7 Strong Personality Traits Anyone Can Develop


Have you ever come across someone in your college or office and got instantly attracted to them? What did they do? How did they act and behave? Was it different from everyone else? Did they have a unique “personality?”

Most people think personality traits are something people receive at birth. But the truth is that no one is born charismatic or born funny.

Personality traits, just like any other skill, can be practiced and developed. And in this article, you’ll learn to develop seven strong personality traits to become more charming and attractive.


If you doubt yourself, other people will doubt you, too. People who are self-confident and strong-willed can take control of situations better than people who doubt themselves. Besides, research also suggests that self-confident people are more likely to climb up the career ladder fast and earn more.

The good news is that developing self-confidence is easy. The easiest way to get started is to start doing exercise. Believe it or not, but the feeling of control over the body simulates emotional and mental stability. Secondly, just stop caring about what people say. It’s your life, and you reserve the right to live it the way you want. If you like a spoon of sugar in black coffee, drink it that way regardless of what people say. Furthermore, taking a stand for yourself also helps you earn more respect.

The ability to say “no”

Not being able to say “no” indicates low self-esteem. If you’re always available and ready to help others, you won’t find thankfulness. People will perceive it as a normal thing and will rarely appreciate it. Not that you should stop helping others, but make sure you receive more than you give or share.

Don’t be afraid to say “no” just because it will offend someone. It’s likely that you’re not the only person who can help. This way, you’ll also get rid of parasitic people who were using, or rather, abusing your kindness. People with big personalities understand that it’s not always possible to help someone, and there’s nothing scary about denying a request.

The sense of humor
Let’s take a quick look at these two conversations. Two girls, Mia and Nina, are in conversation with a guy named Johny. Here’s a sneak peek into their conversation.

Conv. 1
Johny: Hey, Mia, why are you wearing such a loose hoodie?
Mia: What? How can you say that? It’s my choice!

Conv. 2
Johny: Hey, Nina, why are you wearing such a loose hoodie?
Nina: I can take it off if you want.
Johny: What!? No.
Nina: Relax, I was just kidding.

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If you were Johny, with whom would you like to hang out more? Of course, Nina, because she seems more chill and humorous. Being humorous is a strong personality trait. People like those who have fun personalities and can laugh at themselves and their weaknesses and failures. Laughter is a stress buster and can help you communicate easily with others.

The next big question is how to develop this trait? Well, it’s quite simple. Stop taking things too seriously. So, what if you slipped on the stairs and people laughed at you? So what if your colleague laughed at you because you’re bad at typing? Stop getting offended at every joke thrown at you. Besides, people love being around people who are witty because talking to them is fun and easy.


The highest-performing employees are the hardest-working. But, they don’t necessarily overwork. Why spend 3 hours on something which can be done in an hour? For achieving the best results at whatever you’re doing, get rid of all the potential distractions. Turn off your phone, don’t listen to music, and immerse yourself in work.

Also, don’t try to do multitasking. Switching between tasks can reduce your brain’s ability to focus on one task, which can reduce your productivity and efficiency. Lastly, sleep well and eat healthily. It’ll help you feel more energetic, and you won’t find yourself distracted by hunger or lack of sleep.

And it’s a no-brainer how big personalities hard workers have. Your boss will admire you, your colleagues will respect you, and your juniors will idolize you. So, the next time you go to your office, forget about everything else and devote yourself to working hard.

The ability to read people’s mind

Nah, you don’t need to be a psychic to read other people’s minds. You don’t need telepathy abilities that only extrasensory people have. All you need to do is listen to others and notice their actions.

Let’s understand this with a quick example. Imagine there’s a girl in your office you like a lot. You approached her and tried to talk. She talked nicely, and you considered it a great start. Over the next few days, you and the girl started to meet daily in the office cafeteria after work. Suddenly, she didn’t show up one evening – no call, no message, nothing. And here you are, asking yourself, “What happened? Everything was going so well.”

On closely analyzing your relationship, you realize that there was nothing between you. You failed to realize that she was talking to you because she didn’t want to let you down. She was nothing but polite to you, and she had no interest in spending time with you. On the other hand, how surprising would it be if you find out one of your colleagues is secretly in love with you, but you didn’t notice it at all.

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This can happen because you’re bad at paying attention to other people’s actions. Perhaps the girl who likes you tried reaching out to you multiple times, but you didn’t notice. You can fix this by starting to pay more attention to what other people are saying and doing, where they are looking, and what/who makes them smile or upset. If you combine all these clues and bring clarity in how you see things, you’ll be easily able to determine what’s in other people’s minds. But yes, don’t spend all your time stalking others.

The ability to attract people

Some people are so charming that everyone likes them and being around them. These people have what we call “charisma,” something anybody can develop. Let’s make it even easier for you. Follow these steps to become more charismatic instantly.
Manage your nerves
Be relatable
Listen with intent
Talk about your passions
Give more than you take
Have a sense of humor
Remember names
Have a genuine interest
Learn to adapt to situations
Ask more questions
Maintain eye contact
Don’t suppress your emotions


The ability to control your emotions is one of the biggest personality traits that you could develop. It is critical to building fruitful personal relationships and a successful career. Self-control helps you remain balanced, calm, restrained, and have peace of mind.

Meditation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to develop self-control. It helps you understand your emotions and how to control them. Not having self-control can lead to a fast heartbeat, tense muscles, and lack of energy – these are the signs of anxiety. Self-control can also help you stop panic attacks. And of course, you’ll get on top of simple reactions like irritation, rudeness, yelling, etc.

Here are a few actionable steps to develop self-control.

Look at the big picture
Practice relaxation techniques
Get enough sleep
Know yourself and your emotions
Do moderate amounts of exercise
Avoid decision fatigue
Sip some lemonade


Having a big personality is not a distant dream anymore. You can identify the qualities you lack and work towards developing them like you develop any other skill. These were seven strong personality traits everyone should have. So, start deploying some small changes in your life and see how people start getting attracted to you.

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