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4 Of The Best Watches You Can Buy Right Now

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If you’re looking to buy a watch right now, you’ll need to decide what movement is best suited for you. Fret not, because, in this article, we’ve collated some of the best watches in every movement. Remember that whatever you choose, make sure to style it properly to make whatever your look is better.

Hamilton’s Men Khaki Watch

If you prefer mechanical watches, then you won’t go wrong with the Swiss-brand Hamilton. Hamilton has always been known as an affordable luxury brand, with American-themed collection names like Jazzmaster, Broadway, and American Classic. The brand’s most famous collection though, is the Khaki series, and the classic Men’s Khaki watch is a watch that you won’t go wrong with.

What’s great about the classic Khaki watch is that it’s powered by the company’s in-house caliber movement, outfitted with quality materials like stainless steel and sapphire crystal. It’s also priced reasonably, so you don’t have to worry about draining the entirety of your savings like the Omegas and Rolexes of the world. This is the perfect watch for everyday use, and it’s versatile enough to be paired with a lot of different personal styles.

Apple Watch Series 5

We are living in a smartphone-driven world. That much is a fact. And with more and more people switching to smartphones, the popularity of smartwatches are becoming the norm. The Apple Watch Series 5 is the best choice in all of the smartwatches in the market right now, with a clear understanding of how integration with your phone and activities should be.

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While most people will frown on the funky look of the Series 5, and it’s definitely not a great timepiece to pair with more formal looks, it’s fine with most styles. With the Apple Series 5, you get to record your health and physical activities; it also recommends taking a walk or standing if you’re sitting too much and can detect more serious conditions by analyzing your breathing and pulse rates.

Seiko 5 SNKL23

Another excellent and budget-friendly automatic watch, Seiko, as a company, has always been about bringing its customers the most bang for their buck. The Seiko 5 Sports is a legendary collection within the brand, and while it’s been recently updated with better specs and higher prices, you can still get old models at more affordable prices. One of which is the SNKL23.

The SNKL23 is premier watch blogger Hodinkee’s choice for the best budget-friendly automatic watch, so when you buy one, you’ll be sure you’re getting one of the best automatic watches in the world today. With an in-house movement that boasts 40 hours of power reserve, stainless steel case bracelet, and a black dial that screams luxury, you’ll never go wrong wearing this watch on any special occasion.

Skagen Black Silicone

When it comes to watches, the quartz movement is what the mainstream population buys. And don’t get us wrong because there are great watches with quartz movement, but the majority of it isn’t up to par. If you’re looking to get an excellent watch in this category, though, go for the Skagen Black Silicone.

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Skagen is a Danish watchmaker that’s become popular with the younger crowd because of its minimalist approach to styling its dials. The Black Silicone is an exceptional example of this aesthetic. With a price tag that’s not only light on the pocket, it’s also a great way to accessorize elegantly without spending too much.


The truth of the matter is, some of the best watches in the world are astronomically priced. Not the listed watches above, though. Most are on the hundreds of dollars range, with one less than. So if you can afford one or two of these, then buy them immediately.

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