Mark Wahlberg Net worth

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth: The Success Story of Marky Mark


Mark Wahlberg is a famous name for his work in Hollywood. He is an actor, producer, rapper, and a successful businessman. These contribute to Mark Wahlberg net worth, which is quite impressive.

Well, are you interested in knowing more about the actor and net worth Mark Wahlberg? Here is everything in brief about his troubled childhood and controversial statements to his family and kids.

NameMark Robert Michael Wahlberg
NicknameMarky Mark
ProfessionActor, Producer, Rapper, Businessman
DOBJune 5, 1971
Years Active1989- present
GenreR&B, Hip Hop, New jack swing, Eurodance, pop
Years Actie ( musical career)1984- 1997
LabelsAtlantic, Interscope
Former BandNew Kids on the Block, Mary Mark and the Funky Bunch
ParentsDonald Edmond Wahlberg, Alma Elaine
SiblingsDonnie Wahlberg, Jim Walhberg, Robert Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg ( brothers)
SpouseRhea Durham ( m 2009)
ChildrenElla, Michael, Brendon, Grace
Instagram Account@markwahlberg
Twitter Account@markwahlberg

Childhood and early life

Mark Robert Micheal Wahlberg, mostly famous as Mark Wahlberg, was born on June 5, 1971. He grew up in Dorchester, a neighbor of Boston.

Mark’s parents, Alma Elaine and Donald Edmond Wahlberg Sr, had eight kids before him, making Mark the youngest. Alma (birth name Donnelly) was a bank clerk and worked as a nurse aide. She had Irish, French-Canadian, and English ancestry. Also related distantly to author Nathaniel Hawthorne. Donald was a veteran of the US Army and served in the Korean War. He had Swedish and Irish descent.

In 1982, Mark’s parents split up. It made Mark keep switching between both of his parents. He was ten years old. Even though the reason for the divorce is not public, according to Mark, he loved them. Also stated that they did a fantastic job raising him and his siblings, considering their situation.

Wahlberg is a catholic and raised following the traditions and beliefs, too. He studied at Copley Square High School in Boston. Later, in 2008, Mark lost his father and mother in 2021. His mother had dementia and passed away at 78.


Mark grew up with eight older siblings than him. It included Debbie, Michelle, Arthur, Paul, James, Tracey, Robert, and Donnie Wahlberg.

Debbie was the oldest and was born on July 8, 1960. At 43, she passed away because of a heart attack during surgery.

Michelle is the second oldest, but unlike her brothers, she prefers to avoid being the main attention. It’s also because of her shy personality.

Among all the rowdy brothers in the Wahlberg family, Arthur is known to be wiser. Like Mark, he is also in the acting and business world. In contrast, Paul is known to be multi-talented. He is a chef and is currently handling the family business.

Donnie Walhberg also appeared in movies like The Sixth Sense, The Other Guys, and Saw II.

Career and breakthrough

Mark Wahlberg’s career is something people are aware of. So, instead of going into detail, here is a brief about his career and breakthrough.


Mark debuted as a music artist in New Kids on the Block. He changed his name to Marky Mark and started his career as a rapper. The band was successful then, and Mark’s brother, Donnie Wahlberg, was part of it.

At 13, he became one of the original members but left after a while. Then he debuted with the album Good Vibrations in 1990 along with multiple artists. It hit the Billboard Hot 100 and later earned a platinum single.

Mark also joined the last tour of New Kids on the Block. He came with more music like Wildside and also had a video game, but it flopped.


Mark had a successful career in advertising, too. He showed off his physique in the music video Good Vibrations.

Later, he was cast in a series of Calvin Klien ads in 1992. Herb Ritts shot it. Apart from shooting adverts for Calvin Klein, he appeared in magazines and revisions. Throughout his career, he appeared with models like Kate Moss.

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Mark served as a brand ambassador for Marked in 2012 for GNC.


Mark made his acting debut in 1993 with The Substitute, a television film. Later, he changed his stage name to Mark Wahlberg and debuted with Renaissance Man the following year.

It caught the critic’s attention after he appeared in The Basketball Diaries with Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie was an adaptation of a book written by Jim Carroll. Later, in 1996, the actor had his first starring role in Fear.

Critics praised him for movies like Four Brothers, Boogie Nights, The Perfect Storm, etc. It helped him to launch his acting career in full-fledged.

From playing minor roles and being in a supporting cast, he got roles in some of the famous remakes, like Planet of the Apes, Italian Job, and The Truth About Charlie.

In 2012, he starred in Ted, and the role was a priest in the 2015 sequel. It was one of the most successful movies he worked in.

In 2017, the report listed his name as one of the highest-paid actors in the world.

Personal life, marriage, and kids

Mark Wahlberg net worth are gaining all the attention, and his dating life is something worth looking at. The actor had quite a history of dating before he finally got married.

Mark had almost 18 relationships; some of them were rumored, and some had official announcements. His dating life is challenging to track as it’s full of flings, breakups, and hookups.

The actor dated celebrities like

  • Rachel Hunter
  • Jorden Brewster
  • China Chow
  • Tammy Pobi
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Savannah
  • Kate Moss
  • Traci Bingham
  • Jasmin St. Claire
  • Soleil Moon

Some of his rumored hookups include names like

  • Friends Andersson
  • Cynthia Kirchner
  • Jessica Alba
  • Jaime Risher
  • Shannen Doherty
  • Julie Ordon
  • Nicole Eggert

Mark and Rhea Durham dating

After having a rocky relationship, Mark finally settled down with Rhea Durham. The rapper-turned-actor met Dunham at a press junket in 2001, happening in New York City.

Mark asked for a date at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the second day. Durham agreed, and they quickly started dating after a while.

During an interview, the actor mentioned he knew she was the one and tried to be the man she wanted.

Rhea Durham is a famous name in the American model industry. She was featured in fashion magazine covers like Marie Claire, American Elle, French Vogue, etc.

Kids, marriage, and family life

After dating for two years, the couple had their first daughter, Ella Rae. Mark said their first daughter changed everything about his life and made it much better.

Soon, in 2006, Mark shared about his second baby. Honoring his late father, he named his son Michael.

The couple had two more kids after that. In 2006, Walberg commented he is living a comfortable, simple, and happy life with his family.

However, Mark and Rhea have been in a relationship since but didn’t get married. It changed in 2008 when the engagement rumors started.

During his movie ‘The Happening’ premier, the actor referred to his girlfriend as ‘future wife.’ It made people wonder if the couple is going to get married soon.

Confirming the rumors, Mark announced the couple will tie the knot after their child. Talking about it, he said Rhea wanted to wait until the birth of a baby.

Mark mentioned why they were getting married now. He added that both of them have a history of broken homes and don’t want to preempt it. They waited until both of them were ready and worked to strengthen the relationship.

On August 1, 2009, the couple officially married after dating for eight years and having three kids. The ceremony included their kids and 12 close people.

The married couple welcomed their fourth baby in 2010 after having one girl and two boys

Business and Mark Wahlberg Net worth

Mark is not just a successful actor, but he also has a bug for business, as the actor says himself. He created entrepreneurial endeavors, contributing to Mark Wahlberg net worth.

Mark is a proud owner of different businesses in industries like clothing, fitness, and food. His Las Vegas turned into ‘Hollywood 2.0’.  The people take the building as state-of-the-art. The company also offers jobs to over 10,000 people.

As per his net worth so far, here is a chart for that.

YearsNet worth
mark wahlberg net worth 2023$440 million
mark wahlberg net worth 2015$360 million
mark wahlberg net worth 2010$190 million
mark wahlberg net worth 2005$48 million
mark wahlberg net worth 2000$2 million
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To understand the net worth of Mark Wahlberg, here you should know about his ventures.

Closest To The Hole

Mark launched Closest to the Hole in 2004. It’s a production company and co-produced over 15 films, including Entourage for HBO. The series was based on his life and journey to Hollywood.


Mark has a burger restaurant that he co-founded with Donnie and Paul, his brothers. Wahlburgers was launched in 2011. The burger joint has successfully started in 50 more locations and has an annual revenue of $100 million.

Unrealistic Ideas

The actor has a production company that focuses on unscripted ideas such as podcasts and documentaries. He launched the Unrealistic Ideas in 2018. Stephen Levinson, who works as a manager and producing partner, and Archie Gips, a documentary filmmaker, manage the company.


Wahlberg invested in an electrolyte-enhanced water company, Aquahydate, in 2012. According to Forbes, Mark invested in the brand when it was rough in shape. He also added a better cash flow and recruited celebrities. It includes Sean Diddy Combs, who helped in backing up the company.

However, in 2019, Alkaline Water gained the company.

Mark Wahlberg Auto Group

The actor also had a car dealership company in his name. Mark started the company with Michigan and Jay Feldman in 2018. It initially started in Columbus but later expanded across Ohio.

Performance Inspired

The company focuses on all-natural. Mark started it with veteran Tom Dowd. Performance Inspired was established in 2016 and launched products like protein powder. These products can be found distributed to the major retailers, including GNC. The report shows the company has $4 million in annual revenue.


Mark purchased an IPO stake in F45. It’s a chain of gyms that have their specialization in HIIT-style workouts. Also, they aim to burn around 750 calories in one session of 45 minutes.

Bloomberg was valued at $450 million, as per reports of the business in 2019. Mark owns 1.73% of the stake, and in 2023, he became the chief brand officer.

F45 has successfully generated revenue of $170 million across 75 counties and 2042 studios.

Rhea Durham net worth

Fans are curious to know the net worth of Mark Wahlberg, but his wife also has quite a number. Mark has more than $400 million in net worth. So, about Mark Wahlberg net worth wife, it’s important to know Rhea is married to the actor, and her marital assets will likely be in the hundreds of dollars.

Overall, Rhea has a network of $50 million from her modeling career and guest appearances on screens.


Mark has a troubled adulthood and a past record of being racist toward specific communities. He was involved in some of the major controversies, such as:

Hate crimes during the teenage years

In 1996, Wahlberg was involved in racially motivated attacks when he yelled and threw rocks at black children. After two years, it sentenced him to two years in prison for insulating Vietnamese men. The actor served for 45 days only and came back.

Assaulting neighbor

The report said Mark attacked his neighbor in 1992. As per the record, the neighbor had a fractured jaw from the fight.

Apologize to victims

He requested pardon in 2014 for his crimes against two Asian men. However, Asian American activists opposed the plea, including some previous victims who raised their voices.

Later, Mark apologized and dropped his request.

Pay scandal

During the shoot for All The Money in the World, Michelle Williams raised the inequality in pay. The movie also had scenes with Spacey, but Christopher Plummer replaced him. The actor was accused of sexual misconduct.

The movie has to be shot again with actors. In 2018, they paid Mark $1.5 million for his extra work. But Williams had less than $1000. The scandal attracted lots of backlash.

Mark showed his support as he donated $1.5 million to Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund on behalf of Williams.

Final thoughts

Mark Wahlberg started from a humble family with lots of siblings. The issues within the family showed up as activities the actor did during his adulthood. However, he rectified and apologized for the actions.

Even though he came from a broken family, Mark successfully created a happy life for himself, his wife, and his kids.

Also, Mark Wahlberg net worth shows his devotion to his work, ideas, and talent.


1. Which one is the biggest movie of Mark Wahlberg’s career?

Mark’s most successful movies include Transformers, Ted, Planet of the Apes, Daddy’s Home, The Departed, etc.

2. Is Mark Wahlberg known as the richest actor in Hollywood?

Mark outmuscled the actor Dwayne Johson and gained the title of one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

3. Among all the Wahlberg brothers, who is the richest?

Mark Wahlberg is the richest among all brothers; his brother Donnie has a net worth of $25 million.

4. Who is the wife of Mark Wahlberg?

Rhea Durham, a famous American model, tied the knot with Mark in 2009 after dating for eight years.

5. How many kids does Mark Wahlberg have?

The actor has four kids with Rhea Durham. They have two daughters and two sons.

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