Things To Pay Attention When Shopping For Intimates


Many women don’t pay enough attention to underwear and don’t buy as much as they should. We forget that our underwear and lingerie are of significant or even greater importance than our outerwear and that we should pay them just as much attention. It’s not wise to ignore this stuff, ladies, especially, if you live with a partner or even have a boyfriend who visits you periodically. Men like the idea of seeing a woman in intimate clothing. Below are a few buying tips of how to choose cheap intimates clothing for women.

The Panties

Before we start telling you which type of panties to go for, it’s important to consider the important aspect so that you are making the best buy ever! It’s about knowing your height. To do this, measure your waist and hips, so you can adjust them accordingly. Each brand has its own sizes, which vary depending on the model, which gives this aspect its importance.

The Purchase

Going shopping online at sites like AMI Clubwear or elsewhere for new intimates shouldn’t be a chore. Not all panties suit every personality type, so choose the one that best suits your figure and the seasons. A panty corresponds to the typical meaning of an undergarment. Soft and comfortable standard panties are the most suitable for the daily life of women. The waistband rests on the navel or a little below. If you want something that offers better coverage, go for the high-waisted ones. It is all about choice and comfort when it comes down to it.

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The Fabric

Your comfort also depends on the fabric you choose. Let’s look at some available materials used to make intimate clothing for women.


Cotton is the most popular and most breathable fabric, in addition to being the most popular. It’s perfect for everyday wear, and you’ll find that all of your regular underwear is usually pure cotton. These are best for summertime, workouts, and daily use.


Lace is used for sexy lingerie. It’s light, transparent, and seamless. Since lace is very fragile and thin, it is not very suitable for the winter season unless you are wearing enough layers. Make sure to buy products from reputable brands, as the lace can cause irritation and itching if it is not of good quality.


Satin is soft, silky, and luxurious for your skin. Satin is perfect for moments of relaxation, in lingerie, or when you want to pamper yourself a little.


Silk is also mainly used for lingerie and chic panties, or by brands that make everyday panties interesting. It adheres perfectly to your skin and provides a feeling of lightness.


Jersey fabric is generally a blend of polyester and nylon. It is waterproof and perfect for enjoying at the pool, beach vacation, bikinis, etc.

Make the Right Choice

If you want to choose underwear, bras, or lingerie to impress your partner, use some of these tips to make the right purchase. You will be surprised by the difference it makes by selecting the one that works for you and that can entice your partner.

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