Effective Office Space

How to Design an Effective Office Space


Your office is the nerve center of your company, the place where the important decisions get made and the essential work gets done. So making sure that your effective office space is designed to help you get the most out of your team should be a number one priority. 

But what makes an office space effective, and how can you improve the effectiveness of your own offices this year? Here are four tips for creating an effective office space for your business can thrive in. 

1. Accommodate Different Work Styles

As anyone who has experience working in an office knows, there is no single ideal office plan that will meet the needs of all. Different workers have different preferences. While some thrive off of the energy and dynamism of an open office plan, others find it a distracting and difficult place in which to work.   

There will always be limitations around what kind of workspaces you can provide your team with, but using modular office workstations to accommodate as many different ways of working as possible is an important step to take. 

2. Leave Room for Interaction

The most successful companies are often the ones that find ways to break down the silos of the modern workplace and give employees opportunities to connect and interact organically. 

Designing your office plan so there are nodes where workers to encounter with each other in fluid ways is a great way to encourage a more fun and engaging workplace, but it also helps workers discuss problems they are facing and brainstorm potential solutions.  

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3. Invest in Quality Furniture

Furniture is such a basic part of the physical office environment that it can be easy to overlook. But if you want to plan your office space for maximal impact, high quality furniture is going to be one of the most important dimensions to consider. 

Most modern office workers spend the vast majority of their time sitting, which, even at the best of times, can take a serious toll on their physical wellbeing. Ensuring that the commercial office furniture you order is ergonomic, comfortable, and fits the needs of your team is essential for their long-term health and productivity. 

Furthermore, as awareness about the dangers of sitting grows, many employees are choosing to work at more ergonomic standing desks. Outfitting your office with optional standing office workstations is a great way to give your employees maximal choice over how they get their work done. 

4. Provide as Much Light as Possible  

Time and time again, office designers have made the point that light is one of the single most important aspects of the work environment. According to the Harvard Business Review, natural light is the number one perk for office workers, and providing more of it can have a huge impact on worker mental health. 

Building a maximally effective office doesn’t happen overnight, and creating a corporate culture that empowers workers to achieve their utmost takes even longer. But these four key aspects of office design can play an outsized role in setting the tone for a friendly, more focused, and ultimately more productive office.  

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