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Did you know that healthcare job opportunities will continue to increase? If you want to learn more about a healthcare career, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over different healthcare positions you could consider.

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Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist will help ill, injured, or disabled people complete everyday activities. Some people will need help getting dressed or cleaning up the kitchen.

An occupational therapist will work in a nursing home, school, or hospital. Most occupational therapists have a doctorate or a master’s in occupational therapy. You might also need a state license.

Occupational therapist assistants only need an associate’s degree. Occupational therapist aides only need a high school diploma.

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist will help ill or injured people move around and manage their pain. The physical therapist will also diagnose physical problems. You might go see a physical therapist for hands-on therapy or to learn exercises.

A physical therapist will need a doctorate. Physical therapist assistants will only need an associate’s degree.

Manage a Health Care Clinic

If you would like to work in admin, consider becoming a health care clinic manager.

As the manager, you will need to keep the clinic organized. You will hire and train new employees. Make sure the equipment and facilities remain maintained and cleaned.

Managers also need to oversee the finances and put in place care policies.

If you would like to pursue this career, search for a healthcare management program. Find a reputable school like the ultimate medical academy.

Become a Health Care Administrator

Health care administrators will focus on managing administrative functions in an office or health care system setting.

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As an administrator, you will need to keep patients’ medical histories organized.

You will maintain their appointments, order medical supplies, and organize schedules. You might also need to manage the budget and bills.

Clinical Research Manager

Research managers analyze data, research proposals and learn more about trends in healthcare.

Research managers will create new practices and policies to improve the system. You would also manage government aid and supplies.

Health Care Finance Manager

Health care finance managers have to organize the finances of healthcare organizations. The manager will oversee income, expenditure, recordkeeping of the finances, and budgeting.

If you want to work in the business sector of health care and are good with numbers, this might be a good position.

Health Informatics Manager

A health informatics manager will focus on keeping patients’ medical records secure.

Informatic managers create efficient processes for organizing, storing, and processing patient information.

The manager must also maintain the privacy of the records through security software.

Health Care Department Manager

The health care department manager will be responsible for overseeing a specific department in an organization. You can specialize in a particular health care area or department.

Health care department managers will need to take on a bunch of different tasks. They might oversee the activities of nurses, surgeons, or other departments.

Dental Assistant

A dental assistant will cover different tasks, so a dental practice runs smoothly. The dental assistant works with the patients, schedule appointments, or keep office records.

Dental assistants will work full-time in a dentist’s office. Dental assistants also end up working in nursing homes, hospitals, and schools.

The need for dental assistants will grow. Oral health has a significant connection to our overall health. Preventative dental health services may continue to grow.

To meet the growing demands, there’s a call for more dental assistants.

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A phlebotomist will draw blood from patients. The test might be for blood donations, blood transfusions, or medical research.

Hospitals are a common area for a phlebotomist to work. Another typical workplace includes doctors’ offices, blood donor facilities, and laboratories. Most of the time, phlebotomists will work full-time.

Bloodwork is an integral part of the healthcare industry. Doctors use bloodwork to diagnose patients, or it gets used for medical research.

Pharmacy Technicians

A pharmacy technician is another medical career to consider. Pharmacy technicians will help medical professionals or patients fill prescriptions.

Pharmacy technicians will work in pharmacies, drug stores, grocery stores, or hospitals.

The aging population will need more medication. To continue to provide for patients, pharmacies will need to get well-staffed. This is why a healthcare job related to pharmacy is another excellent option.

Become a Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistants will provide care for patients. A nursing assistant will help check the patient’s vital signs.

Different workplaces might have other responsibilities for nursing assistants. A nursing assistant could help patients eat or assist with medicine.

A nursing assistant could work in hospitals, nursing homes, or residential facilities. You could work full time, but your shifts might vary between nights, holidays, and weekends.

Work As a Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists help healthcare employees and physicians create medical documents and official reports.

Medical transcriptionists will listen to recordings. They use technology for voice recognition. This way, you can get the information needed for the reports.

Medical transcriptionists tend to work in doctors’ offices or hospitals. Some medical transcriptionists will work from home.

Art or Music Therapist

Do you have a passion for art or music and want to help people? Consider becoming a music or art therapist. You will study art and music alongside taking counseling and psychology courses.

People who listen to music or create art tend to experience a stress reduction.

Now You Know More About Different Healthcare Positions

We hope this guide on healthcare positions was helpful. Consider healthcare positions like art therapy, medical transcription, or becoming a nursing assistant.

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