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How to Spy on My Wife’s Mobile Without Her Knowing


Do you want to secretly and remotely monitor the cell phone of your wife without letting her know? It is possible with a simple cell phone monitoring app. TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring and tracking apps enable users to keep tabs on cell phones of their loved ones. The app provides you with complete detail of mobile phone use that also includes messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, GPS location and more important stuff. Read on to know how you can use the mobile phone tracker app to spy on your spouse’s smartphone without leaving any clue of snooping.

You surely don’t wish to miss the chance of spying on your wife when you get disconnected for any reason such as getting out of the Wi-Fi range, someone messed up your wifi and changed something in the settings, or your phone battery died. In the last case, it’s solvable now by picking up a cell phone charging station that helps you recharge your phone battery at different speeds, which is wonderful. If you are out and decided to use a public phone charging station, you need to keep in mind that you may fall in this same trap you just made for your wife LOL! Maybe you have come across certain articles while surfing on the internet Like: “Here’s Why You Should NOT Charge Your Phone at a Public Charging Station!” While it is good for consumers to be aware of the potential risks that some charging stations may cause, it is important to realize that there are substantial differences in security and quality between charging station providers.

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Role of Mobile Phone Tracker App in Spouse Monitoring

If you are doubtful that your partner is cheating, you can clear your doubts getting evidence. A mobile phone can provide enough evidence against a cheating partner. Check out her messages and phone calls. Stalk her social media posts and comments. However, it is not as simple sometimes. If your partner is smartly removing every clue of cheating, it would be in vain to check out her phone. In this situation, the mobile phone surveillance app helps. It provides essential information to you before getting deleted by the cheating partner. For instance, you can access social media chats of your partner without obtaining her phone and even after when it removed from the sending and receiving device.

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How to Spy on Spouse’s Mobile Phone

To sneak into the cell phone of your partner, you need to get it installed with the TheOneSpy tracker app. Once you successfully install the app, you do not need to reaccess the phone. The app syncs essential phone data and uploads it to the online portal of the spy app. It includes messages, call logs, contacts, media files, emails, keystrokes and more.

Track Messages

Do you find your partner doing texting all the time? The surveillance app for android mobile phones lets you know what your partner converses with and with whom. It creates an online backup of all incoming and outgoing text messages, MMS and instant messages. If your partner deletes all personal chats, you can retrieve the deleted messages via the online portal of the cloud storage app.

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Record Calls

Want to listen to the lengthy phone calls of your spouse? The surveillance app lets you listen to the incoming and outgoing calls of your cheating partner by getting these calls secretly recorded. It also gives you access to the contact number of the caller and recipient.

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Track Social Media & Messenger

Have you found your partner using dating apps or receiving flattery comments by someone on every social media post? It can be a sign that your spouse is having a romantic relationship with that person. The surveillance app for android lets you found out the truth by letting you trace dating apps like Tinder and providing access to the social media chats of your partner. You can track Facebook chats, WhatsApp chats, and activities performed on most popular social media apps such as Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, Viber and Tumblr.

Retrieve Deleted Photos

The photos and videos kept on your partner’s phone can provide evidence of infidelity. You can get access to media files stored and deleted from the targeted phone.

Chase Passwords

The Android monitoring app lets you find out the pin code, pattern lock and passwords of your partner’s device. You can also access keystrokes recorded by the app containing confidential data such as usernames, email addresses and passwords. It allows accessing the credentials of your partner’s online account to watch out the online activities closely.

Surround Recording

You can find out what your partner is doing in real-time. The app lets you turn on cameras and microphones of your partner’s mobile to let you listen to her talks and witness activities.

I hope this article would help me learn how to spy on a partner’s mobile phone without her knowing.


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