How to promote a TikTok page in 2022?

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TikTok is a platform that offers probably the quickest growth to the content creators – but, unfortunately, to most people this growth seems to be very spontaneous and unexplainable. Some people just become popular and loved, and some just not. However, there is nothing that cannot be explained about social media, everything works via algorithms that technician teams have come up with to protect the platform and make it develop over time. So as TikTok – promotion on it is pretty random, this is true, but it exists and, moreover, you can show your impact on it. 

In this article we will tell you how a chance to buy TikTok followers can help you with development of your page, what other methods you can use and can you rely on your own efforts in terms of getting into people’s recommendations. Let’s figure it out together!

What paid promotional methods are out there for TikTok? 

So, as we have mentioned, you can purchase subscribers for your profile. Is it helpful? Yes. Is it expensive? No. Then why doesn’t everybody do it? Well, the truth is, they do. Almost every popular blogger whom you see on TikTok now has gone through the stage of purchasing subs for their page, it is just that they have made it now that obvious. But if you’re willing to create yourself a decent base to rely on during further promotion, and if you need to make TikTok algorithms see that your content is worthy, this tool is probably one of the best to use.

When you purchase subs for your page, you seriously increase your chances of getting into people’s recommendations, which is what TikTok is all about. When your content gets lots of interactions with it from the new real pages, algorithms see the decent activity and start taking your videos into consideration like never before. But you have to be sure that you’re purchasing real subs; this is a key factor of quality promotion and inducing the process of natural growth.

The other method that you should definitely use is PR from other TikTokers: and here the price is going to vary a lot, depending on the “scale” of a TikToker whom you want to order the PR from. Usually, all of the bigger ones do that regularly and have a set price for each type of PR that they can do. You’re the only one to decide how much money you can spend on such an option. However, we’d recommend working with several TikTokers at the same time and make sure that you have some content prepared in advance – so that when people are going to come to your page, you’d have something to astonish them with.

What can you do for free?

Well, not much, actually. It can be described as general work on the content that you’re putting forward: make sure to post regularly, check the trends, follow them, stay in touch with your audience, film video replies to their comments under your videos – this is an additional resource of new topics for your content which always keeps on giving. Generally, yes, TikTok is pretty random, but you can affect it by using the paid promotional services that we have spoken about in the previous paragraphs.

You can also show your profile in the comments under other big TikTokers videos, but while doing that you have to be sure that people will be able to clearly understand who you are and what you’re doing by your username and main picture. So make sure to firstly come up with a short and catchy name and a bright and appealing pic.

Use all the methods at the same time and don’t hesitate to invest a little into your page – the payoff is going to make you totally satisfied later. 

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