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Productivity at Work

Productivity at Work: 4 Tips for How to Increase Productivity at Work

Are you trying to increase productivity at work? Sometimes when the days drag on, it’s hard to stay motivated. It’s hard to remember how to be productive at work when it seems so unfulfilling or boring.  Even if you’re not feeling up to working today, there are a few things that you can do t increase productivity at work so you can get through the day. Keep reading to learn our top tips.  Get Up and Move Around One of the best thingRead More

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Why Does it Take So Long For New Hearing Loss Remedies to Become Publicly Available?

Gene editing. Therapeutic drugs. Reconstructive surgery.  We’ve seen some incredibly exciting research into deafness and hearing loss over the past several years — some of which has the potential to make even congenital deafness a thing of the past. Yet, for all the potential they display, we Read More

performing a urine routine examination test

What is the importance of performing a urine routine examination test?

Every part of the body is in charge of performing specific functions. If one part starts functioning poorly, the consequences of it can be felt throughout the body. Hence doctors needed to come up with specific tests to check if the body is working perfectly. Currently, one such test that provides aRead More