New type of oil

How this new type of oil is changing the way people handle nutrition


When it comes to nutrition, we have seen many innovations entering the scene. A good example is the emergence of vitamins and other additives that could enhance your diet. Here, the word enhance is very important: these products should not by any means substitute the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits. With more people becoming aware of their health, these products saw their popularity increase. The same is now happening for a new type of oil that is being brought to market: CBD oil. You can read a number of articles about it on, but in short, this type of oil is derived from the cannabis plant and has a lot of health benefits it can offer to its users.

Wait, cannabis?!

It is not uncommon to have that response. When people think about cannabis, they immediately associate it with drugs. Things that are bad for you. However, the cannabis plant does come with a lot of healthy benefits. Of course, you do not need to smoke it and damage your lungs in the process. The oil is extracted from the full cannabis plant, not only the flowers as is true for weed. The CBD oil can be consumed in drinks and foods and can be seen as a supplement.

How does it differ from weed?

It is important to make this distinction. Weed is being produced from the flowers of the cannabis plant. The flowers are dried and then consumed through smoking or eating. When it comes to smoking, you also let other harmful substances (such as tar) enter your lungs. This alone is already very unhealthy. Another, even more, important differentiator, is the fact that it contains the psychoactive substance THC. This gives you the feeling of being “high” and makes it officially a drug. CBD oil does not have this psychoactive substance. Instead, it only retrieves the healthy and beneficial substances from cannabis. 

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How can its consumption help?

There are lots of potential ways that CBD can help. Understanding all potential benefits does require some research. For example, some people use it to combat restlessness. They consume it before sleeping to ease the mind and have a good night’s rest. Others, who are suffering from a lack of concentration, can use it to find focus. As becomes evident, restlessness and focus are complete opposites. Therefore, it makes sense to research the use cases and see how they can help you. 

Different types of doses

The use cases are also dependent on the strength of the CBD. There are many different levels of concentration to take into account. When you are a new user, you can start with the lightest version and see how that works for you. Depending on the use case, you can then try stronger ones and top up the concentration accordingly. With a lot of potentials, this type of oil can help you in creating a more balanced diet and combat some of your daily challenges.

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