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7 Apps That Help You Write Better Secrets

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I’m sure you will agree with Maine as soon as I say: Microsoft Word is not for the USA. Period. Maybe it’s smart for a school project. May be… But for writing a unique or series of diary posts? Never. Writing a software package should be one thing that simplifies the entire writing method, giving you the ability to configure without interruption, and even giving you the ability to organize sections in a row. Now there are dozens of tools that claim to be the simplest in business.

But I decided to try to do an active check, filtering out all the pros and cons of each tool and ranking them from best to worst.

Let’s dive in.

First, we strive, however, to imagine that each writing tool organized your content, and if it is absolutely easy to use. Then we tend to say that you have a full “version” or a history of changes, so you do not risk losing any of your work.

Further, we strive to create a carefree writing environment, if you can collaborate with others, and, finally, to a way to export work in various fashionable formats.


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