Emojis The Modern-day Language

Emojis: The Modern-day Language


There are about 6,500 languages in the world and these languages come in different dialects. With the emergence of technology, communication has fewer barriers than before. Even your smartphones have become an aid for better interaction with people from various countries. 

Text messaging is the easiest and fastest means of communication for more than a decade and the emergence of smartphones and emojis makes it even better. The focus of today’s article is the use of emojis as a new form of language. 

The use of emojis is an unspoken form of communication where you can find all kinds of objects, animals, plants, tiny infrastructures, and even characters with various emotions on your keyboard. But with so many emojis to talk about, we’ll only discuss the most commonly used emojis of 2020. Now, let’s start!

The Clown Face Emoji

There’s no doubt this emoji is definitely a favorite of every smartphone user. Well, this is definitely a favorite for all. The clown face emoji is as funny as it has a double meaning which might offend others. 

However, before the creation of this emoji, there were a few existing abbreviations that also encapsulate this emotion. To name a few, there was LMAO, which stands for laughing my ass off; ROFL, which means rolling on the floor laughing, and also LOL which means laugh out loud. 

The Crying Emoji

Everyone has ups and downs in their life and to say that emotion in the modern-day language, this crying emoji is definitely the most suitable one. But that isn’t always the case, as people like to do on Twitter with their accounts, the crying emoji alongside with the tears of joy emoji. 

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Whenever you feel like crying behind your smartphone, these two should be a go-to emojis for everyone. Nobody would really know anyway, but sometimes you may also use it as a means to make sure that the other person on the line would feel guilty. So go use this tactic and see the magic from there.

The Smiling Emoji

This smiling emoji isn’t really one of the most popular used emojis but it has its uses. If you think this emoji is the most versatile of them all. If a girl sends you a smiling emoji, brace yourselves because it could mean a lot of things. Is she genuinely happy? If she’s really happy, why isn’t she using the tears of joy emoji? Is she just smiling to act politely? 

Or does she want to kill you? Who knows, right? A lot of people use this emoji for various reasons and it has become a meme! If you’re a big fan of scrolling through social media, you’ve definitely seen this meme. 

The Thinking Face Emoji

As a veteran smartphone user like yourself, you’d know that this emoji belongs to the new generation of emojis released by Apple’s new iOS. The thought of seeing this emoji on one of the most popularly used emojis is so amusing! 

It’s definitely similar to the smiling emoji in terms of versatility. Its tone can vary from being curious, suspicious, skeptical, but it could mean mockery. Of course, that depends entirely on your own perspective. 

The Smiling with Three Hearts Emoji

This emoji also placed a spot in the most commonly used emojis of the internet. Just like the thinking face emoji, this one’s also a newbie. Seeing this on the list, means people like to show their love through text. 

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It’s also versatile in a sense that you can definitely send it to everyone you love without being too flirty. Step aside heart emoji, this newbie has become everyone’s new favorite now. Granted there might be people who might think of it as something more, it’s your job to keep them in line.


There are actually more emojis that have not been mentioned that needs recognition. It definitely has gone beyond its purpose of adding color to your conversion through text because an emoji itself is an unspoken language that almost everyone can understand. 

Even though sign language will always be the most well-known unspoken language, the custom of using emojis is also widely used by many smartphone users especially through social media like Twitter, Facebook, and even captions for Instagram. 

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