Modern Home Design Tips

Modern Home Design Tips for Homes in Kansas

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Do you want to create a modern-looking home that makes a lasting first impression on your guests? Well, here is your guide for modern home design tips to contemporary homes and killer first impressions!

An Open-Plan Design 

The first thing a modern home has is spaciousness as the  modern home design tips. If you want to create a strong first impression on your guests, adopt an open-plan look that will make your home feel and appear more spacious than it is.

Hang Pendant Lamps

Your lighting needs to be perfect — it can make or break the look of your home. Lighten up your home with pendant lamps with extraordinary or unusual designs that instantly grab attention and will stay stuck in one’s mind.

Add in Some Shine 

For that contemporary look, add in some eye-catching shine here and there like décor pieces made of steel or bronze, metal accessories, crystals and steel décor art.

Decorate with Plants

Plants add in a great vibrant look just about anywhere. Whether you add them inside your home or outside, they’ll instantly liven up your home look. Add in some large plants in the hallway or around the living room.


Wallpapers are trending again. Dress up your bland walls with attractive, unusual wallpaper patterns, with bright or neutral colors. Whether it’s basic abstract wallpaper that take your breath away or colorful designs that you want, a well-chosen wallpaper speaks volumes!


Choose Woodwork 

Elevate your home’s look by choosing woodwork. The brown hues of wooden floors against bright walls create a unique look. They provide a fresh and elegant look you won’t find elsewhere.

Go Green

What better way to modernize your home than by choosing eco-friendly pieces? Add in an element of sustainability and green by choosing beautiful décor and furniture that won’t ever go out of style.

Art Displays

There’s no home without art!

Art displays help set in the theme and color palette that you’re looking for. Let your guests fall in awe seeing art that inspires you; hang art pieces on walls or place them near the focal points of your rooms. You don’t need something super expensive, just pieces that go with your theme will uplift the entire look of your home.

Choose Inspiring Colors 

Modern homes use colors carefully; don’t stick to neutrals only, choose bright splashing colors here and there to make your home’s look pop and to make your décor stand out. You don’t want a subtle look, you want something minimalistic yet attractive.

Go for Unique Designs 

Modern looks are all about accentuating focal points. Choose your focal point in your rooms, and arrange the furniture and décor around it. It should complement your focal, and not take attention away from it. With it, incorporate unique interior designs that are instantly noticeable.

Choosing the Right Doors

Never underestimate a door’s worth! Often overlooked, doors can uplift your entire house’s visual appeal instantly and create a distinct first impression that lasts forever. If you’re up for the renovating challenge, choose iron doors that suit your home and echo your style for that timeless look.

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Here are a few iron and steel doors that you should consider getting for your home in Kansas.

Contemporary and Minimalistic Front Doors

For the first modern impression, don’t forget to invest in a grand entrance. There are a few entry doors that’ll make your home look super chic and modern:

Double Steel Doors with Sidelights  

For a lasting first impression, install double flat black steel front doors with sidelights to your entrance. This entry door completes your home’s luxurious look with its huge glass windows and horizontal bars.

Single Flat Steel Entry Doors

If minimalism is all you want, opt for a simple front door that doesn’t overwhelm your entrance. This Single flat black steel door will be a great addition to your home with its subtle look and unending grace. With its intricate design, solid black color, and refined look, your home will get that timeless look.

Miracle – Double Flat Iron Front Door

Because nothing fancy is ever enough; this stunning door is the epitome of sophistication and class. Miracle Double Flat Iron Door is no less than a miracle! Handcrafted with love, its simple ornate detailing is concise and clear, and it promises to bring in an element of luxury to your modern home.


Designing your home takes a lot of effort, but is more certainly worth it with modern home design tips. 

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