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5 Enterprise Analytics Software Platforms You Should Consider Investing In This Year


When you run a company, you understand that analytics are a key part of your business growth strategy.

With the help of great analytics tracking, you can use the information collected on your website to measure the effectiveness of your current digital strategies.

The data you collect can ensure you make important changes to the aspects of your company that aren’t working efficiently and effectively in order to maximise profits and promote a positive user experience.

Trying to control all the data collected within your company isn’t an easy task, however, and that’s where enterprise analytics software comes in.

Typically used by big data analysts or web analysts within large companies, enterprise analytics software is leveraged to extract meaningful data and trends from the raw data repositories that the company possesses.

In short, enterprise analytics software platforms allows companies and organizations with meaningful information t to improve the effectiveness of their current strategies, and discover trends within the data they have collected.

There are lots of options when it comes to enterprise analytics software platforms, so choosing which one to start with can be a difficult process.

Going in 2019, however, there are five clear frontrunners that we think you should consider investing in, and we’re going to share them with you below.


Mixpanel is a software that boasts to be the only analytics platform that allows everyone within a company to deeply understand every online user’s behavior while visiting a specific website.

Mixpanel breaks down user data into simple reports so that everyone within the company can easily decipher the information that has been collected on a website.

This platform automatically uncovers data trends, which allows marketers to quickly understand what works, what doesn’t and what only partially works. 

These answers are provided instantly and automatically, allowing executives to implement changes and improve customer experiences within minutes of discovering specific issues.

Interpreting data—even in its simplified form—isn’t always an easy task, and implementing recommended changes isn’t always something that comes easily within a company.

If you would like help with this, we offer consultancy services where you can connect with a Mixpanel partner to help you decipher the data in more detail.

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Tableau is an enterprise analytics software platform that helps people to transform their company’s data into actionable insights in a few, simple clicks.

They provide limitless access to visual analytics, breaking down the data into easy-to-understand information, allowing enterprises to make the most out of your purchase.

This software platform also allows analytics managers to share the information with others, so you can easily provide other co-workers with insights into your latest data findings.

This allows people to access the information they need when they need it, straight from the source, preventing misunderstandings from second-hand information.

On their website, Tableau promotes the ease of use of their platform, claiming that anyone can use their software to accurately analyze data without having any prior knowledge or technical analytics or programming.

Tableau provides a free trial so that you can determine whether the software is the right fit for your company.


Informatica is the world’s leader in enterprise cloud data management, delivering accessible, secure, and relevant data to companies of all shapes and sizes, regardless of the sector, category or niche they work in.

As well as being a software that works with cloud data, the company offers the same services to those whose data remains on-premises, or somewhere in between on-prem and cloud.

The vision behind this software platform is to make sure the clients they work with are the frontrunners in the digital revolution of their industries, shaking up traditional expectations for good.

They help clients by turning the data they collect into easily understood insights that can be assessed and evaluated by anyone within the company.

This software also focuses on customer data at the heart, and making sure that the company’s they work with are able to grow while continuing to deliver exceptional and highly personalized customer experiences to every user they interact with.

Google Analytics

Unlike the other enterprise analytics software platforms we have mentioned so far, Google Analytics is a completely free tool that will transform the way you analyze your company’s data.

One of the best features of this software platform is that it provides you with unique insights exclusively offered by Google.

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This will allow you the unique opportunity to analyze your company’s growth plan with the biggest search engine in the world in mind, adapting your strategy regularly in accordance with the analytics findings.

Google Analytics will also help you improve your customer experience by discovering what your clients are identifying with, and what makes them stop engaging with your company’s website.

This allows marketers to determine the nest strategies to use, reducing bounce rates and improving engagement with the things you offer on your site.

Last but not least, Google Analytics also offers an easy-to-use interface and sharable reports, so that your analytics can be accessed and analyzed by any of the relevant authorities within your company.


Amplitude is an enterprise analytics product software that aims to help businesses grow by helping them understand which digital products work for their customers.

This software breaks down the data collected online to offer information that is easily digested and understood, providing quick and meaningful insights into what is and isn’t working on every release with a real-time, interactive interface.

One of the main benefits of this software platform is their ability to utilize behavioral reporting to see how users interact with your product, providing your business with the insights to bring them back.

With this knowledge, your company can improve critical metrics like conversion and retention by driving revenue, and growing your business fast.

This software is a great option for companies who sell products over services, and we aren’t the only ones who think so.

In fact, they have been rated the #1 Product Analytics platform online.


With so many options available to you, however, we understand that choosing the right one for your company isn’t an easy task.

That’s why we recommend working with a web analytics services company if you’re still unsure.

They can take the worry out of the process, effortlessly analysing the data to help your company create strategies that promote growth and engagement from your customers and website users.

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