What does the Bible say about sex?

What Does the Bible Say About Sex?

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Sex is natural, and as humans, getting sexual instincts is common. But many people across the globe are concerned about what the holy book – Bible says about sex. However, there are serval myths that people have that are not present in the sacred book. So, if you are interested to know what does the Bible say about sex, start scrolling down! We will give a complete brief of what the contains and also inform you about some interesting facts!

God on procreation and what does the Bible say about sex

If you wish to know what does the Bible say about sex, the first thing is procreation. Let us say what it says!

God says while creating Eve and Adam that their first intention must be procreation. 1:28 Genesis said that God’s blessings were with them. He told them to create life and send human beings to the earth. They must have their own territory along with the world of fish in the sea and a world of birds in the heavens. The human world should be living on earth, making its own dominance over anything living on earth.

God’s intention to create sex or relationship was not only to produce children, but he wanted to reflect an image similar to his own. According to many biblical contexts, the creation through sex, raising children is the most joyful journey of humankind.

Sex instructs human beings not only to multiply but also it brings two souls together. They form an intimate bond that is meant to last long. A man and his woman become one soul eventually.

Bible’s definition about sex

Sex obviously means a physical bond or intimacy. It also intertwined the souls of two humans so effectively that it becomes a single soul. Two hearts meet, experience and share the joy of life.

It may surprise you what does the Bible say about sex and steamy aspects of it.

A song in Bible compares a man’s stature to the palm and a women’s breast to a clump of fruit. The metaphor said that man would climb on the palm and would hold the fruit. Other comparisons are also as the breast is compared with a clump of grapes, breath’s fragrance with apples and mouth with fine wine.

Bible encourages human to appreciate their partners’ body.  It suggests to the youth that your wife is like a graceful deer. Her breast must fill up a man with utter delight and intoxicate him with love.

What does the Bible say about sex?

Where does the Bible talk about abstinence?

When you want to know what does the Bible say about sex, it is essential you know what it says about abstinence.

According to the Bible, marriage is not a small or tiny ceremony. It comes with a lot of responsibility. People must take responsibility as it comes with great gravity to spend their lives with a single person till their death. Many suggest Bible says that sex before marriage is a sin. It impacts life, destroying the holy relationship. Adultery is beyond forgiveness. However, there are mentions of adultery and its several aspects of it in the Bible.

Adultery is almost betraying God.  Sexual immorality is not at all right. It means he or she dishonors the holy bond as well as the service to God.

What does the Bible say about dating?

The dating concept has always been under scrutiny under different Christian narratives. Traditional Bible testimonies have been remarking and questioning the modern concept of companionship, which is dating. It follows different norms culturally than before. Today the social context of marriage has changed from the biblical testimonies. However, the Bible conveys relevance to the foundation of marriage and gives insights into the holy institution of marriage.

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Holy marriage is such a godly relationship where two consensual human beings pursue God. The aspects of marriage and responding to the Lord being in a relationship is dynamic. There are two persons in such a bonding. They chose to be together willingly, whether be it through dating or marriage. Two souls want to be together with each other. And they are two individual people. Each human being is responsible for her or his aspects of a relationship with God or Christ.

Why does anyone have relationships?

The God or Lord instituted a relationship with the truth of the heart. God created a relationship first in Eden Garden through Adam, who is the first male human. And he gradually bonded with Adam. They both walked into the Eden Garden having conversations. Adam got to know how Lord has loved him.

He started to comprehend his creator’s perspective. Then in the second Genesis, God created another relationship that a male human can share with a woman. Here comes the concept of marriage. It is the most significant relationship a human can experience after his relationship with God himself.

The bond between Adam and Eve

When you are talking about what does the Bible say about sex, marriage is an important aspect that you have to speak about.

Marriage was a perfect bond once when Eve and Adam were together prior to the Fall. 2:18 Genesis tells us that God thought it was not virtuous for a man to live alone in his life. He created a suitable companion who he called a helper to his life to find prosperity. Lord had made such intentions that a man should walk lonely in his life path. He created such a human being for Adam who can be his faithful helper to his life and will complement and enhance him.

There was no appropriate helper for Adam. He made the man fall into sleep then. God had taken a part of the rib from the man’s body. But he compensated for the space with flesh in his body. Then God created a woman using the man’s rib.

Finally, women came into existence. She came to the man with God. The man then named the new existence “woman”. God made her with man’s flesh and bones. So she is now an extension of his existence, his body, his soul. In fact, this is the reason behind a man leaving his parents and bonds with a woman taking her as a wife. They become a single soul. And since then, two souls come together and share life. Eve and Adam used to remain naked. They feel no discomfort as they feel no veil or partition coming between each other.

Relationship of Human and the Holy Bible

Now that you have a glimpse of what does the Bible say about sex let us check out the relationship with humans and the sacred book.

It is evident from the verses of Bible that woman are not just mere creations who only exists to conceive children of Adam. She complements Adam’s existence in every aspect of life. And there will be a constant companionship that the man and woman would experience.

The woman would be by his side with sheer harmony. God created woman taking the part of the rib of Adam only to accomplish such a holy relationship. Therefore, they can genuinely be a part of each other and comprehend each other’s soul.

What does the Bible say about sex?

The function of the rib in the human body

There are many functions of the rib in the human body. The rib gets a mate similar to Adam has Eve as a mate. The function of ribs is to carry the bodyweight upright.

A wife complements a man’s life by constant support with her duties and works with him to make his life prosperous. She will stand by her husband’s side all along with her life.

Ribs protect the hearts and lungs just as a wife’s duty to protect his husband in life. Although God had not created women to serve a man, but he also wanted women to help his husband serve the Lord. God created such a relationship between both woman and man that they can be uninhibited and vulnerable to each other. They must feel most safe in each other’s companionship through marriage. Adam said that a woman is unique in her own way intellectually and emotionally. Despite the fact God created her with Adam’s ribs, the woman has such a craft that make her his true mate in whatever sense possible and vice versa. The intention of God was also to create hope through marriage. It is the first initiative to begin humankind and life.

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Marriage is under an intention or a framework that resembles a holy relationship. This institution allows a woman and a man to communicate, walk the path of life together. They, in this way, get to serve Christ. The fall curse did not hinder God’s intention towards creating a bond of marriage. It also did not negate the harmony between a man-woman relationship in the form of holy matrimony.

Is sexual pleasure a sinful practice?

Intimacy, physical closeness, sexual satisfaction and Bible- no, this isn’t the spot of the odd word game; all of these have a close link to each other. Christians are acted antagonist towards same-sex marriage, pre-material sexual activeness.

Their trust system is strangely disgraceful for any kind of sexual activity. But as God’s child, they fall behind from the truth of words-The Holy Bible. Very shocking to know that Bible stated that man and wife have to act as one flesh.

Procreation of God-Man and Woman

The physical and emotional union ship brings Glory to humankind. God creates man and woman; humankind is represented and associated with Supreme Power. Both creations have their own purposes; in a famous book of humankind and this fact was stated that human should not be alone. Human should enjoy the partnership. In the book of Genesis, God created man and his fellow companion woman to give freedom to enjoy companionship.

Sometimes the truth lies in the fount of man’s eye, but we search it so long. In the Bible, the union ship is ventilated in the first chapter. A man was already blessed with fruitfulness, the creation of babies is just for species domionship of the earth and as he wanted to see more of his own creation.

This is very beautifully described that sexual activeness is not entirely for procreation but to appreciate wholeheartedly and find the connectedness and relish companionship among man and wife. There is no hide and seek of using words in Genesis. Man and woman should experience their sexual togetherness by ‘two souls in one body’ way. It is eye-opening for everyone to know that this is what the Bible says about sex.

What does the Bible say about premarital kissing and sex?

Hardcore devotees of Christianity acted cold feet towards sexual acts before marriage. But there are many other ways of showing love affection, and the question is occurring here that will kiss be considered a sinful act without being married? Questions are many, but answers are few. There is no clear answer to this question because God has questioned us in the Bible that it depends on the true emotion one is holding by that time. This leads to confusion to many, as Christ himself gave kisses to several Christ adherents.

Now, one question is still going around in the mind of teenagers, is kissing considered sinful and what the Bible says about premarital kissing.

The answer is simple, and we need to take a close look at the Bible’s note. You have to know if kissing is done with lustful intentions and what sexual desire it is leading to. If it is yes, then it is sinful. According to the Bible, such lustful kissing will be marked as “Sinful”. But this doesn’t mean that every romantic couple is considered a sinner. Every affectionate touch is pure, and it should happen with the consent of each other. The Bible guides us with the fact that humans should have a clear and genuine affection filled heart by the time of kissing. Otherwise, this debatable question has no permanent solution.

For couples, every act should be permissible and should lead to a constructive and fruitful outcome. Affectionate touch is not disgraceful, but The Holy book has taught us how to be respectful towards one another. The other part is entirely a human choice, and that is debatable.

Final Thoughts

As we bring you to the end of our article, what does the Bible say about sex, we hope you have got answers to all your questions. However, the Holy book is open to all and everyone can freely explore and interpret what the sacred book says. But we hope that the things we have mentioned above will clear some of your doubts.

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