Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister Movie Analysis

Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister Movie Analysis


On October 28, 1978, a movie was released called Halloween. It was a unique movie and the first of its kind. Until then, people had seen enough horror movies and ghost running, but no one had seen something as brutal as a six-year-old child killing his sister on Halloween for a silly reason. Here we will find out all about Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister.

John Carpenter wrote the fictional series. The story revolves around a boy Michael Myers who loves to kill teenagers. A girl characterized as Judith Myers was Michel’s elder sister and his first victim of crime.

The movie Halloween doesn’t have a strong story. It revolves around Michael Myers’s killings, where he first kills his sister and then comes back after 15 years to kill more teenagers in his town Haddonfield, Illinois. It includes extreme scenes of killing, cutting, and violence.

Still, people loved it because it was a new concept that no one had ever imagined. Soon after its release, the movie became an overnight sensation, and almost everyone in the United States started talking about it. Halloween has five parts, and to date, it has a considerable following.

People still have doubts about movies, and they ask questions like Who is Michael Myers? Why did he kill his sister? Is the story real, and so on? With the help of this article, we will clear all your doubts related to Michael Myers’s character and Halloween. Let’s start without wasting any more time.

The plot of Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister

As discussed, the movie’s plot is pretty simple, and it revolves around our main character Michael Myers who seems to be mentally ill and loves to kill people in cold blood. He makes killings for no reason and doesn’t feel guilty.

The story takes us on a cold Halloween night in 1963, when six-year-old Michael Myers murdered his 17-year-old sister, Judith. But he didn’t leave with that and was sentenced to 15 years in jail.

Nothing changed, and on October 30, 1978, while being transferred for a court date, 21-year-old Michael Myers successfully stole a car and escaped Smith’s Grove.

Later, he returned to his quiet hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, and without any shame, he looked for his next victims. The whole movie includes obscene scenes or extreme violence and killings. We don’t recommend you to watch it with kids or family.

Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister Movie Analysis

Does the Halloween movie based on actual events?

No, it’s not. Although most people are confused by rumors they hear on social media or read online comments. It makes them think that the movie might be based on actual events or multiple real events.

Even the movie’s plot is so simple that anyone can easily get confused with it. However, it’s not real and is based on the imagination of highly talented writer John Carpenter.

Please save yourself from the fake news, as on social media, you might read that the movie is real, but it’s not.

Who is Mike Myers?

Often people confuse between Mike Myers and Michael Myers. Let’s make it clear.

Michael Myers is the fictional character in the movie Halloween. He is based on John carpenters’ imagination and has nothing to do with reality.

On the other hand, Mike Myers is a natural person, a Canadian actor, comedian, director, producer, and screenwriter. He worked on similar movies related to violence and mass killings; that’s why people confused him with his character.

In 1991, he even worked in a particular television series called Saturday Night Live: Halloween Special. However, he has nothing to do with the movie Halloween.

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The next time you see Mike Myers’s name, remember he is not related to Michael Myers.

Is Michael Myers real?

Fortunately, Michael Myers is not real. He is just a fictional character based on John’s imagination. Even there was no serial killing that happened for real like how it was depicted in the movie.

Also, no one would like to see characters like Michael in real life.

Why did he wear a mask?

The real reason behind the mask is known to none. The entire production team never openly discussed why Michael wears a mask in the movie. But there are specific theories that are pretty interesting to hear.

  1. His original identity was stripped as a child after murdering his sister in cold blood. Also, he was sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. So, anyone could easily catch him.
  2. His original face is ugly or scarier than the mask, so he covers it.
  3. He uses a terrifying mask to scare people before killing him. It gives him power and makes it easier to kill the frightened victim.
  4. He loves wearing masks, and maybe it’s not related to identity issues.

Maybe some of the theories are true, and maybe not. We don’t know what is inside the writer’s mind, but whatever it is, it’s fascinating.

Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister Movie Analysis

Is Michael Myers a psychopath?

Again, there is no factual information that proves Michael is a psychopath, but he loves to kill people and will go to any extent to ruin their life just because he enjoys it. Of course, he is not an ordinary being.

There is no proof, but still, we believe he is a psychopath as, throughout the movie, he tries to escape or kill someone.

How old is Michael Myers?

Michael is around 61 years old. He committed his first crime when he was six years old. He was 21-years old when he escaped searching for his new victims that destroyed Laurie Strode’s life.

In the newest versions of Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills (2021), Michael is around 61 years old. He continues to hunt people and ruin their lives.

Is he alive?

Yes, Michael Myers is still alive. He got stabbed during the final moments of Halloween Kills but showed no sign of death.

The people of Haddonfield come together to attempt to take down the evil killer by surrounding him with armed tools, baseball bats, and hardened. Still failed to take down the vicious killer.

He took a lot of beating and eventually got stabbed in the back by Laurie Strode’s (Curtis) daughter, Karen (Judy Greer). But Michael makes a miraculous recovery after playing dead for a few moments.

The film’s final part concludes with him looking at his bloodied masked self in the window’s reflection, which confirms that Michael is not dead and will see more details of Halloween.

Is Michael Myers related to Laurie Strode?

Laurie is one of the notable characters in the series of the Halloween movie and is represented as Michael’s sister. She gets killed by her brother in the early part of the movie. Indeed, she is related to Michael and played an important role that made the entire series a big hit.

Despite being one of the notable characters in the original movie, she failed to continue her role in other parts. Halloween fans will never forget her remarkable role and how well she acted without any previous experience in such movies.

Why did Michael Myers kill his sister?

First, because he is a psychopath, a psychopath has no reason to kill. Since childhood, Michael was interested in all wrong things, the reason why he killed his 17-year-old sister when he was just six-year-old.

The movie depicts that Michael killed his sister Judith on the night of Halloween because she chose to call her boyfriend over and hook up with him while babysitting Michael. He was jealous and wanted all the attention for himself. In a rage of anger, Michael stabbed his older sister to death.

Most people search for the motive behind the murder, so it’s good to know that money, power, fame, and all those common motives that adults have are not behind this murder. As Michael was about a 6-year-old when he committed the crime, it leaves the audience to imagine what might have been on his mind. That leaves us with anger, jealousy, or psychopathic urge motives behind the heinous crime conducted by a small kid.

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Many fan theories take rounds on the Internet, and each comes with a logical reason. Some say he did it for fun because Michael is a psychopath, while others explain it happened by mistake. However, we firmly believe the main reason behind the killing was jealousy and anger.

Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister Movie Analysis

How many people have Michael Myers killed?

The movie portrays that Michael didn’t stop after killing her sister. After 15 years, he returned to the town to search and kill more teenagers. Also, he continues to kill in the newer versions of the series.

Calculating all the killings he did in all Halloween movies, including Halloween Kills and the Rob Zombie reboot in 2018, he has killed around 170 people. That’s again a rough guess based on our experiences. There is no exact number available.

Michael tops in the number of killings among all Halloween and zombie movies, making it one of the best suspense thrillers.

Is Halloween movie scary?

Indeed, it’s scary and includes many scenes of violence, nudity, killings, cutting people, and more. If you have a soft heart, then it’s not for you. The recent parts are even scarier and have broken all previous records of insanity.

Do we recommend watching a Halloween movie?

If you are a fan of watching violent crimes and scenes that give you goosebumps, go ahead. It’s the best horror, thriller, and suspense combination with extreme violence movie which is rare to find. If you watch one part indeed, you will continue with the others.

We don’t recommend you watch it with your family, and please keep such movies away from kids. You don’t want to fill their mind with violent scenes.

How many parts does the movie have?

Halloween became a blockbuster soon after the release. So, it’s evident that the movie will have sequels. You will be glad to know that the Halloween movie written by John Carpenter has five parts.

  • Halloween (1978)
  • Halloween II (1981)
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1985)
  • Halloween (2018)
  • Halloween Kills (2021)

Even the climax of Halloween kills (2021) left us in suspense. It shows that Michael is not dead and will return to take more lives. Indeed, the next part will release soon. However, they have not given us a date yet!

As of now, there is no trailer or official announcement from the team, and we might have to wait for long.

Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister lessons

Indeed, movies like Halloween leave us with the question, “Why do we need such movies?” It’s worth thinking that when we already have so much violence going around, why do we need to see more violence on our screens.

We found no rock-hard answers to support these questions. We believe that these movies do well because somewhere, they show the dark side of all of us, which we cover under our humanity.

But we always have those evil thoughts popping out in some corner of our minds. We don’t show them, which is great, but these movies successfully harness that pain point that reaches our minds. Other reasons include:

  • Parents do not appear throughout the movie, which shows that nowadays, parents don’t give enough time to children leaving them to do premature sex or consume alcohol and terrible drugs at a young age.
  • It tries to teach us that psychopaths are all around, and we must stay aware of our security.

These were some of the hidden reasons these movies are trying to give.

Final thoughts

In the film Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister, Michael Myers is a psychopath who killed his sister in cold blood. He didn’t stop here and continued his journey to hunt teenagers and kill them. Now, Michael is around 61 years old and killed over 170 people.

He is the most dangerous character in a Halloween movie who has done the most significant number of killings and continues to hunt for more.

It’s one of the greatest scary and suspense thrillers you will ever watch. Also, don’t get confused with silly questions as the movie is not based on actual events. All characters appeared in the films are fiction and portray the excellent imaging capabilities of the writer John Carpenter.

At last, keep your kids away from a movie like Why Did Michael Myers Kill His Sister. Also, if you have a faint heart or do not like violence, it is best not to watch this one!

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