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What to Do After You Create a New Instagram Account

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People create Instagram accounts to grow their audiences. Facebook and Instagram each give you access to over a billion users.

Interacting with the user base will translate into more sales and revenue. However, you can do many things after you create a new Instagram account.

You can post stories, live videos, regular posts, recorded videos, and other content. It can get overwhelming.

In this post, we’ll cover how to use Instagram. This guide will explain what to do after you create an Instagram account.

Polish Your Profile After you Create a New Instagram Account

Polishing your profile acts as your first line of business. People view your profile as a first impression. If they do not like what they see, they will look at other people’s Instagram posts.

Write a bio explaining what you do and how your company helps customers. Include a profile picture of yourself or your company’s logo.

The profile picture builds brand recognition. People will associate your content with the profile picture if they follow you.

Including hashtags in your profile will help with visibility. However, don’t go overboard. Too many hashtags will make your bio more difficult to read.

Polishing your profile includes selecting an appropriate username. Choose an easy-to-remember username. Many users opt for their name or company’s name as the username.

Start Posting Content

Would you follow someone who never posted on social media? Zero posts provide zero incentives to hit the follow button.

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People will feel the same way when browsing through your Instagram account. It’s like attending a party with no guests or decorations.

Create 3-5 Instagram posts right away. These posts will show activity on your Instagram account.

Wondering what to post? Share updates about the business or products. For a personal account, share some of the best pictures on your smartphone.

Everyone needs to start somewhere. A few posts will help you get more followers.

As you grow your audience, you will get more likes for your posts. Instagram likes demonstrate social proof and increase visibility. Regardless of your account’s size, you can get free Instagram likes.

Announce Your Instagram Account

If you’re active on other social networks, let them know about your Instagram account. Some of your friends will follow you on Instagram and engage with your content.

This initial engagement will give you traction on Instagram’s algorithm. Getting likes and followers will motivate you to post more Instagram content.

If you operate a brick-and-mortar store, post your Instagram username on the wall. Let your customers know they can follow you.

You can incentivize customers by offering exclusive giveaways and coupons on Instagram. Give them multiple reasons to follow your account.

Grow Your New Instagram Account

Posting new content and engaging with users on the platform will accelerate growth. You will get into the groove after you create a new Instagram account.

You can apply the Instagram growth strategies in this post and others on this blog. Make sure you browse through this blog for additional insights. The next posts you read on this blog may provide a tactic that dramatically boosts sales.

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