Your Partner Is Cheating

How to Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating and Move on With Your Life


One of the main reasons people end their relationship is because one or even both partners have a wandering eye and it leads them to cheat. It is a painful way to end things, but most people find it difficult to forgive and forget when they discover the person that they love has been unfaithful. 

Even though cheating does not always end in a break-up, it is always better to know if your partner is unfaithful. The following are signs that may indicate that the person you love or your partner is cheating or seeing someone else, and with them you can decide where your relationship will go.

1. They become secretive with their phone

most couples, or at least those who are in a committed relationship, don’t really mind if one of them glances at their phone from time to time. However, people who are unfaithful have a tendency to become very secretive with their phone; they change their password, don’t leave the room without it, and even get angry if their partner tries to use their phone. 

So, if your partner has become very attached to their phone it could be because it contains things that they don’t want you to see.

2. The intimacy has declined

Every couple goes through sexual dry spells from time to time, and if your intimacy level has declined, it is not necessarily a sign of cheating. However, if you are experiencing a low level of intimacy all of a sudden without anything dramatic going on, it could be a sign of infidelity.

Increased intimacy could also be a sign of cheating; people who feel guilty about cheating try to over-compensate by showing more affection towards their partner. So, to sum it up, an unusual level of intimacy, whether increased or decreased, is a red light for cheating.

3.  Your partner’s schedule is suddenly different

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When we get to a certain stage in our lives, most of us reach a rhythm with our work, family, friends, and relationships. Unless something unusual happens, most people’s schedules are pretty much the same from one week to the next. 

So, if your partner’s schedule has suddenly changed, you should make a note of it. If your partner got a promotion or has a new project, it stands to reason that he/she will not have the same schedule. But, if they are suddenly busy and do not have enough time for you, it could be because they are dedicating their spare hours to someone else.

4. They are moody and angry at you for no reason

One of the biggest signs of cheating is manipulation and trying to shift the blame to the cheater’s partner; if your partner is suddenly picking fights for no reason, blaming you for things and trying to make you look like the bad guy, it could be their guilt talking. 

Cheater often tries to deflect the guilt on their partners to avoid accountability and give themselves reasons to cheat so you should know what is really going on that is making your partner fight with you.

5. Your partner’s appearance is more important to them than usual

Trying to look good for the person you love is natural, and many people make an effort to appeal to their partners with their own unique style. However, a sudden change in style, putting more effort into appearance, and looking different than usual could mean that your partner is trying to look good in someone else’s eye.

So, How Can You Be Sure They Are Cheating?

Signs and clues are not always enough to prove that someone is cheating, so you will need more concrete evidence to find out the truth. If you suspect that your partner is cheating, trying playing the spy; find out if they have new friends on social media, and if you can, take out phone numbers and contact that often get in touch with your partner.

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Cheaters often try to conceal their cheating by downloading secret messaging apps or by calling the person they are cheating with code names, like “Pizza Hut”.

To find out for certain if your partner is unfaithful, try to get a hold of their phone and write down phone numbers that seem suspicious. When you have this information, you can use reverse phone number search engines, like GoLookUp, to find out more about the people behind the phone numbers.

A reverse phone number search will reveal the full name of the person in question, their age, marital status, social media accounts, and more. You can also use a reverse email address search, name search, and reverse address search if you cannot find an individual’s phone number.

There are also phone tracking apps that you can install on your phone or use online to track down the location of your partner. So, if for instance your partner says he/she is going to a certain place, you can find out if they are telling the truth.

Being cheated on is never simple; staying in an unfaithful relationship for years without knowing it is even harder. To move on with your life or fix your relationship, you need to first discover if your partner is indeed unfaithful. By noticing tell-tale signs of cheating and using search methods to discover information about what your partner is up to, you will be able to find out if your suspicions are true and decide what you want to do.  

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