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Easy Ways for Students to Furnish Their Homes

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Furnishing a student apartment can be challenging because most of them are temporary homes or short term homes and they also come with a tight budget. While furnishing on a budget may seem difficult, it is not impossible. You can do small things to substitute expensive essentials with creative and cheaper ones. There are several ways in which you can furnish your home on a budget. Here we have a list of tips for students to furnish their homes in a convenient and cheap way.

  1. Get LED lights and/or fairy lights: LED lights, though more expensive while buying, consumes less electricity than a normal bulb. Moreover, they are more environmentally friendly and you don’t have to change the bulbs often if you buy an LED bulb. Getting fairy lights is a good solution for expensive chandeliers or elaborate lighting. It is a creative source of yellow light and you can put it anywhere in your room or living room. It also serves well for decorative purposes. You can put it around photo albums or in empty glass bottles to make it look more decorative. 
  2. Get essential appliances on rent: you can now rent appliances from an online source for cheap. You can get a TV on rent or a refrigerator on rent for less than rupees 1000 a month. If you live with roommates, the cost would further decrease because you can share the costs of the rented appliances. It is also extremely easy to rent appliances, especially if you’re living in a short term home. You can rent them for a specific period while also upgrading them if appliances with better features enter the market. 
  3. Buy second-hand bookshelves and tables: bookshelves and tables are extremely necessary for student homes. You can now buy used tables and shelves from an online source for very cheap.  You can also buy cots and other essential furniture from a second hand store or website and sell it back or dispose of it after your term is complete. Since most of these sources are online, you don’t have to physically go to the store and you can save money on the delivery costs. 
  4. Get a microwave: microwaves are a blessing in student homes. Whether you need to make a cup of coffee or reheat food, they are extremely convenient. You can now rent a microwave online for as low as 300 rupees a month. The best part is that you can also make fresh meals in the microwave. There are lots of recipes available online to do this, which you can access for free. In addition to a microwave, you can also get a kettle to heat water and make warm beverages. You can buy a kettle for 500-600 rupees. They are easily portable and serve to be very useful during exam time.
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Use these tips to furnish your student home in an easy and convenient way. Another added advantage is that these methods are also easy on the wallet and are perfect for short term homes.

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