10 gigabytes per second dedicated server is a clue to your audience’s hearts!


The 10 gigabytes per second dedicated server allows sharing the of internet data as well as broadcasting multimedia or sharing big files in a couple of seconds. A dedicated server should be configurable for the project needs to fulfill its needs.

Is choosing the 10GBps dedicated server important?

10 GB per second is traditionally a maximum speed, but that doesn’t mean the load is consistent every second. The momentum speed depends on the activity, content type, or time. The audience target is a crucial factor too.

VSYS host offers dedicated servers with 10 GBps ports in trustful and reliable countries. That gives our customers some real advantages:

  •   You can save money and time as the data centers provide the minimal possible ping in the targeted region. It means your website will load with a blinking speed.
  •   The versatile operation and customizable servers offer the ideal configuration for any brand.
  •   Its high-end performance works for a single customer, guaranteeing an excellent response.
  •   Higher port speed avoids collision and slow loading of files during peak hours in the desirable region(-s).

Configurations and options

Our servers are located mainly in Kyiv and Amsterdam. The first has special perks and generates a quick response in the UA-IX network. Premium quality service with manual hardware changes is rather attractive for any customer. Each dollar of monthly or annual fee supports the development of Ukrainian virtual infrastructure. Our Netherlands branch offers the shortest ping in Europe, thanking widespread network AMS-IX and NL-IX connections.

You’ll get the full range of premium-quality features from our side. The support service is available 24/7/365. It includes free of charge 3 hours of website administration, free operating system installation, and maintenance operation. The customer can remotely change equipment configuration or customize the preferences via root or SSH. We keep the DDoS and anti-malware software in up-to-date condition so that you can stay calm about the security of your data.

Our virtual private server’s heart is the Intel Xeon Dual-E5 central processor unit family. It has 12 to 28 2,3 Ghz+ cores. It supports full 10gbps vps unmetered bandwidth due to the higher number of IOPS operations per core. We recommend the installation of efficient SSDs. These storage devices lack moving details, so they fit the modern challenges. However, if you work with databases or need an electronic documentation system – call us for a SATA unit. The most expensive equipment with 28 cores supports the newest format of storage equipment NV Me.

The winners from using 10 GBps servers

The media portals deal with a significant volume of data and gather a vast audience. A more considerable port stream softens the environment as the peers have the comfort space for satisfaction from the favorite movie. Just imagine that you can download 6 Full HD movies per second. It is really cool, isn’t it?

Government and municipalities often need to keep up-to-date information and satisfy their communities’ security needs. The high-speed server means more residents and tourists will get information about the planned works, watch the CCTV near their homes, or go sightseeing. This speed is essential for municipal TV streaming.

The wide-branched company needs a robust cloud server for its operation. That’s the autonomous server dedicated to the project. It helps to exchange documents and release the most challenging graphic projects

The perfect modern game is impossible without 3D graphics or special effects that boost the interest in the game. It’s important to get the right infrastructure for the resource. At least one 10GBps server avoids the problems with the mission process. Your customers will excite by the powerful website.

A marketplace is a potential beneficiary of a 10 Gbps dedicated server. They need unlimited bandwidth to help businesses to be accessible 24/7/365. Each customer will discover the complete information, compare the goods and choose the required item. Other users won’t disturb each other as everybody gets the space it needs.

VSYS host offers you trustworthy conditions and guarantees stable work worldwide. We’re the Ukrainian operator cooperating with friendly countries in the European Union and other geos. That means full freedom to develop your ideas. Our team has zero-tolerance for websites dedicated to illegal business, malware distribution, or unlawful activities of a kind. We feel free to reject such customers in service and inform the police about this fact. The legal business and private individuals are welcome.

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