5 Ways to Study the Word of God


While many people talk about the decline of Christianity, it’s still the most dominant religion in the world, with a whopping 2.3 billion members. However, with all of the denominations and splits out there, the religion can be a bit confusing to navigate. Never mind catholic vs protestant, think of all of the many different types of protestant there are out there.

But you don’t need to have a denomination to believe in, worship, and study the Word of God. After all, Jesus and his disciples were not denominational Christians.

Going to a catholic or protestant church is the most popular and most traditional way to study the bible. This article will walk you through other ways you can study the Word of God.

1. Read the Bible

Many Christians who attend church haven’t actually read the bible cover to cover. In a way, you can’t blame them. A traditional church teaches specific hand-picked sections of the bible and spoonfeeds you an interpretation.

They treat the bible not like a beautiful and holy text, but like an encyclopedia.

When you read the bible cover to cover, you’ll learn a lot more about your faith and the religion than you ever could listening to someone else. You’ll also learn to appreciate it as a work of literature.

2. Join a Bible Study Group

Joining a bible study group is a wonderful way to share and grow in your interpretations of the bible. Rather than being spoken to by a priest, you’ll engage in a discussion — which is a much better way to learn.

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3. Find Online Resources

There’s nothing wrong with heading to the internet to learn about your faith. Jesus only cared that his message was spread — he wouldn’t object to information being found on the internet.

Maybe you’re in school and don’t quite have the time others would to read the bible. Check out this wonderful resource we found for students.

4. Join a Non-Denominational Church

Most denominational churches care more about preaching doctrine than they do preaching the bible. In fact, “doctrine” doesn’t come from the word of the bible at all, but from the rules that people in the church come up with.

A non-denominational church is far more likely to stick to the word of the bible, and keep it open to your own interpretation.

5. Read Christian Philosophers

Christian philosophers, unlike the church, seek to illuminate belief and the Christian experience, rather than tell people how to live. By reading writers like Kierkegaard and Thomas Aquinas, you’ll strengthen your faith without falling into the trap of any denomination.

Study the Word of God

As you can see, it doesn’t take a denominational church to study the Word of God. The word can be appreciated by all, as long as they’re willing to put the work in. In fact, many people who go to church become complacent having the word explained to them.

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