6 Reasons To Consider VoIP Instead of Analog Phones

6 Reasons To Consider VoIP Instead of Analog Phones


Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that uses digital packets, unlike analog landlines, to make and receive telephone calls. There are many reasons to consider VoIP technology for your telephony strategy. Here are the most common reasons business owners move to this system.

Less Expensive To Install

Cost is a significant factor for companies considering why use VoIP. If you are building a new facility, the cost to run the required cabling for a landline phone system is extensive. With VoIP, your phones operate using the internet, and the system runs on computers. If the cables and Private Branch Exchange are in place, recoup some of that cost by selling the PBX system. It is not a requirement to have hardware when using VoIP.

Appearance of Larger Company

Hiring an attendant can be a costly venture for a small business. The automated attendant feature on VoIP helps your business appear larger. For larger companies, a well-designed call routing makes you more responsive to your customer.

Increase Productivity

Improve employee productivity with the built-in tools offered by many VoIP providers.

  • Automatic call rejection stops calls from blocked numbers, allowing your employees to focus on revenue-generating customers.
  • Call routing seamlessly transfers callers to the most appropriate department or individual.
  • Voicemails are sent to an email inbox and forwarded to another person.
  • VoIP caller ID shows caller information, allowing employees to prepare for the conversation.
  • Employees can switch between their desk phones and cellphone without affecting the customer.
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Make Remote WorktEasier

If you have remote or traveling staff, they can take their VoIP phones with them. Customers only need one phone number to reach the employee – an office phone and a cell phone. Calls are transferred directly to your cell phone. With a stable internet connection, your employee receives calls.

Maintain Local Connection

With the increasing advantages and popularity of remote work, you now have access to a more diverse workforce. Employees can live in another state. Customers can reach them by dialing a local phone number.

Improve Scalability

Pay for only what you use with VoIP. Physical phones are not necessary. You can have as many phone lines as you have computers. Many businesses add phone lines in response to seasonal increases in the workflow. You can better manage your phone costs when you want to limit expenses.

Understanding the benefits of a VoIP system can help you improve your organization on many levels.

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