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Bidet Converter Kit to Transform Your Bathroom Experience

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In the era of conservation, a concept that has caught most people’s interest is a bidet toilet or a bidet converter kit. Why do we link a bidet toilet to conservation? The answer is simple because it helps save on toilet paper.

Now paper, as we all know, is an exhaustible resource. This is why more and more people are opting for a bidet toilet or a bidet converter kit. Not only does it eliminate the usage of toilet paper every time you visit the loo, but it also reduces water usage.

What exactly is a bidet converter kit?

The word “bidet” means an oval-shaped bowl used to wash genitalia.

A bidet converter kit enables you to convert your existing toilet into one that has a washing facility. Most importantly, you can install and use it in just a few simple steps.

Types of bidets

Usually, a bidet converter kit and bidet attachments go hand-in-hand. However, bidets can be electric as well as non-electric.

Here are some non-electric bidets:

Tushy and Lux Bidets

Two of the most common bidet attachments are lux and tushy. An essential usefulness of a tushy bidet is that it fits on all toilets. They are made entirely of plastic.

Tushy and lux bidets work on water pressure. These can be fit between the existing toilet seat and the toilet bowl. An exciting feature of these bidets is that they come with regulators that can adjust your position, water pressure, and temperature.

The only disadvantage of these bidets is that to get hot water, you need to connect it to a source of hot water. While this can be done quickly by connecting it to a washbasin, the issue here is you will have to run the water for a few minutes until it turns hot.

Since these bidets are non-electric attachments, they are low-quality. However, of course, lux and tushy bidet attachments are far more cost-effective than other options in this category. But given their price point, this is the best they can come up with in terms of quality.

The best quality bidet among Lux and Tushy bidets is the GoGoBidet. While most bidets cost between $30-$90, GoBidets cost around $150. Hence, these are superior quality with a complete metal body and far sturdier than the plastic alternatives.

Also, GoBidets have a lifetime warranty as opposed to the 1-2 years warranty for plastic bidets. Though you pay the extra cost for the lifetime warranty, it still has the issues you would face with other lux and Tushy bidets.

But one of the most notable advantages is that you don’t have to replace your existing toilet seat, and there is no change in the seat space you get. Also, the water pressure of the bidets is controlled by the mechanism that controls the water pressure for all sources in your house. So, you get to enjoy high water pressure during the wash.

Another disadvantage of these bidets is the questionable water speed regulation system. The water pressure might feel slightly high and unsophisticated because it is a non-electric attachment.

bidet converter kit

Handheld Bidet

This is easier to install than an attachment, as you don’t need to disturb your toilet seat. This needs to be installed between the source of water supply for your toilet and the toilet.

Since this comes with a flexible chord, you can use it in any direction you want simply by turning it around. This gives you more control and flexibility for the wash as you can aim precisely where you want while washing.

Also, it uses the exact water pressure mechanism used for your house. Hence, the level of water pressure is entirely satisfactory. As this is also non-electric, you must usually wait for hot water to flow from the sink to the bidet.

A handheld bidet has many uses other than just washing genitals. You can use it to clean out the toilet seat thoroughly after use. This bidet is light on features as it is non-electric. But you can pair it with other bidet converter kits to avail yourself of the other features you might need. This usually costs between $50-$70.

Non-Electric Bidet Seat

As the name suggests, it is a non-electric bidet. However, it differs from the previous two types as it completely replaces your toilet seat. This bidet, which is basically in the form of a toilet seat, comes with a regulator.

You can use the regulator to adjust water temperature and pressure. However, the water pressure is usually very high in this case, as the source is the same as your entire house.

Though it looks like a regular toilet seat, it has some elevated space at the back underneath the mechanism. Again this doesn’t have a plethora of features because it is non-electric.

One of the most recommended in this category is the Axent FB-106 bidet which costs around $149. The average price point, however, is around $125.

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bidet converter kit

Electric bidets

As the name suggests, these bidets function on electricity. The price point for electric bidets is between $250-$1200. Though these are more expensive than non-electric bidets, most consumers purchase them more frequently. This is because electric bidets have numerous features.

So, you get the value for your money with features like water heater. Yes, these bidets have water heaters built in. So while these bidets are still connected to your existing water supply of the washroom or the house, you only have to worry about connecting it to the water supply spruce. Owing to the presence of the heaters, you can get instant warm or hot water.

You can also get deodorizers with these bidets that filter odor molecules. Apart from getting a water heating feature in this bidet, you can also get a heated seat for winter. A significant advantage over non-electric bidets is you can control the water pressure.

You can fine-tune pressure precisely as per your requirement. You can also sterilize the nozzle that shoots the water. Other features that these bidets offer are user presets and auto-opening.

So while you can get an excellent non-electric bidet, most people opt for the electric option. The simple and pragmatic logic to be applied here is that if you are going to get the wash done, you should do it in and with complete comfort.

When you are eco-friendly, you believe in conservation. In that case, you can opt for an electric bidet with a dryer. These completely eliminate the need for toilet paper. The only disadvantage of the dryers is that they can be slow and take too much time to kick start. You should use toilet paper when in a hurry!

One of the most premium electric bidets is the cascade 3000. BB-1000 is another good piece if you want something under $500, priced at $499. TOTO S550e is a luxurious bidet priced at $1176.

Again, while the price range is significantly higher than that of non-electric bidets, you won’t feel the extra penny-pinch in your pocket because of the wide range of advantages.

How do bidet converter kits work?

The bidet converter kit can work with electric bidets. Most electric bidets have a remote control system to put on a wall mount in your washroom. Some electric units come with a side control only. The side controls have the same panel that is there on the remotes.

However, the side controls are inconvenient, requiring you to turn awkwardly while on the seat. Hence, accessing the panel can get tricky. But remote controls make it easier to access the control panel of the bidet.

Another exciting feature of electric bidets is that the last settings put on the bidet will remain active until new settings are put in for water temperature, flow, or pressure.

If you decide to buy an electric bidet, then it is advisable to also buy the bidet toilet, i.e., replace your entire bathroom with a bidet toilet and a seat. This is because a bidet seat is more compatible with a bidet toilet than your regular toilet.

When you pair your bidet seat with a regular toilet, the cascade at the back of the seat usually lies between the toilet tank and the space where you sit. This reduces seating space for you. Also, bidet toilets are much more sleek, classy, and attractive.

Some good options for bidet converter kits are as follows:

  • SLi 2000 priced at $2097
  • Neorest RH priced at $3462
  • Neorest NX1 priced at $7210
  • Neorest NX2 priced at $17000

Different terms for bidets

Bidet toilets are referred to by different names. Instead of simply bidet toilet or bidet seat, you might hear terms like “integrated bidet toilet” or “bidet toilet combo.” So, be mindful of the term you come across when you purchase them for yourself.

Also, some brands might use different names for their bidets as they offer multiple features within one product. For instance, a specific bidet named Toto offers washlets, basically bidet seats. These also provide neo rests which are basically bidet toilets. The toto bidet toilet combo is one of the best options that are available in the market today due to the plethora of advantages it has to offer.

Hence, you might hear different names for the same product as you go from one brand to another.

Best bidet adapters

Due to the many advantages of using a bidet, various options are available in the market for bidet adapters. Some of the best bidet options that are available in today’s market are:

Samodra Non-Electric cold water bidet toilet seat attachment

This is perfect for your bathroom as it has a sophisticated design and mechanism. It is economical and also highly comfortable, and easy to use. It also comes with both front and rear cleaning.

Clear Rear Bidet Attachment for Toilet

Made with high-quality materials, it has nozzles that are easy to clean. It also has a dial on it which you can turn to choose between jet stream and spray volume. You can also use this bidet to get a relaxing massage. Its manual control shuts down for 30 minutes when you use it every time.

Samodra Ultra Slim Bidet

This uses a simple rotary switch to replace the complex butt plate. You can rotate it to the right to activate the posterior mode. It also offers strong water pressure along with excellent cleaning strength. You can also turn the main nozzle to the left to turn on the feminine mode, ensuring gentler water pressure. Its best feature is that it is compatible with most regular toilets at home. Hence, installing this will ensure that your seating space is not compromised.

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bidet converter kit

Best Bidet Converter Kits

Now that you have all the knowledge about bidets, it’s important to know exactly which bidets out there are the best options for you. This new way of cleaning the toilet after use is not only hygienic but also has a feel-good factor to it.

Jazz up your toilet with a bidet converter kit and the best part is, you don’t need to do any remodeling. So here are the best bidet converter kits that you can use:

Cascade 3000

This is an electric bidet seat. It is easy to use, comfortable and does a great job. It is sleek and adds a classy look to your washroom. This provides thorough cleaning and comes with a deodorizer. Thus, with this bidet converter kit, your washroom will smell good after every wash!

The seats have a 2 in 1 nozzle which ensures thorough cleaning. The nozzle is made of stainless steel and inhibits bacteria growth. The most amazing part is that it offers front and rear cleaning. This makes it extremely comfortable and usable for women.


  • Offers both front and rear cleaning
  • Warm air dryer in the seat, a better replacement for scratchy toilet paper
  • Built-in deodorizer in the seat


  • More expensive than non-electric options
  • Requires some expertise for installation

Bio Bidet USPA 6800U Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat

This is the perfect option for you if you are looking for both luxury and comfort in your bidet. It comes with a wireless remote using which you can control your bidet functions completely.

The product also has a deodorizer and a warm air dryer for your comfort. It also offers user presets and auto wash for efficient cleaning. It is also easy to use for children as it has a child mode. You can turn the mode on for your kids’ bathroom. This will help them automatic wash and air-drying experience without any hassle.


  • Has a child mode which makes it easy to use for children without any parental supervision
  • Comes with a wireless remote through which functions can be controlled
  • Offers a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase


  • Quite expensive as it has a plethora of features and a wireless remote

Inus Electric Bidets

It comes with a tankless water system so you can get hot water instantly. Consequently, it eliminates the wait time for hot water while using the toilet. It has five different levels of water pressure which is extremely efficient. You can set the pressure that you find most suitable for your use.

It also offers a warm air-drying experience. There are five different levels of air-drying as well that you can choose from. What makes this bidet converter kit indispensable is that it has heating within its seats. This is an extremely helpful feature during the winter season.


  • Comes with a heated seat
  • Has a wireless remote to control functions
  • Comes with a night light for your comfort


  • Need to ensure that it is compatible with your toilet
  • Can be tricky to install without proper knowledge

TOTO Washlet Electronic Bidet

This electronic bidet comes with a water spray as well as warm water. You can also adjust the temperature of the water as per your need. There is also a dual action spray which comes with an oscillating nozzle. This helps in even more thorough cleansing. It also comes with a heated seat which makes this bidet converter kit quite comfortable during the winter.


  • Easily compatible with most existing toilets
  • Comes with a DIY installation guide


  • Can be expensive due to the wide range of features it offers

Genie Bidet

This ultra-thin toilet attachment is a non-electronic bidet. It has a self-cleaning feature with a dual nozzle for front and rear cleaning. This makes it extremely comfortable for use by women.

It is sleek and easy to install. Also, it is compatible with all toilet seats.


  • Cost-effective and easy to install
  • Small in size and compatible with all toilets


  • Doesn’t have as many features as electronic bidets
  • Installation might have some hiccups in terms of the water line

Greenco Attachment Sprayer

This is yet another non-electronic option that you can go for. It comes with a high-quality plastic sprayer. The sprayer has a control panel that is installed right next to the seat. Hence, this panel is easily accessible and can be used while on the toilet seat.


  • Has a control panel which can be used while on the toilet seat
  • Give thorough cleansing as the sprayer has a rotating nozzle


  • Limited features when compared to electronic options
  • Made of plastic and hence doesn’t give a luxurious appeal

Luxe Bidet Neo 320

Yet another non-electronic bidet that’s easy on your pocket. It offers an adjustable water temperature feature and has front and rear cleaning. Hence, it is highly recommended for women.

It can be installed easily as it comes with a guide. You can also look up online tutorial videos and install it on your own. It also comes with an 18-month warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Long warranty period
  • Most features offered within the non-electronic category


  • Limited features when compared to electronic options
  • Warm water can take time as it uses sink connection

Now you know all the options for the best bidet converter kits within electronic and non-electronic categories. So make sure you know all about your existing toilet and exactly what features you need and then make the right choice for yourself!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about bidet toilets, adapters, and bidet converter kits, it is time to choose the option that best suits your needs. You can buy these from a store in the market or order them online. Installation usually comes with clear instructions, so it can be done without additional help or support.

Here’s to enjoying a unique bathroom experience by using bidet!

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