feng Shui House Elements for a Positive Vibe

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that originated in China. It is essentially a way of letting the universe know that we are ready to let all the positive energies or Chi in. Hence, one can easily say that the practice of Feng Shui is a way to attract good luck to a person.

The concept of Feng Shui revolves around five primary elements. Let us have a look at what those are and what it represents.

  • Earth: It symbolizes stability and strength
  • Wood: This element symbolizes creativity and growth
  • Fire: It symbolizes boldness and leadership
  • Metal: This element symbolizes order and focus
  • Water: This element symbolizes inspiration and various emotions

What is a Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet?

A Feng Shui Black Obsidian bracelet is also referred to as a Pixui bracelet. To know what a Feng Shui Black obsidian bracelet is, let us first know what back obsidian means. Black obsidian is a kind of volcanic glass called obsidian glass. It is known the most for its mirror-like texture, which is very shiny.

A bracelet made of black obsidian glass is believed to carry tons of spiritual benefits along with it. People consider this bracelet as a barrier against all kinds of negativities. It is believed that wearing such bracelets can help keep misfortunes, sadness, diseases, and illnesses.

Thus, it contains a lot of strengthening and protective functions with it.

Let us have a look at the benefits of wearing one such bracelet.

Feng Shui Obsidian bracelet benefits

As we have already discussed, there are various benefits that a black obsidian bracelet comes with. Let us have a look at what those are:

It acts as a cleanser

The black obsidian bracelet emits a vibrational frequency continuously.

Every person who wears one of such bracelets gets to enjoy the metaphysical properties that each of these obsidian beads contains with it. These properties help protect a person from all the negative forces or energies that an environment can have.

It offers psychic protection

Every experience that a person goes through leaves a mark on them.

Even before reaching our physical body, these experience leaves a mark on our subtle energy. Our mind collects and records all of these experiences over time.

As a result, it is very likely for trapped emotion to be there inside of us. Hence, a ‘smog’ is created in our minds, affecting our energy field.

A black obsidian bracelet helps to clean those trapped emotions.

Wearing one such bracelet helps clean anything that can affect a person’s aura. It also protects a person from any energy or emotions that might affect their aura. Hence, it helps to strengthen a person’s aura right from its roots. Thus, one can say that this bracelet promises a happier and fuller life.

However, you must keep in mind that the bracelet will not start working and cleansing your aura from the moment you wear it. It might take some time. This is the core reason a person is asked to keep wearing it.

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet Benefits, Reviews, and More

This bracelet helps to have more wealth

Hands down, one of the main reasons why everyone wants to get themselves a black obsidian bracelet is because it helps to attract more prosperity and wealth.

If you think that you are surrounded by bad luck and that nothing good is happening to you, then get this bracelet.

A feng shui black obsidian wealth bracelet helps attract an abundance of wealth and prosperity. In short, it helps to attract tons of positive energy, thus making you successful.

It just helps to make a person’s life easier.

We are sure that you must be wondering how a mere bracelet can do that, right? This is because a black obsidian bracelet helps shift the energy in a positive direction. This helps to block all the bad luck that can come your way. As a result, you would get to see more prosperity and wealth blessing your life.

Helps improve relationships

A black obsidian bracelet is said to carry ancillary properties with it. It means that this bracelet can help fill your life with love by helping you to improve your relationships.

As we have already discussed, this bracelet offers psychic protection. This means that it helps clear any smog from our minds that might affect our aura or personality. As a result, we tend to ooze out an upbeat personality that attracts people.

The bracelet helps to attract a lot of positive energy. Due to this, our attention to everything happening around us also improves. Hence, the good part of this is it reduces the chance of any heartbreak. This is because, with a clear mind, we can spot the person whose harmony matches perfectly with ours.

Helps to get rid of stress

Feng Shui world revolves around attaining a perfect balance of the negative and the positive energies in our body. This, in turn, helps to reduce our stress levels.

Once you wear the bracelet, you notice how it changes your response and reaction ratio. This means that you would notice that you would react less and respond more in a specific situation. Thus, the chances of you getting into any argument decreases.

The credit for this completely goes to the fact that wearing this bracelet helps a person control their emotions.

Another critical point is that this bracelet also results in a person falling less ill. Once you are free of stress and have positive energies around you, you will glow differently. (Thegamedial)

You would have more potential to get well and fit quickly, even if you are unwell. All thanks to the healing properties that the bracelet carries within it.

live stress free

How to wear Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet?

The powers of the Black Obsidian bracelet are put to action only when it is worn correctly. Thus, let us look at how to wear a black obsidian bracelet.

Clean the bracelet

The first and foremost thing to do when you get the black obsidian bracelet is clean it. To clean it, take fresh and clean water and wash it properly.

Once done, keep the bracelet under direct sunlight. Ensure that you keep the bracelet in a clean tray.

The more you keep the bracelet under the sunlight, the better it is. This is because sunlight helps activate the stones, thereby putting them into action.

It is essential to clean the black obsidian bracelet. This is because cleaning the bracelet helps get a clearer vision of who you are once you wear it.

Wear it on the left hand

There is a lot of confusion among people regarding the right hand to wear the Feng shui black obsidian bracelet.

Well, the right hand in which a person must wear the black obsidian bracelet is the left hand.

In Chinese culture, the left hand is considered the hand that is the receiving one.

All the positive energies, including money and wealth, flow through this hand.

On the contrary, the right hand is the giving hand. It is from this hand that wealth flows out. Therefore, to attain maximum benefits from the bracelet, make it a point to wear it on your left hand.

Do not wear it while showering or sleeping

It is essential to make it a point to nit weather bracelet while resting or relaxing. This is because the bracelet attracts a massive amount of yang energy to it. This energy is compelling and can make you feel restless.

Hence, if you wear this bracelet when you are resting or relaxing, you can have a lingering feeling of tiredness at all times. It can result in you having sleepless nights or a stressful bath.

Thus, it is best to keep it away while sleeping, washing dishes, showering, and at all the other times when you are at leisure. Instead, it is suggested to keep it as away as possible when at leisure. For example, keep the bracelet in the living room while taking a nap in the bedroom.

Consider your age before wearing the bracelet

There are certain exceptions as to who can wear the black obsidian bracelet. This is because this bracelet contains a lot of aggressive power within it.

People who are too weak must thus keep away from this bracelet. People under 16 years old and more than 70 years old should not wear the bracelet.

Along with that, pregnant women must also not wear this. Hence, if you feel you are not strong enough to handle the aggressiveness of the bracelet, you must have a look at other solution options.

Keep it in the living room

There would be many times during the day when you would wear the bracelet. As mentioned before, make it a point not to wear it when resting or relaxing. Hence, one common question is where one should keep the bracelet when they are not wearing it.

Keep the bracelet away from the bedroom when you are not wearing it. This is because the Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet is extremely powerful.

Keeping it inside the bedroom might hinder your peaceful sleep. One good option is to keep it in your living room. However, ensure to keep it facing towards the main door.

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet Benefits, Reviews, and More

Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet Reviews

A black obsidian bracelet helps attract positive energy in a person’s life. It is a potent cleanser that helps clean the smog off a person’s aura. Along with that, it also helps to attract wealth and prosperity. Thus, it helps to keep all the misfortunes and bad luck away.

Hence, the very common question that rings a bell is whether a Feng Shui black obsidian bracelet works?

Well, there is no scientific evidence to prove the fact that this bracelet works as it claims. However, if you go by word of mouth, this bracelet has proven beneficial to many people who wore it.

However, one must follow the bracelet’s rules properly to gain maximum benefits out of it. It is essential to remember that the bracelet starts to show proper action at least three months from when you wear it. For some, it can start working sooner, and for some, it can start to work from a much later period.

In conclusion, choose to wear the bracelet only if you believe in the power of stones or are ready to take a chance with it.

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