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Kitchen purchase checklist – How kitchen planning becomes a success?


For many of us, the kitchen is indeed the place where we feel free, innovative, and comfortable. The day begins and ends here, you cook and enjoy delicious dishes and, celebrate the best parties. ( Anyone who is concerned with the purchase of a new kitchen knows that there are many points to consider. Therefore, buying a kitchen should be a well-considered decision.

Some questions you need to answer

How do you imagine your perfect kitchen? What needs should it meet, and what equipment is required to meet your individual requirements? Which smart appliances you want to buy? What will be their size? Size, and number of appliances play an important role because depending on them you will design your smart kitchen. But, Rotimatic roti maker needs no special attention. It is designed in such way that it can fit in small kitchen space. These, and many other questions come up when you want to plan a fitted kitchen.

Perhaps you have already dealt with different kitchen trends, and visited kitchen shops. And, are now unsure which kitchen is the right one for you due to the wide variety. Where is the best place to buy a kitchen, how do you ensure that it really fits, and how does it actually get into a new home? We show what is important when buying a new kitchen and what needs to be considered.

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Get inspired and choose the ideal design

When you think of your new kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is the look of the kitchen with different materials and colors. Although the electrical appliances are just as important as the design of the kitchen. Therefore, most consultations with the kitchen retailer begin with questions about your preferences – which colors do you like? Do you want a whit, high-gloss design kitchen, do you dream of a cozy country house kitchen with lots of wood, or should it be a modern, trendy kitchen whose kitchen furniture may appear in bright red, or exciting turquoise?

How your future fitted kitchen should look?

The Internet (social media) promotes various inspirational sources. For example, on the picture portal Pinterest, you will find kitchen ideas galore. The collected photos and inspirations can be saved, and shared in your own picture albums. This allows you to share your ideas with your partner, family members and friends, and develop an idea together in which direction the colors, and furnishing style should go. But, magazines and kitchen catalogs also contain numerous different ideas for furnishing the new kitchen. In addition, you can also visit various furniture stores, or kitchen exhibitions to collect inspiration for kitchen planning. You can use free online kitchen planner.

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Define your requirements and needs

After the look of the kitchen is quickly established in many cases, the requirements for the new fitted kitchen often look a little different. The large number of different options together with the large selection of electrical devices ensures that the furnishings can be individually tailored to your own needs. At the same time, it is not easy to find the right opportunities for yourself, and make a decision. Therefore, ask yourself the following questions –

  • How is the kitchen used? Do you cook often or rarely?
  • How many people will use the kitchen? Is there a main person who takes care of the preparation of the food, or are there several people involved?
  • Where do you eat?
  • Is a dining area planned in the kitchen or is there a dining area in the living room?

Think about what your kitchen should be able to do, what equipment you need, and use the kitchen planning checklist.

Plan and measure the kitchen space: most important

If you have reached this point, the kitchen planning is already very near. You must know what the kitchen should look like, and what requirements it has to meet. But does the presented kitchen really fit into the space in your own home? Where should the kitchen cabinets be? These are important for the position of the sink, dishwasher, stove and refrigerator. Because a fitted kitchen does not consist of a lot of individually standing furniture, but is characterized by a harmonious and fitting overall picture. It is important to plan the kitchen with millimeter precision. You can measure the room yourself, or you can best rely on a professional to take over the kitchen planning, and precise measurement. The correct measurement of a room requires precision and is often more difficult than expected.

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Visit to the kitchen studio

You can only find detailed advice, and specialist knowledge about the planning of fitted kitchens from an expert. The task of the specialists in a kitchen studio is to plan kitchens, set them up, and coordinate the delivery, and installation. Here you will find the complete service from a single source, and usually have only one contact person who takes care of the entire ordering and handling of the new kitchen. After choosing your fitted kitchen design, it’s time to order the appliance.

As you have done the measurements earlier, all you need is to buy the kitchen appliances. You can visit the physical store, or online store. You can buy Rotimatic smart kitchen appliance online with secure payment methods. But, before that read the online Rotimatic Reviews once. A visit to a kitchen studio often begins with a tour of the kitchen exhibition. The sample kitchens provide a first impression of what is possible in kitchen planning, which colors are available, and which kitchen cabinets and fittings are particularly practical, and functional.


Try out the design, and planning options in the sample area of ​​your kitchen shop. The hands-on patterns give you a first impression of how the surfaces feel, which color, and decorations go well together, and which kitchen handle perfectly rounds off the overall picture. The modern 3D kitchen planning also gives a photo-realistic impression of the later kitchen, and makes it tangible thanks to modern VR technology. After the final kitchen planning has been drawn up, you are a lot closer to the dream of a new kitchen.

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