Bell & Ross Is It Worth Buying

Bell & Ross: Is It Worth Buying?


If you are looking for a luxury timepiece with full-functional features in addition to elegant looks, Bell and Ross is an ideal choice. There are numerous timepieces introduced by the brand with variation to material, mechanism, and colors. 

The concept behind the production of Bell and Ross timepieces was to develop a fully utilitarian timepiece equipping both the finest-watch features and similar to aeronautical panels. A creative team for making magnificent watch designs with higher creativity skills and a group of making aeronautical panels join forces to make a full-packaged timepiece for professional usage. A timepiece designed for multi-purpose for divers, pilots, engineers, bomb disposal groups, and also sport versions introduced.  

If you are still confused about whether buying a Bell and Ross worth the money or not, we filtered out some of the most satisfying reasons and facts to buy it.

Reasons to Buy 

Originally Swiss Made

It is an officially certified Swiss brand, the chronometers developed at Bell & Ross are all COSC certified. The brand mastered the art of fine swiss watchmaking and had been practicing it for years. Now, it has its identity as a watch manufacturer for high-quality watches by maintaining a magnificent design. The company La Chaux-de-Fonds is in Switzerland, where each timepiece is tested and fine-tuned for extreme precision and hence features longevity. If any of the timepieces can tell the story, we can except an adventurous journey which it covers during its manufacturing.

Follows the Brand’s Principles

All Bell and Ross timepieces are manufactured by following the brand’s four principles:

Legibility: The timepieces are designed to feature an extreme level of readability, luminescent materials covered over the dial, so that time can be measured in low light or the dark deep down in the ocean. 

Functionality: The brand’s popularity is due to manufacturing a utilitarian series of timepieces. Timepieces are equipped with enormous features to give it a look for professional usage. It was originally designed to withstand an intense lifestyle. The inspiration is taken from the roots of aviation and also it has a great contribution to the military, So, it has to be a tool that guides a soldier during his mission and features as a constant partner.

Reliability: No timepiece can beat this one in terms of reliability and longevity, this timepiece is designed to be robust enough to withstand extreme temperature, Intense shocks, and under high pressures. It also has been part of French Security Disposal squads, so it has to be as strong as the bomb disposal outfit is. It is more durable than you think it is, So, you don’t have to be worried about it during your life-time. (Modafinil)

Precision: Bell and Ross rely on in-home movements which are made up of hundreds of individual parts combined assembled. It is then precisely tested under different tests and all the movements are officially certified. It is the level of creativity on the side of master watchmakers. You can see the hearth beating of this living organ from the back of the case.

All the above four factors combined to make a Bell and Ross timepiece.

Wide Varieties

The brand contains numerous collections of watches, each timepiece is introduced with an extreme level of innovations for every generation. The brand’s collection contains all types of watches to fly higher in the sky, used on the land, or breath deep down in the ocean.

The collection contains 

BR Vintage series

  • BR V1-5models
  • BR V2-21 models
  • BR V3 -6models

BR Experimental Collection 

  • BR X1-19 models
  • BR X2-2models

BR Instruments Range

  • BR 01 -5 MODELS
  • BR 03-30 MODELS
  • BR S -23 MODELS
  • BR 03-92 DIVER-5 MODELS
  • BR 05-14 MODELS

It also won the prize for the most-durable timepiece to be used underwater, which was recorded underwater at an altitude of 11,000 meters.

Affordable Range

It was a challenge for the brand to make a utilitarian high-quality timepiece with an attractive price range, but somehow the company managed to maintain an affordable range to timepiece series with exceptional features. A classic version of the timepiece in this range can be bought within a few hundred dollars and varies on the features.

You can find one relevant to your taste and budget But if you find a BR timepiece to be the part of your accessories it will be the ideal choice because it reflects your sense of buying and what’s more than a timepiece that suits all dress code one of the BR version BR V3-94 BLACK STEEL.

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