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Top 10 Best New Technology Books To Read in 2020


Book reading is a good habit, and it is changing the way of life by adopting good trends and attributes. In the present age, people like to read technology books, as this strategy is easy to perform and has numerous effects on social life. According to my paper com, the following books are listed as the top 10 best books for the year 2020; these should be read primarily. Top 10 Best New Technology Books To Read in 2020-

  • The  Age of AI

It is listed as 1st important technology book of the year 2020. The writer of this book is Jason Thacker, and the topic of this book is stated as artificial intelligence. It is providing enough data about ethical and moral values, which can bring positive change in our communal matters. It is available on Amazon, and people can use it easily. 

  • Lurking How a Person Became a User

It is 2nd most important technology book, and it is written by Joanne McNeil. It is written about the history of the internet from start to current day position of the internet. The book is describing the modification of the age about communication resources that are changing the perception of connection and meeting. 

  • Innovation in Health Informatics

Innovation in Health Informatics is another imperative technology book which is providing information about the effects of technology in health care plans. The authors of this book are stated as  Miltiadis D. Lytras,  Akila Sarirete; they prepared this literature with a joint effort. 

It is another excellent book about the effects of machines on our social lives. It is written by Cliff Kuang, Robert Fabricant. The main focus of this book is related to world war and technological innovations, which have changed our lifestyle as well as a mental approach. 

  • Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, and the Law
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This book is written by Eduard Fosch Villaronga, and it is related to artificial intelligence. It is linked with the interaction of technologies according to the perception of different people. The technologies are connected with each gender and age in the social order. 

  • Blockchain 2035

This technology book is related to the internet, and it is describing the effects of the internet in the present age. The writers of this book are Jared Tate, Andrew Knapp, and they have presented the future scenario of the internet in our social and commercial lives.  

  • Innovation + Equality

Joshua Gans & Andrew Leigh wrote this technology book, and they have proved the effects of technology on the economy of any state in the world. They also presented the evidence from the USA market to make the perception of innovation with equality individual.  

  • Agricultural Internet of Things and Decision Support for Smart Farming

This technology book is significant as it is showing the effects of innovations in the farming business. Technology is supportive for the agriculture industry as it is favoring the small projects as well as massive projects. 

  • Web Design. the Evolution of the Digital World 1990-Today

Rob Ford is the write of this technology book and providing good literature about web designing history. It is known as an industry in the world, and people are taking an interest in using web designing for their business and social deals.  

  • Cyber security Is Everybody’s Business

Scott N Schober, Craig W Schober, has written this technology book, and they have provided information about the cyber security system that is affecting the whole world. People should have to know about it correctly to get reasonable solutions. 

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