Crossover SUVs Are Popular

Crossover SUVs Are Popular for Good Reason


Around the world, Crossover SUVs are popular and having a moment right now. Decades ago, people drove sedans, and SUVs were popular in the early part of the 21st century — why are Crossover SUVs such a hit at this moment?

Let’s take a close look at an actual Crossover SUV like the Ford EcoSport to understand their popularity.

Compact, Fleet-Footed and Tough

The combination of smart 4WD, a nimble engine, and compact size allows Crossover SUVs like the Ford EcoSport to handle Canadian weather, without ever being out of place in an urban setting.

From navigating through busy downtowns, passing trucks on the highway or traversing dirt roads amid adverse conditions, the EcoSport is designed to do everything. There are Ford leasing programs which help make the well-rounded, versatile EcoSport even more affordable.

Make Room Easily

Some vehicles are designed to make seating and storage useful and flexible, but in practice flipping down the seats or changing the configuration is a time-consuming nuisance. With the EcoSport, the 60/40 Flip-Up and Split-Fold-Flat rear seats can be adjusted quickly to make room for people or cargo as needed.

Modern Safety and Connectivity

Today’s drivers expect their vehicles to have impressive technology to increase safety and keep them informed and entertained behind the wheel — the EcoSport does not disappoint.

The EcoSport comes with driver-assist technologies you’ll come to love, like a Blind Spot Information System that alerts drivers about other vehicles or objects in the vicinity by issuing a warning light in the appropriate side mirror. 

A Rear View Camera ensures that you have a full view of everything behind your vehicle without having to twist your neck. Backing out of parking spots or your driveway will be simple and free of stress. 

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It’s also an extremely easy vehicle in which to use your Android or Apple smartphone to keep in touch with your contact list via phone calls, texts or emails, as well as access navigation tools and all your music. The hands-free, voice-activated system is responsive and safe to use behind the wheel. 

The EcoSport is also available with FordPass Connect, which turns the EcoSport itself into a Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect up to ten devices within 50 feet of the vehicle. Long rides will go by very quickly, and nobody needs to use up their data. 

A Fun Personality

There are all kinds of details and touches in the vehicle’s exterior and interior that are designed to make the drive fun. With available Power Moonroof, Heated Steering Wheel, and a posture on the road that makes every drive enjoyable, you’ll love owning the EcoSport. 

People today are looking for a vehicle that can do everything at once — traverse severe road conditions, stay connected seamlessly, and keep everybody on the road safer. The EcoSport’s ability to do all this while also being so much fun to drive is what makes it so popular. 

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