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Germany braces for protests

Germany Braces for Protests Against Some Coronavirus Policies

The world is currently ravaged by the Coronavirus pandemic and its associated economic fallouts. With global supply chains disrupted, countries are struggling to fulfill demands. Amid all this chaos, Germany braces for protests. This is ironic since Germany is one of the countries that has handled the pandemic well. Germany recently announced a relaxation in the restrictions imposed and started reopening schools. The world is taking cues from GeRead More

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Meanings of the Fire Emoji

The Second Meanings of the Fire Emoji When Combined With Other Emojis

What better way to describe someone or something than with an emoji? Do you want to tell someone that she or he is hot? Click on those tiny fire emojis and tell them without coming off as condescending.  Do you want to promote a local Hip Hop artist’s latest album? Type in as many fire emojis Read More

Tips from Gclub Experts

Tips from Gclub Experts

There are many different ways adults entertain themselves. One sure-fire way to de-stress from their hectic lives is to enjoy the entertainment that casinos provide. Gclub, a premier gambling site based in Asia, provides an online alternative to real casino gambling. It lets people place their beRead More