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With the new search on Facebook, you can quickly find posts and videos. We’ll show you how to activate and use the hidden feature.

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Facebook examines a number of security holes where employees create applications that log unencrypted password information for Facebook users and store it in clear text on internal corporate servers. This comes from the perspective of an experienced Facebook employee who is familiar with the investigation and who spoke on condition of anonymity that he was not authorized to speak to the press.

The Facebook source said that the investigation has so far revealed that between 200 and 600 million Facebook users could have their account passwords in plain text and searched by more than 20,000 Facebook employees. The source said Facebook is still trying to determine how many passwords were revealed and how long, but so far the investigation has uncovered plain-text user password archives from 2012.

New Facebook Search: Function hidden for the time being

  • Really big changes have not been on Facebook for some time. Since the website is mature by today’s standards, often only small improvements.
  • This includes the new search function. With this you can not only find more friends, strangers or CHIP , but also search individual contributions. Some keywords are already enough.
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How to search for posts

  • Open the Facebook website or download the Facebook app on your smartphone. Select the search above and enter a desired keyword.
  • For example, searching for “Christmas” will show you all the posts your friends have or Facebook pages that contain the word. Since people and pages are preferred in the search, you may need to additionally tap on the small magnifying glass to request a deeper search.
  • Note that not all posts can be found in this way. Posts from public Facebook pages are easily searchable. Private profiles can prevent this from the privacy settings.

Change search to English

Note: In the meantime, the new search function is also available in German. Changing the language is no longer necessary.

  1. Open the website of Facebook , click on the small arrow in the top right corner and select the “Settings”.
  2. Switch to the category “Language” on the left, you will find at the top the question “In which language would you like to use Facebook?”.
  3. Change the language of German to “English (US)” and click on the button “Save Changes”.

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