Prefabricated Substation Packages

What Are The Benefits Of The Prefabricated Substation Packages?


Pre-assembled substations offer users various advantage, unlike the conventional ones. They are prefabricated under controlled assembly points such as factories with predetermined conditions for specific tailors made components. While companies design standard substations for all voltage needs, they can also customize their factory-built models to suit customer specifications. Regardless of your description, you will get a substation that can effectively integrate into your electrical system to produce the desired voltage transformation needs: Either low or high and vice versa. However, remember to approach a licensed provider or professional who can advise you appropriately. They can assess the system and recommend the best substation that can suit your electrical system’s needs. Here are Prefabricated Substation Packages clients can choose from when purchasing Pre-assembled substations.

Medium-Voltage/Low-Voltage Prefabricated Substation

Besides performing other essential functions in electrical and distribution systems, MV/LV prefabricated substations transform voltage from high to low. They are specifically designed for clients with medium-level voltage connections, low voltage distributions, and low transformer applications.

High-Voltage/Low-Voltage Prefabricated Substation

such types of substations are often found in high voltage equipment that requires HV/LV. They are widely used in high power consumption areas such as airports, factories, residential areas, skyscrapers, and shopping malls for high power distribution needs.

Benefits of The Prefabricated Substation Packages

Companies design prefabricated substations that can meet clients’ needs while saving assembly time and guaranteeing a fully compatible and integrated solution. Besides safety and reliability, they offer their users the following advantages.

  • Limited Assembling Cost

Assembly cost is always a burden most entrepreneurs want to avoid. However, with the prefabricated package substation, the manufacturer has already anticipated and tested the transformer’s connection before designing such an integrated solution. This strategy will result in reduced assembly costs. Moreover, most M2L packages have been designed to minimize reassembling components that can efficiently reduce expenses.

  • Flexible Dimensions And Design Reducing Technical Space Requirements
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Most prefabricated packages can easily fit into the switch room to save users from the cost of building technical rooms. The substation can be designed to fit any electrical distribution network to guarantee flexible dimensions and designs. 

M2L or HV/LV can be installed at the building basement, control room, and landing. As a result, this saves users from the extra cost of constructing additional rooms. Some M2L substations are designed with free-standing support for temporary applications that allow flexible use, such as while transiting on a truck.

  • Save Assembling Time

Installing prefabricated substation often follow a specific manual unless they are customized to suit the customer specification. Accordingly, they are pretested before they are certified for use. And so, it can only take a few days to transport and set up the system for a client. They also decrease the construction duration, mainly because the designs are inbuilt from the factory before they are transported.

  • Products are Fully Certified

The concept of designing M2L or HV/LV systems is proven. Therefore, the companies that produce the prefabricated substations are certified to guarantee the safety of their products.

  • Large Field of Applications

All prefabricated substations have tailor-made components such as transformers and distribution installations that suit different applications. They are custom-made for uses such as utilities, industries, and factories. 

For M2L systems, developers specifically minimize the cost of operation by eliminating the need for a busbar system and consequently promoting its use to many areas. Besides, some are built with specifications for both Indoor and outdoor operations.

The Way Forward

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The prefabricated substation comes with specifications and benefits to various voltage transformation systems. Regardless of one’s needs, these customizable packages minimize space requirements and reduce the cost of operation and installation time. 

While flexibility and quality are necessary, finding a compact, voltage distribution, connection, and transformation solution is not easy. Always consult a licensed professional or a reputable company representative for advice. It ensures you get expert recommendations, guidance, and the assurance of safe installations as per industry standards!

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