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So someone you care about or love has just purchased their first home. Moving into a new house or apartment can be exhilarating; there is nothing quite like transforming a space into your own. Of course, however, the moving process can also be extremely nerve-racking and overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers.

That is why giving a housewarming gift can come so highly appreciated particularly in those first few weeks when all the homeowner is surrounded with is moving boxes and a seemingly never-ending to-do list. During this time, giving a great housewarming gift can be more than just a gesture; giving a gift to new homeowners can help to ease the anxiety of moving and the transition process, and help your friend or loved one get psyched about their new start.

Though important, finding the right housewarming gift for someone that has just purchased their first home can be harder and trickier than most individuals realize. When shopping, you want to purchase something practical and considerate, yet aesthetically pleasing. Think unfussy gifts that are functional and easy to use, as well as something that the new homeowner will truly enjoy using.

The protocol of buying housewarming gifts is a lot more straightforward than most individuals realize. It is the little displays of attention to detail that have the biggest impact. Bringing a gesture to acknowledge someone’s new house is a way of saying, ‘friend, I see that you have taken a major step, your home is beautiful and I hope this gift adds to your joy’. So if you are in the market for a housewarming gift, here is what to buy someone that has just purchased their first home:

Quality steak knives

Can your friend not pass up a good steak? Then quality steak knives can come in very handy for someone that has just moved into a new home. A good steak knife is worth its weight in gold to someone that deals with a lot of meat. 

A dull knife is a steak master’s worst enemy because not only does a blunt knife force you to use unnecessary energy during cutting, which increases your risk of injury, but it also causes you to lose those amazing flavorful juices as you struggle to cut through your steak. As a rule of thumb, the better the steak knife is the better results, which makes them invaluable for any home cook.

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A touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser

Amid the current Cornovirus outbreak, one of the best gifts that you can give someone that has moved into a new home is a touch-free hand sanitizer. A touch-free compact sensor pump allows you to clean your hands with ease without having to worry about any messes, smudges or germs left behind.

The touch-free sensor dispenses sanitizer, hand wash, and even lotion. To use it, simply hold out your hand and soap will automatically appear. It fits perfectly on countertops and sinks, which means that it can be used in just about any room including the bathroom and kitchen.

A gift card to a nearby restaurant

When you are trying to settle into a new home, particularly during the first few weeks, the last thing you have time for is to prepare meals from scratch. Save your special someone the trouble of preparing meals when they are already stressed out by gifting them with a gift card to a neighboring restaurant or café. If you can, try and stick to local restaurants that can deliver.

Gardening tools

One of the biggest lifestyle changes for new homeowners is suddenly becoming responsible for yard maintenance. As such, gifting a new homeowner with practical gifts such as quality garden hoses, shovels, rakes, flower pots and so on proves that you care about their welfare and new life.

Proper tools like these can make it a lot easier to tame the lawn and outdoors. before you purchase any gift for lawn care, make sure that it is a functional one. The last thing you want is to gift someone a lawnmower when they have recently bought a new apartment.

A houseplant

Rather than go for expensive flower arrangements, consider thinking out of the box and gifting a potted houseplant instead. A potted plant is a lot cheaper than flower arrangements and they last much longer, with the ability to live several years. A houseplant can remind your loved one of you every time they pass it in the house and best of all; green plants have the added benefit of keeping the air fresh while adding beauty to one’s space.

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If you are buying one for someone that suffers from a black thumb, there are plenty of low maintenance alternatives such as rubber plants, bromeliads, jade plants as well as succulents that do not need a whole lot of attention.

Funny welcome mats

If your loved one has to put something out for their guests to wipe their shoes on before entering the new home, let it be something entertaining like a funny welcome mat. Your loved one will probably go for a plain old practical doormat and leave it at that. 

However, first impressions matter. Since the entrance of the house is going to be the first thing that everyone interacts with, welcome mats with a funny message can make all incoming guests smile. With a funny mat, everyone can be in a good mood before even ringing the doorbell.

Final Word

Moving to a new home is a great reason to celebrate and there is no better way to do so than by giving someone that has just purchased their first home a thoughtful gift. Whether your special someone has just finished moving to their new apartment or your cousin Eddie has just recently turned the key on his first home, giving a small sentiment that shows that you are thinking about them during such a momentous period can be more appreciated than you think.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, it really is the thought that counts. You don’t need to splurge and go all out; simply focus on finding your friend items that will make the transition into their new life easy. The best housewarming gifts are those that elicit joy-so that you can get invited back over and over again.

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