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Why You Should Have a Grow Cabinet to Plant Cannabis


Growing plants in your household is a relaxing and fun hobby to discover, irrespective of your age. Although most plant owners seek satisfaction from planting, harvesting these plants can have purposes for your health and wellness.

Why not grow your cannabis plant to reap its benefits instead of endlessly buying CBD products from the market? It is an enriching activity that can help you kickstart your journey through the world of cannabis. ( When choosing the growing location and conditions of your marijuana, consider using grow cabinets.

What Is A Grow Cabinet?

Grow cabinet is a system used for growing plants that can be either entirely or partially closed. They’re an appealing option for plant connoisseurs because of its many enticing qualities, which will be elaborated later on. They’re already pre-assembled once you buy them, so you can quickly determine which grow cabinet is best for your planting needs.

Despite being enclosed, a grow cabinet possesses all the required conditions for nurturing plants. These conditions mimic the natural conditions of growing plants to keep the plants stable and comfortable. 

If you’re planning to get a grow cabinet for your cannabis plants, read this buyer’s guide to grow cabinets and navigate through the site for certified cannabis growing tips from DrCannabis.

Reasons To Get Growing Cabinets For My Cannabis

Necessity For Stealth Growing

Indeed, cannabis is not an ordinary plant. While considering growing cannabis from cannabis seeds initially, you might have a few reservations in taking care of your cannabis plants inside this artificial system. You constantly need to maintain control and safety, and growing cabinets might not be your safest bet. 

However, put these worries away because growing your cannabis plants in grow cabinets is actually an excellent idea for the following reasons:

1. Necessity For Stealth Growing 

Unlike growing colorful tulips in your backyard, cannabis plants are controversial to people’s eyes, and exposing them in plain sight can get you into trouble. It is why most cannabis growers opt for stealth growing to keep nosy neighbors and potential legal conflicts away.

Despite cannabis being legal in several states and countries, people have grown to the stigma of cannabis associated with “doing something bad.” Growing them in grow cabinets presents you with a solution to stealth growing. 

Grow cabinets, when closed, look like ordinary storage cabinets. No one will suspect these growing cabinets when you place them in your home or your growing space. Some manufacturers even build growing cabinets disguised as furniture for better stealth advantage.

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2. Compact And Hassle-Free System Design

As the name suggests, growing cabinets have a cabinet design where you stack up the plants vertically, depending on the number of levels. Arranging them this way is more convenient and takes less space than growing tents and other growing storage. Depending on your grow cabinet, it can hold 6 to 12 plants at a time.

Moreover, growing tents take up more space and have a bulkier composition. On the contrary, grow cabinets have a compact system design where you have everything in one place, thus less hassle when checking the conditions of each plant. 

Grow cabinets are usually five to six feet tall with a narrow body, which is advantageous for space-saving. They can adapt to different indoor settings and sizes, even in small apartments, basements, hallways, and more.

3. Economical and Pocket-Friendly

A growing space or tent itself isn’t enough to keep your cannabis plants in excellent conditions because you’ll also need lights, ventilation, and other plant necessities. Buying these equipment one by one can be painful for your pocket, but growing cabinets combine all your necessary cannabis growing equipment. 

Buying a complete grow cabinet is more economical than purchasing the equipment separately, especially since their prices are quite unforgiving. 

Their outstanding durability can yield continuous years of harvest. Even though they’re quite pricey, you’re still choosing a cost-efficient option because a grow cabinet is an economical, worthwhile investment. 

4. Possess Complete Growing Conditions

As discussed above, building your own growing space requires purchasing and maintaining separate growing components. Whenever you’re visiting your plants, you won’t have to check these components separately because the grow cabinet regulates them as one system.

The entire system of a growing cabinet contains the following:

  • Leak-free airflow and ventilation systems for CO2 regulation
  • Tightly sealed growing lights for better growth and yield
  • Odour control filters for hiding marijuana smell
  • Hydroponic systems for plant nutrition
  • Water filtering system for plant safety

5. Effective Results

To combine the last two reasons discussed above, uniting growing equipment into one system and possessing these complete components will deliver more effective results than manual growing. While you might think that it is less suitable for your cannabis plants, letting the grow cabinet systems work itself offers higher yield and better quality sans your persistent intervention. 

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Although they have automated settings for regulating the system’s components, you should check them adequately to fix any nutritional fluctuations in the plant. Particularly during the seedling stage, monitor the plants from time to time, since cannabis plants are most susceptible during this phase. 

6. Equipped With Security and Safety Features

In case of any curious relatives, guests, and neighbors, some grow cabinet models have security and safety features to keep these people away without your permission. 

Typically, grow cabinets have sturdy hinged doors, and some even have equipped heavy-duty locks. The exterior material of these cabinets, like wood and metal, can withstand substantial impacts to keep your cannabis plants safe. Some models are fire-proof as well. 

7. Offers A Plethora Of Innovative Options

Since grow cabinets aren’t equally crafted, there are many options to choose from that have varying features. They have different price ranges, best selling points, sizes and quality, and more, but there is definitely one for your needs and preferences.

If you’re more inclined to utilizing technology, another new option in the market is a growing cabinet that owners can control across their devices with a software application.

The Final Words

Nurturing cannabis plants yourself, instead of finding several CBD sources in the market, presents a lot of perks for a cannabis enthusiast. You can choose which CBD strain to grow, regulate its own growing conditions, see the progress every day, and harvest them inside your comfort zone. Nevertheless, to reap these benefits, you must go through the hardships of growing cannabis plants successfully.

With the help of grow cabinets, you can achieve better and more abundant cannabis yields, thanks to its excellent characteristics. Once you’ve harvested your cannabis, you can now use it for various purposes; for your health habits, wellness routines, and recreational activities. 

If you’re still hesitating to get a grow cabinet for your cannabis, we hope that the reasons discussed in this article will convince you enough to get one.

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