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Instagram always displays posts that have not yet been played in the feed when selecting content for the feed. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is that Instagram does not analyze what’s on the photos and videos. This gives the impression that the Instagram feed is not up-to-date and feels that it consists of many older posts. Even though this is often a subjective perception, Instagram steps in and provides a new feature that allows people to target more current content in the feed.

We know the situation of Facebook and here was solved by various adjustments of the News Feed algorithm, the problem. The aim of the update is to keep the Instagram feed up to date and fresh. As I said, that was the way it was before, only it could happen that it was posts that were a few days old. But they were not played in the feed.

The update also includes the automatic refresh of the feed of the past. That should also be a pleasure for many of you.

The New Posts Button was officially announced and confirmed by Instagram. Interesting in the announcement is also that we face further changes in the Instagram algorithm. Like Facebook, Instagram will communicate the changes openly. This is to avoid the mistakes that have led to some confusion in the Facebook algorithm in the past.

In theory, the update also increases the possibility that your business contributions will get more coverage on Instagram. Whether that happens depends on the behavior of the Instagram community. Ideally, content is consumed in the feed and then activated after a certain time, the New Posts button and then consumed more content. Instagram would certainly not mind.

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