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10 Lakh Car – Top Budget Cars for Indian Familes


Are you about to get yourself a brand-new car? Does your budget limit to a maximum of 10 lakhs? Do the varied options available confuse you? Start reading our blog, and we will tell you some potent vehicles that fall under the category of 10 lakh car.

The vehicles we have made a list of are potent and possess extraordinary features. More so, the list does not contain all the cars between 10 to 15 lakhs that might exceed your budget. So, check out the list below to know which under 10 lakh car suits your utility ideally!

Best 10 lakh car

Here is a list of vehicles that are potent and come with magnificent engines and overall features. So, let us not waste any more time in checking out which vehicle you find to be the best car under 10 lakh in India 2021:

Nissan Magnite

The company Nissan has recently gained immense popularity in the carmakers market in India. It is because of the latest launch Magnite. The brand has put its heart into making the compact SUV. Plus, its affordable price makes the Nissan Magnite the best 10 lakh car to purchase in 2021.

Exterior Features

The Nissan Magnite has diamond-cut alloy wheels, DRLs L-shaped, sleek headlamps, sharp creases, and cuts with a black cladding across the body. You can summarize this as to how the latest model looks.

The front of the Nissan Magnite has a Datsun grille that is the signature of the latest model. The feature is present because, at first, the Magnite was supposed to be sold as a product of Datsun. The character and stance of the product overall stand out. You can compare the car to several other compact SUVs with a sub-4m.

Variants of Nissan Magnite

The variants of the Nissan Magnite are XV, XE, XV premium, and XL. Even the smallest size of the Nissan Magnite SUV comes with plenty of equipment.

The primary highlight of this SUV is the cameras present that give you a 360-degree view while parking. Plus, the car has an 8.0-inch touchscreen with a wireless Android auto/ Apple car play. There is a push-button start that allows you to have a keyless entry. The SUV possesses LED lamps in the front that are electronically retractable with adjustable wind mirrors.

Interior of the Nissan Magnite

The XV premium variant of the Magnite comes with a completely black interior. It possesses an 8.0 inches screen right in the middle of the car’s dashboard. But it juts out slightly, which gives the mirror an effect of floating.

The presence of aircon is an inspiration from the Lamborghini. However, the finish and fit of the plastic quality are not competent as the other competitors. The interiors of the small-sized SUV can fit in four passengers comfortably for a long drive.

Engine performance and specifications

The Nissan has produced its Magnite model to work only on petrol. But the company indeed has kept into consideration the uses of all consumers. Even the variants at entry-level come with 1.0-litre of naturally-aspirated three cylinders. That gives a torque of 96Nm and 71bhp.

The higher-level variants come with 1.0 liters of three-cylinders that are turbo petrol engines and can churn 160Nm and 99bhp of torque. However, the engines are mated to a manual gearbox of 5-speed. But the higher-level variants come with turbocharging that possesses a CVT automatic transmission facility.

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Here is a list of the features the Nissan Magnite possesses. Check out the following:

Transmission and engine

  • 0L B4D – Engine type
  • 999 cc – displacement
  • Three cylinders inline- cylinders
  • 4 valves, DOHC – valves
  • Petrol- fuel type
  • 96 nm @ 3500 rpm – max torque
  • 71 bhp @ 6250 rpm – max power (bhp)
  • 750 – driving range
  • 75 kmpl – Mileage (ARAI)
  • Manual – transmission type
  • 5 gears – No. of gears
  • BS 6- Emission standard
  • FWD – drivetrain

Approximate Price

The price of the Nissan Magnite is 4,99,000/-. And its on-road price is almost 5,53,000/-. But you should keep in mind that the on-road price of cars varies from one city to another.

10 lakh car

Hyundai i20

When we talk about the best car under 10 lakh in India 2021, the second generation of i20 also makes its way to the list and is commonly known as Elite i20. It is a segment of benchmark for the features, design, and quality. The Elite i20 made its debut in the year 2014. Right now, it has got into the third generation and provides a higher level of design, interiors, and feature list. But the price of the Elite i20 is almost the same as the Hyundai’s Venue that is a sub-4m SUV.

Exterior of Hyundai i20

You can consider the latest Hyundai i20 model to be one of the best designed India possesses. The model is based largely on international products, but it lacks the full-LED headlamps with LED arrays. It does not have large alloy wheels too. However, it has a frameless large grille that gives the car an aggressive look. More so, its LED Z-shaped taillamps, side skirting that are factory-fitted and aggressive lines give the new i20 a desirable and appealing look.

Variants of the Hyundai i20

Asta (O), Asta, Sportz, and Magna are the variants of the Hyundai i20. If you are looking for the best below 10 lakh car, this is worth all your money. The Asta (O) possesses cruise control, electric sunroof, 7-speaker BOSE audio system, push-button start that allows keyless entry, 16inch- alloy wheels, 10.25-inch infotainment screen, and more.

Interior of the Hyundai i20

The third-generation Hyundai i20 comes with a 10.25-inch infotainment screen that fits the dashboard. The materials present in this car are top class and have the perfect finish and fit. Plus, it is spacious that gives enough knee and legroom for people who sit at the back. However, you may find the boot space to be slightly constricted compared to other segments present in this class.

Engine performance and specifications

When it comes to the engine gearbox, it is similar to the Hyundai Venue. The variants present at the entry-level have a 1.2 liter of petrol four-cylinder engine that can churn 115Nm and 82bhp of torque. You can either choose a CVT automatic gearbox or a 5-speed manual one.

The higher-level variants have 1.0 liters of T-GDI motor that can churn 172 Nm and 118 bhp that can pair with a 7-speed DCT gearbox. Otherwise, you can choose a 6-speed clutchless manual.

Finally, there are 1.5 liters of four cylinders present in a diesel engine that can churn 240 Nm and 99 bhp of torque. But this one only has a 6-speed manual gearbox present.

Take a glance at the following transmission and engine features of the Hyundai i20:

  • 1.2 l Kappa – Engine type
  • 1197 cc – displacement
  • Four cylinders inline – cylinders
  • 4 valves/DOHC – valves
  • Petrol/diesel – fuel type
  • 82 bhp @ 6000 rpm – Max power (bhp)
  • 115 Nm @ 4200 rpm – maximum torque (Nm)
  • 753 – driving range
  • 20.35 kmpl – Mileage (ARAI)
  • Manual – transmission type
  • 5 gears – No. of gears
  • BS 6 – Emission standard
  • FWD – drivetrain

Approximate price of the Hyundai i20

The approximate price of the Hyundai i20 is 6,79,900 INR. And the on-road price is 7,75,000 INR. But you should always keep in mind that the on-road price varies for different places in India.

Hyundai i20

Mahindra Thar

Indeed, the first generation of Thar was far from considering an ideal vehicle to purchase. But the developments made in the second-generation have indeed caught everyone’s eye, and it is one of the best cars under 10 lakh in India 2021. More so, its price has drawn the attention of several SUV buyers who prefer a mid-size. So, let us check out in detail why you must consider buying this below 10 lakh car!

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Exterior of the Mahindra Thar

The latest model was released in 2020, and it is still one of the best to consider from the carmaker company – Mahindra. There are unofficial announcements about Mahindra releasing better models in 2021, but since there isn’t any release yet, we can consider buying this model.

The car does hold some features as the earlier models, but its front grille is made smaller and comes with circular headlamps.

Apart from that, it does have a vast improvement in its design, reprofiled fog lamps, geometrical bumpers, prominent wheel arches, LED taillamps present at the back, spilled-opening present for its tailgate, and 18-inch alloy wheels. So, this is an intimidating SUV that indeed is a favorite for many.

Variants of Mahindra Thar

LX, AX, and AX Optional are the Mahindra Thar variants. The second-generation indeed has all the high-level equipment, making it an ideal choice. The LX is a higher variant with a 7.0-inch touchscreen that allows Android Auto and Apple Carplay support. More so, the car possesses cruise control, roof-mounted speakers, climate control, and much more.

Interior of the Mahindra Thar

The price of this Mahindra Thar might mislead people. But the interiors have been remodeled in the best way, and you get every essential at your hand. The seats are comfortable and fit four people comfortably for a long journey.

Engine performance and specifications

The second-generation is the first that offers both diesel and petrol engines. You will find the diesel engine to have a 2.2-liter unit that churns 300 Nm and 130 bhp of torque.

The 2.0-liter petrol engine is known as the mStallion that churns 320 Nm and 150bhp of torque. You can either choose the 6-speed automatic gearbox or the 6-speed manual gearbox.

Take a quick look at the transmission and engine of the Mahindra Thar:

  • 2.0L l4 mStallion 150 TGDi – Engine type
  • 1997 cc – displacement
  • Four cylinders inline – cylinders
  • 4 valves/ DOHC – Valves
  • Petrol/diesel – fuel type
  • 150 bhp @ 5000 rpm – Max power (bhp)
  • 300 Nm @ 1250 rpm – maximum torque (nm)
  • 18.6 kmpl – Mileage (ARAI)
  • Manual – Transmission type
  • 6 gears – No. of gears
  • BS 6 – Emission standard
  • 4 WD/AWD – drivetrain

Mahindra Thar

Approximate price of the Mahindra Thar

The price of the Mahindra Thar is 9.8 lakhs. But it does not include the on-road price of the car. You should keep in mind the on-road price of the car will vary from one city to another within the country. However, this 10 lakh car is worth every penny, and you can consider buying it.

Quick tips to remember while buying a car

Now that we have three promising cars that range below 10 lakhs let us check out quick tips to keep in mind. Check out the following:

Check out the features

When you are purchasing a vehicle, you need to check out all its features. It is best you go through their features online on their websites and even check them out at the showroom.


When you are at the showroom, sit in the car and see if you are comfortable sitting on the seats. You must check if the car has all the essential things you would prefer while sitting in your car.

Go for a test drive

Also, don’t miss out on the opportunity to go on a test drive. Only then will you be able to understand the comfort and features of the car. So, always go on a test drive before you buy your car.

Final Thoughts

As we bring you to the end of our blog, we hope you have the list of all the best cars under 10 lakh in India that you can consider purchasing. The three vehicles mentioned above are super comfortable and have great potential.

But before you buy any car, try to follow the tips given above. It will help you know all the features, transmission, and comfort of the car. Also, don’t miss out on availing of car insurance while you are purchasing it.

And, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below which 10 lakh car you bought for yourself.

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