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Super Important Business Trends Cherished by The Workforce


In today’s dynamic economy, businesses are constantly evolving to keep up with technological advancements, changes in the economy, globalization, and many more. Businesses work that have failed to evolve have been unable to survive the harsh economic styles. Many businesses are also joining revolutionary trends that mean to improve workplace culture. Here are some of the said business trends.

Creation of Flexible Work Schedules

More and more companies are starting to adopt flexible work schedules. In the olden days, work meant 40-60 hours in the office. This has slowly been changing. Several studies have shown that workers can be effective whether they are at home or in the office. In some cases, several companies have registered more productivity when their employees work from home. Other companies have opted to provide their employees with a membership to a coworking space – they only have to search “coworking spaces near me” and choose the nearest, most convenient space for them.  It’s worth noting that employees also have a life outside work. Just as social media companies such as Facebook and Google have demonstrated, flexible work schedules are the future.

Supporting Social Causes on Work

In the past, most companies never took a stand on social issues as they feared the blowback they would receive. However, this has become a thing of the past. Currently, younger workers want to work for companies that are taking part in social causes. Companies such as Nike, Apple, and Microsoft have widened their clientele base due to their activeness in fighting for social reform. Such companies have also earned the admiration of several young workers. According to renowned human resource professionals, companies nowadays have limited choices. It’s either they join the good fight or lose out on the right talent.

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Increased Gender Diversity

Gender diversity has, for long, been a sensitive issue. For ages, women have been left out in management. However, that’s no longer the case. Even though when compared to men, women still hold fewer executive positions, there’s been a remarkable shift in the right direction. Currently, countries and companies are working hand in hand to promote gender diversity. Polls conducted by trusted survey institutions have shown that companies with a diverse workforce poll ahead of companies lagging in gender diversity in terms of public relations. The survey results also show that firms with a gender diverse workforce attract more suitable employees than their lesser diverse counterparts.

Mental Awareness

Mental illnesses are widely misunderstood. In the past, patients who have mental conditions were rarely employed. However, in a move that aimed at improving the improving social workplace culture, many companies are no longer disqualifying applicants based on their mental health. Most companies nowadays have in-house psychologists to monitor the mental health of the employees.

Corporate Incentives

To increase employee loyalty, most companies nowadays hand out corporate incentives such as bonuses at the end of the year. The incentives boost the morale of the employees and motivate them to achieve the companies set goals.

Companies that have adopted the mentioned above trends have been highly successful. If you’re a manager looking for ways to market your company as well as incentivize your employees, adopting these said steps would be a step in the right direction.

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