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Win exciting Prizes with ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah:


ACE Money Transfer and Bank Alfalah are giving out exciting prizes ACE money transfer to their customers. Sending money to Pakistan through ACE and choose Bank Alfalah as a payout to get the best out of everything.

The limited-time offer from the joint venture includes various prizes for senders, including high-end laptops, smartwatches, gift vouchers. On the receiving end, every month, two motorbikes winners will be announced. Moreover, a grand bumper prize of a brand new 1.8L Honda Civic car will be announced in December for the receiver.

How To Win:

To avail this limited time offer, you need to send your money to Pakistan through ACE Money Transfer via app or website and select the payout option as Cash Pickup from Bank Alfalah. Afterwards, the receiver can withdraw the amount from any branch of Bank Alfalah.

 Both senders and receivers stand eligible for this amazing offer. 

Hurry Up To Win a Car and Much More:

To improve your chances to win, make more transactions and be a part of this amazing system.

Lucky draw is held every month, and the offer is valid till 31st December 2020. So Hurry up and don’t miss your chance to avail this amazing opportunity.

People living away from their home country seek money transfer solutions that can help them stay connected with their loved ones. ACE Money transfer has always catered to the needs of people living away from their homes. ACE has always been a market leader in providing efficient solutions for home remittances. Now you can easily send money to Pakistan with no hassle through ACE Money Transfer.

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Best way to send money to Pakistan:

If you are thinking of sending money to Pakistan, the best option that is cost-efficient, fast and reliable is ACE Money Transfer. Ace money Transfer is one of the most innovative cross-border P2P money transfer networks operating around the globe. ACE money transfer provides efficient and A dependable service with the best exchange rates and nominal transfer charges

ACE and Bank Alfalah Bring Bumper Prizes For their Customers:

ACE Money Transfer has always cared for its customers like a family. People living away from their families send hopes and love through platform. While thriving to make everything easier and efficient for Pakistani customers, they are also giving a lot of bumper prizes for senders and receivers. (internationalhajj.com) ACE Money transfer has joined hands with Bank Alfalah to help overseas Pakistanis send money to Pakistan easily.

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