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How to determine a cannabis plant’s gender?


During the cultivation of hemp, the question arises: how to separate the cannabis plant from a male to a female? Male cannabis plants can be differentiated using the inflorescences they grow. There will be a few teeth in the defense category by the male section. If there are 2-3 tenths of a cluster So this indicates the presence of a male weed plant. Examine this at plant internodes and determine which inflorescence is currently being produced.

Once the sex of the plants has matured, it has become much easier to identify the sex of the plants and they have started showing their reproductive organs. But true, waiting until this point is risky. If the male and the female are in the same room, the males can pollinate the entire crop at any time, and even moving them can divide those pollinators and fertilize any of the surrounding females. Instead, growers find it better to look for sex signals before the plant grows.

Male plants will grow and display different growth signals than their female counterparts, and this can be a good way to identify males and females. The vegetative phase is the first stage of growth for marijuana plants.

The female plant is much easier to identify than the male. Female plants produce colorless hairs or white pistols. If pollen is not pollinated by the seeds that produce the male plants, the piston begins to change its color. Initially, the female cannabis inflorescence has a pear-shaped form that produces pestle. It happens that the female fetus does not show a white pistil, but the pistil germ will appear in a node located between the affected stipule and trunk.

  The first way to determine sex at an early stage

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 If you grow the same type of plant, the seeds of which sprout at the same time, you can see the difference in the appearance of the plants. Some of them are higher than others      and, as a rule, these are male plants. Female plants are less as compared to male plants of the same variety.

If you wish, you can divide your plants into different classes until the final determination of their sex. It is also important to know that male plants start preparing flowers earlier than female plants. If you have plants that are taller than others and in which internodes have already appeared in the internodes, you can assume with high probability that this is a male plant. 

Second way to determine sex in early stages

A good way to determine the sex of a plant is to look at the intode in the cup through a magnifying glass. If the calyx is situated on a small short stalk, it may be a male plant; If not, respectively – female.

Third way to determine sex in early stages

We find out the sex of the plant in the former flower itself. So, one hundred percent way to find out which sex marijuana is to focus on the following indicators:

– Growth, size and growth rate

– Term for presence of preflow

– Type of a flower

Why do determine gender?

What is the essential difference between male cannabis and female plants? The answer is simple – only female bushes are suitable for smoking, male marijuana has low levels of THC, CBD and other substances. You can learn more about cannabis industry and pharmacology on websites like

Why should male plants be removed from planting as soon as possible?

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Resins andcannabinoids are produced in the lump bush before pollination – after pollination all life forces are thrown away to form seeds. Hemp with no dust is called sensimilla. Only sensimilla is suitable for smoking which is found in female plants. Fertilized cannabis contains some useful substances and they no longer want to be produced. Therefore, male plants should be removed immediately, until the flowers have arrived and pollen has not been found on all of your female shrubs.

How to avoid male seeds?

Try to maintain ideal growing conditions, periodically check the temperature, humidity, water, diseases and the presence of insects. Ensure that the fertilizer used is correct.


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