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Facebook messenger chats: How to print those chats?

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Facebook messenger is one of the most popular chat options nowadays. There are a lot of people throughout the world who have an account on this app. The usefulness of this app lies in the fact that it can be used on any device. It serves as a great source to connect with your friends and family. Is there anything else for which we use the Facebook messenger? Yes, definitely. People now have also begun to promote their businesses on social media, and Facebook could prove to be one of those sources. At times, you might also need to reproduce the chats of your Facebook messenger before the court of law. For this, you would need to print Facebook messenger chats

Printing Facebook Messenger Chats easily

Some people also print their chats to preserve or gift it to their loved ones in an attractive way. How is it possible to print the entire Facebook messenger chat that you had with someone? Backuptrans is one of that valuable software which could help you with this. You simply must export the Facebook messenger chat from any of the devices you are using to the Backuptrans database first, and then you must click the print button. You can print the chats right from your android, iPhone or PC. 

How do we print Facebook messenger chat from iPhone? 

The process follows extremely simple steps. First and foremost, you would need to check whether you have the Facebook messenger app in your iPhone or iPad, as both are supported. Connect your iPhone to the Backuptrans software via the computer. You can do this with the Apple USB cables. Once the connection is set, the software would detect your iPhone itself and would display the messages. These Facebook messenger messages are displayed on the software’s main interface, which you would be able to print from your computer. You can either print the entire chats from the Facebook messenger or just select a specific desired chat to print. 

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Different Printing options for Facebook Messenger

If you wish to print the entire chat, then you would need to first connect your iPhone to the Backuptrans software and then give a click on the ‘print messages’ button. You can either do this or just give a right-click on the iPhone name that appears on the software and choose ‘print messages’ option from the menu. In case, you are not looking for printing the entire chat; rather you want just one chat of a friend’s, you can do that also. You can simply select the friend’s or the contact’s name from the software and then either click the print message button or give a right-click on the contact name in the software. 

Preview option for Facebook Messenger chats

You can even preview the chat that you wish to print by just clicking on the preview option. This option helps you to be sure if the papers are ready or the printer is securely connected to the PC. In case your chat is more than 100 pages, then the software does not proceed to print it directly. Rather, it converts the chats into the pdf file first which you can print whenever you want. 

How do we print the chats from the Android phone? 

If you are looking to print the Facebook messenger chats from your android, then you would need to connect your device to the Backuptrans software on the PC with the help of the USB. Once connected, the software on its own would install an application called AppClone on your phone. You would be required to add the Facebook messenger into this app and log in using your Facebook id or password. After logging in successfully, the chats would appear on the software’s main interface. The steps that follow this is the same as printing the chats from the iPhone. 

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How do we print the chats from the messenger’s own site? 

If you are looking to download the Facebook messenger chat from the facebook’s site, the first thing you would need to do is login to your account. Click on the Deselect All option and only choose the messages option. Then, choose the file format as JSON and click on the create file button. After that, you would need to run the Backuptrans software and import the JSON type file in it. Once the Facebook chats in the form of JSON file is successfully saved on the local database of the Backuptrans software, you would need to just click on the print option. 


Printing the Facebook messenger chats has become extremely simple with the amazing software called Backuptrans. It hardly requires time and effort, and the results are quick. Are you looking to print the Facebook messenger chats for yourself? Then you are just one click away from experiencing the easiest way of doing so.

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