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How To Access Online Restricted Services?

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A frequent user of the web must be well aware of the fact that there are times when they are restricted to access some of the websites and online restricted services during their online activities. A command is shown that the content is not available in your country or location. This could happen due to different reason like:

  • Geographical Restrictions are location-dependent and enforced due to licensing regulation, copyright issues, and other reasons.  
  • Government enforcing blockages on certain websites because of their own particular reasons. They imply a strong firewall to hinder accessing data.
  • Companies/educational institutes enforcing firewall restrictions so that employees and students stay focused while they are working on the internet. 

Even after so many restrictions, this world has a breakthrough in almost everything to access information. There are several ways by which you can enter the websites to have unhindered availability of data. For example:

  • Virtual Private Network(VPN):

VPN is the most frequently used method to access blocked websites throughout the world. How does it work? Well VPN actually masks your real IP address into the server’s IP you are forcing your entrance. The service lets you navigate through without being caught since it encrypts your activity hiding your digital footprint. However, the only problem that can occur is compromised speed if you are farther from the VPN server. 

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  • Using The Smart DNS:
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What is DNS? DNS stands for Domain Name System, it actually assigns you an IP address depending on your location. The smart DNS changes your geo-location to an acceptable location so that you can easily enter the blocked website.

This method has few drawbacks like you can be caught since it doesn’t encrypt your online traffic, Smart DNS can not bypass firewall restriction and you can not unblock multiple websites in one go, you can only access one website at a time.  

  • Using Proxy Settings:

A proxy server basically hides your real IP address to help you access blocked web sites. This is a good option because it saves pages locally hence improving response time for later use. Though this setting does not provide you with the facility of hiding online traffic, hence making you transparent to the service provider and other bodies.

  • TOR:

TOR also known as the Onion router serves you to hide your IP address plus keep your online traffic encrypted. It helps you block both geo-restricted and censored websites. The requests go through multiple relays to manage your online activities. There are a couple of limitations with TOR like slow connection since there is congestion on the network and if caught using TOR the ISP will immediately block you. 

These are top choices but a VPN is by far the best option so far when it comes to accessing restricted sites in any particular geographic location. Anyone can choose to enter a blocked or restricted website at their discretion. 

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