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You do not even have to have massive backlinks and attention to get many visitors. It’s enough if you let the right multiplier “work” for you.

Such a multiplier is eg the Google search, if you are there with important keywords in position 1 or eg the homepage of But both are difficult for Blogger, especially at the beginning.

Therefore, today I would like to introduce a tip that is very interesting especially for news bloggers.

Google News – The Traffic Source

I have to say in advance of this tip that I was made aware of this traffic tip by a blogger colleague. It is .

There you will find many good affiliate articles as well as SEO tricks. And Eisy has also worked extensively with Google News in the past.

That’s why I made myself smart on the Web and found a few more reviews on Google News.

Google News

Now, Google News is nothing new, because the service has been around for quite some time. Many have noticed already that in the Google search results at the top often the text is “News to …”. Below that are 1-3 news links.

These are the impressions of Google News in the search results pages. And this is where a good source of traffic lies.

How do I get in Google News?

The first step is to sign up for a blog on Google News

There are a few conditions that cause only blogs that really spread news to be included. My blog “Self-employed on the Net” was rejected, which I expected.

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Basically, there are some conditions that a blog must meet in order to have the chance to be included:

  • A blog should be a bit older, at least 6 months.
  • You should publish news regularly. Several times a day would be ideal.
  • This news should be unique. So do not just write off others, but use your own words, summarize, cite new sources, etc.
  • It helps if there are several authors who are presented on a blog and publish there. Transparency and confidence in quality is important to Google.

Google then checks the blog and responds positively or even negatively. If the blog has been included in the news sources, then the Google News Bot will be dropping by regularly.

The effect of this is that recent blog posts on specific topics appear at the top of search results pages. Of course not all and if, then only for a few hours, but the position up there brings a lot of traffic. And if you also have an affiliate link in this article then that’s a nice thing.
But I digress. 😉

What does that bring in the long run?

Of course, placing a news article in this way brings traffic at short notice. But that also helps in the long term. Because if these visitors like the blog, then at least a part will come back.

In addition, the advantage of this method is of course also in the regular “application”. Anyone who has a news blog has daily news articles that can be picked up by Google News. And if you still catch topics that are really up to date, then it can come to real visitor records.

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For the readers writing

Nevertheless, one should also make sure that you write the news primarily for your own readers.

If you start writing news primarily for Google News and lose sight of the topic of your blog, not only does not scare off previous regular readers, it also has nothing of the short-term traffic, since hardly anyone comes back.


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