How to sell a defective car profitably?


We buy emergency vehicles after an accident more expensive than you will get at the disassembly, and much more expensive. When others go bargaining, we go to buy for the agreed amount. You can find out the preliminary cost using the calculator.You will receive an answer within 1-1.5 hours during working hours. Also, you can instruct us to deregister the car. If you want to sell quickly and get the highest possible price, you need to provide us with photos. If there are enough photos from all sides, we are ready to discuss with you the final price. And promptly come to any district of the city or region, at any time convenient for you.

By contacting us you are directly contacting the car repair shop, not for resale or disassembly. Usually, 9 out of 10 buyout offers come from intermediaries who are engaged in foreclosure for resale, therefore, the price offered by such buyers is unlikely to be profitable enough for you. Our prices are noticeably attractive, you can easily compare.Just call us and be sure that we will give a decent price. What will it take for the online assessment? You contact us by phone or through the contact form. You voice your estimated cost, send the performance characteristics of your horse and photos of its condition. The appraiser studies the market value of a given model and its damage. Contacts you and either agrees to your price or offers a fairer one so that it is mutually beneficial. Our expert can explain to the owner what the final price consists of. We will help to solve all the problems with re-registration. We pay cash in any convenient form for you. If you are ready to give soy your favorite Jeep Cherokee then you can confidently contact us. We will not let your pet get bored. You can sell it whole, or you can use spare parts. You will be satisfied with the choice of our company. We can Jeep show variants of Cherokee scrap value



Some details of our job


We constantly accept the purchase of badly damaged and burned cars. The expert’s visit to any state is free of charge. We buy cars, both from individuals and legal entities. You can safely contact us if you represent the interests of an insurance company, or a company associated with a fleet of emergency cars, if you yourself are engaged in their redemption and sale, or, simply, for someone you want to find a buyer. After a fire, just as after an accident, an emergency vehicle has its value. Therefore, on sites on the Internet you can find a large number of free ads for the redemption of not only broken, but also burned cars. This is due, first of all, to the low price of burnt cars, as well as the huge demand for used auto parts. Especially if it’s not too expensive to do. Of course, this statement applies only to the most popular “options”. In any life situation, it is necessary to move on, relieving yourself of the burden of unnecessary things. Preventing road accidents is difficult even for experienced drivers. Such troubles happen daily, and, often, without the fault of the owner of the vehicle. The consequences of such cases are a broken car. What to do with it next? The question arises immediately after recovering from the first shock. Redemption of damaged cars in America is a profitable and prompt service provided by our company.


Quick redemption


We can buy your emergency, non-working car in a few hours. Thanks to the company’s lawyers and extensive experience in the automotive sector, we quickly draw up the necessary documents. If the car is on credit or collateral, the debt is repaid in full, the balance of the amount is received by the seller, thus two problems are solved: 


  • a net credit history is preserved, 
  • the owner gets rid of the damaged car.
  • If the car is with a ban on registration actions, then all prohibitions are lifted by the specialists of our company.
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Quick redemption consists of the following stages:


  • a call from a specialist 5-10 minutes after the application is made;
  • online assessment takes from 15-45 minutes;
  • departure of the appraiser to the place where the vehicle is located – from 30 minutes;
  • preparation and execution of the necessary documents – an average of 30 minutes.


We care about every minute of the client who is waiting for a decision on his car. We work honestly – you send photos, we name the cost. If the cost suits you, our employees leave with money, a contract and a tow truck. When it is impossible to unambiguously determine the cost from the photos, we stipulate the price range and do not go beyond it.


We do not use the gray way of evaluating the car, popular among many companies, when one amount is voiced on the phone, and during the inspection, the specialist purposefully knocks down the price. It’s not fair. After registration of the contract of sale, claims about hidden defects and other malfunctions will not be submitted to you in the future! We do not need to be the first near the car, we are confident in the accuracy and maximum of our assessment and will always be able to offer you more than competitors offer for a broken car. Not infrequently, car owners sell their cars entirely for spare parts. And this does not depend on the state of the car, whether they are broken, burned, or intact. There are many reasons for this. We constantly offer the redemption of such machines on very good terms. The state doesn’t matter. From “slightly scratched” to “completely on spare parts”. Also, we urgently buy emergency or faulty cars after an accident with any damage. Deal in one meeting. We will definitely assess the photo. We will arrive immediately with a tow truck. The price will not change during the inspection.


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