gifts for a one year old boy

Gifts for a One Year Old Boy for Cognitive Development


Giving a gift to someone is always a tough job, irrespective of age, and gender. While choosing a gift for adults, knowing their choice is essential. But, in the case of a one year old toddler, selecting an appropriate gift can cause a big headache for anyone. The reason being, you do not know what a one year old boy likes. Heck, the boy himself does not understand his choices! It would help if you also considered the factors while buying gifts for a one year old boy other than what he might like temporarily.

What should you keep in mind before buying gifts for one year old boy?

First of all, the gifts should be safe and not have small parts. Toddlers tend to chew and swallow everything, so gifts containing small pieces are choking hazards. The next thing you need to consider is that the gift should be attractive enough to draw the boy’s attention. Otherwise, the boy will not play with your gift, and the primary purpose of giving it will be futile.

The most important thing that you must consider while choosing a gift is that it should facilitate the boy’s motor skills and cognitive development. A one-year-old boy’s cognitive development is entirely based on his motor skill and touch or sensation. The more the toddler touches, the more the toddler senses; faster will be his cognitive development. So it is crucial to choose the right gifts for one year old boy.

So keeping all these factors in mind, we will talk about some gifts, which will be appropriate as gifts for one year old boy.

Animal book

An animal book is simply a book whose theme is animal. This book contains pictures of animals so that the boy learns to identify various animals. Along with those pictures, this book has animal sounds to catch the attention of the boy. So the boy will learn to identify animals based on both his appearance and sound. This book also features numerous colors along with several nursery rhymes and melodies. So, this toy instigates the boy to memorize various animal shapes and grow his sense of colors and sounds. Such development at such an early age becomes very useful at a later age. It is one of the most educational toys for one year old.

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Gifts for a One Year Old Boy

Musical pounding toy

This is a wooden toy that helps the boy create his music by pounding on it with a wooden hammer. First of all, this toy does not contain any small parts. So choking hazard is off the table. This toy helps in developing the sense of music in the boy. They pound with the hammer, and the music comes out. So, they quickly learn to understand the link between cause and effect.

Baby balance bike

There is no scope for the one year old boy to ride a bicycle. But still, they can develop the skill of balance with the help of a baby balance bike. This baby balance bike has no pedals. It is pretty easy to assemble, and it has a sturdy built quality. The baby can ride it both indoor and outdoor. This toy will help the boy gain the necessary balance and confidence before riding an original bicycle.

Gifts for a One Year Old Boy

Developmental bumpy ball

This ball contains grasping bumps, which help the boy to hold onto it. Such unique gifts for one year old boys also include various patterns, textures, sounds, and bright colors. It is safe. The boy can grab it, chase after it, and also simultaneously learn multiple colors and patterns. Overall, this bumpy ball is an excellent tool in the boy’s cognitive development by utilizing various senses.

Inflatable duck bathtub

Bathing your baby will be more fun with this inflatable duck bathtub. It is portable and very safe for the skin of your baby. No doubt, your baby will love to bathe in it.

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These tubs are temperature sensitive. This bright yellow tub turns white if the water is too hot for the skin of your baby. This bathtub is also textured, making it non-slippery and safe for your child.

You also do not need to worry about emptying the bathtub as this inflatable duck bathtub comes with a drain system. So after bathing your baby, you can open the water through its inbuilt drain system. Then deflate the bathtub and fold into a small space, making it very convenient to carry around. So it can be one of the very meaningful gifts for one year old.

Animal train

The animal train contains numerous pieces which the baby put together to make the animal train. Again, the animal train helps in developing the motor skill of the baby. As the baby assembles the pieces, it much helps in developing his creativity through hand-eye coordination. The baby also learns to identify various colors. The animals have magnets under them. So the baby can easily place the animals on the top of the train and make it more exciting and entertaining.

Musical rhyme book

This book contains nursery school rhymes. On the side, it has a button. If the baby presses the button, it will produce alphabets and numeric sounds. The nursery rhymes will also be produced in sound. It will help the baby memorize the alphabets and numeric and the nursery rhymes, songs, and poems. Each page of this book is filled with exciting images and bright colors. Your baby will not stop himself from turning the next page. But with the flip of each page, they will learn new things for fun.

To conclude, we hope that we have somehow managed to sum up the entire arena that you should consider before choosing gifts for one year old boy. Remember, these unique gifts are also educational toys for one year old. They learn while playing with their toys. Playing and learning go hand in hand.

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